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I was blessed with fantastic natural small D...

I was blessed with fantastic natural small D breasts. But I breast fed for a year and gained weight last year and lost 30+ pounds this year. I'm 31 5'4 1/2" 120 pounds live with my very supportive fiance and six year old son. I've always been about 115 pounds and last October I got on the scale 153 pounds!!! Well that is now off and I'm left with saggy no volume breasts. Victoria's secret sized me as a 32D but I have no volume in the top. After being so sad every time I saw myself topless in the mirror, I knew I needed to fix this. I'm on here everyday looking at new boobs. So after many many months of looking I scheduled a consultation with the plastic surgeon in my town that is very highly spoken of and has amazing reviews. I went for my consultation today and I couldn't be more happier with my choice. She was so knowledgeable and answered all of mine and my fiance's questions so thoroughly. She recommended a small a lift with 425cc under tge muscle implant. I'm all scheduled for Nov. 19th. I'm so excited and scared at the same time. So many emotions!

Before pictures

Scheduled my pre-op!!!

My doctor had a lecture today for patients and future patients about cosmetic procedures she performs. It was informational and helpful hearing other people's questions. So, I scheduled my pre-op for Nov. 6th and moved my surgery date to Nov. 12th. I'm extremely confident in my ps choice. She is amazing!

Changed my date

I was scheduled for Nov. 12th but my fiance got time off approved and we are going to a wedding in Ohio Nov 16th. So excited to get my boobs back! This extra week will feel like forever. I just hope they are wonderful for my 32nd birthday in December.

6 more days!!!

I can't believe next week is my surgery. I just got home from a cruise and I checked out everyone's boobs. My fiance and I were like real or fake. I've become obsessed. Lol. I'm getting nervous about the general anesthesia. It's the fear of the unknown. I'm also very undecided about the size. I go tomorrow to decide on final size. I keep reading the majority of people Wish they had gone bigger. My fiance is going with me tomorrow. I don't know what I would do without him. The few friends I've told have been so negative. One quit talking to me for 3 weeks! My fiance is so supportive and knows I'm getting this done just for me. My friends are unmarried and don't have kids. They have no clue what happens to your body or how you feel. Hopefully they can get over it. They aren't bringing down my excitement today : )

Cruise Pic


I'm waiting and freaking out!!!

Final before pics

Surgery Day!!!

I arrived at the surgery center a few minutes before 9am. Super nervous about the anesthesia and iv. I hate needles. I was taken back within 5 minutes to get vitals and iv going. The nurses were great and even held my hand. My fiance was brought back and waited with me while I was marked up and met my anesthesiologist. She was great! Everyone was so nice and kept reassuring that they would take the best care of me. I was wheeled back and next thing I knew I was waking up. I did have pretty bad nausea after and the nurse was great about getting it under control. I do have a sensitive stomach when it comes to meds. My fiance was brought back and on my way home by 2pm. Dr. Burt talked to my fiance after and I was actually given 450cc implants with my lift and I didn't need as many incisions as she thought. I've been taking Vicodin and Valium regularly so I don't get behind. The pain has been very mnimal just really sore. I've also been using ice in 20 minute increments. I've been sleeping the majority of the day and nodding of in the recliner when I do wake up. My post op is Friday and I can't wait for the results. I'm wrapped tight like a mummy. Another fantastic thing about Dr. Burt is that she actually called my house around 7:30 to check on me. I could hear her child in the back round so that really made feel like she truelly cares taking away from her personal time to check and answer my questions. So Happy with my decision so far.

post port pic

post op

I'm bloated from so much water. I really think the water has helped flushed the anesthesia.

Took a peek

I took a peek under my wrap without unwrapping and I'm loving what I see so far. I can't wait for my post op at 9am tomorrow! So excited.


Post Op Visit

Finally got my wrap off! They Look absolutely amazing. I also have very minimal bruising and swelling. I don't even have pain. Dr. Burt is amazing!!!!

Love them!

Best Decision

Day 3 and I'm off my pain pills and feeling great. My results so far are better than I expected. I'm so happy.

Took my new Girls out last

4 days post

I can't get over how good I feel. I have very minimal pain and very minimal bruising. All I took was two extra strength tylenol today. They're also starting to get squishy and not so hard. Everyday they look even better.

5 days post

They are getting more perfect everyday!

black Wednesday

Everyone loved the Girls.

11 days post op

I can't believe It's been almost 2 weeks! I absolutely love them and am so happy with my decision. I go to my post op Dec 5 and learn to massage. I have slept back in bed with lots of pillows the last 2 nights. It's a little rough because I'm a stomach sleeper. So I wake up from time to time but as much as I would love too I can't sleep in the recliner forever and my fiance said he was getting lonely. Going for laser regenasis and microdermabrasion today.

on my way to the doctor

On my way to the doctor to learn how to massage today. I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks. They're absolutely amazing and this is the best decision I have made.


So my appointment went really well today! My ps wants me to do 5 windmills per day with my arms and I don't need to massage. She took the tape off of my crease incisions and told me to apply the scar cream twice per day. She said I needed a more supportive sports bra so I went to Victoria's Secret and needed a 32DDD. I'm so happy!!!!! I'll update my new bra pics soon.

Bikini pic

weekend birthday trip

Starting to fluff

I haven't had a chance to update with December being so busy. I'm doing amazing. My scars can barely be seen and I have no pain. I'm still waiting for my right to drop. I'm also really happy that I'm able to sleep on my stomach again. I have a post op appointment in February and I'm hoping to be cleared for an underwire bra.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

So easy to talk to and I didn't feel rushed or that my questionens were stupid.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow, they look so natural!! So happy for you! Thanks for updating!
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Thanks so much. That's a great compliment.
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Wow, looks great!
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Thanks so much : )
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They look great! Congratulation, Jackie!!!!
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Thanks so much! I love how perky and perfect yours look.
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GORGE! I can't believe that about your friends and their negative reactions. How are things with them now? I have friends who knew because I told them and then they went radio silent on me. So I can't say that was negative but they just disappeared (i'm talking childhood friend who I basically make plans with every week and talk to on email all the time). Oh well....I guess that's not happiness for me OR negativity. It just IS.
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I've had the one friend since I was 19. She started talking to me after but was talking shit still behind my back to other friends. I've always got more attention than her before surgery so I'm positive jealousy is the issue. The other two have come around and don't ask me about or speak of it. And one is obsessed and is going for a consultation next month. I did it for me and I'm extremely Happy. That's all that matters : )
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You look fantastic! :) I love your results. Did you take in photos to show your surgeon? They really do look amazing.
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Thanks so much!!! I didn't take in photos. I went in and took her advice and very happy I did. I'll have to update pics soon : )
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You look awesome!!!! What great results!
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Thank you : )
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You look soo great happy bday!!!
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Thank you! It's next Saturday but I decided to start early. Lol!
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I love that there is No more padding!!!
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Hey Jackie! Your results are fantastic! Congrats!!!
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Thanks so much! I had an amazing surgeon.
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I am considering visiting Dr. Burt for the same procedure. Ive been to two other surgeons already. Both did not allow me to try on sizes and both told me what size they would use. I didn't care for that one.bit. Did you have a lot of involvement when choosing size? Were you able to try on sizes? Thanks in advance!
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I told her what I was looking for and she said what size she would use to look best. She said 400 possibly 425. I said I would really like 425. The day if surgery she put in the 400 sizer and even said the 475 would fit but the 450 looked best. She has so much confidence. I just felt right after talking to her. She is amazing and my results prove she knows her stuff.
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I Highly recommend Dr. Burt.. She is the bestest!!! She knows what and how to fulfill the vision you have.. She is also honest and tells you what is not needed or won't look right.. You can ask her questions anytime .. She text me when I didn't respond to her phone calls after the surgery( i was knocked out) very concerned.. On my post 2nd post op she was so encouraging and pleased with our work and my progress.. Excellent Dr and office
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Thank you! Surgery scheduled for Friday!
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Thanks so much for the help! I have surgery with her Friday!
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How exciting! Good luck. She's a fantastic surgeon. Can't wait to see your results.
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You give me hope to get off my pain meds by day 3! Your girls look fantastic!
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Thanks so much!
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