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So Far I'm Extremely Happy with the Results

I had my first Pixel procedure done on my full...

I had my first Pixel procedure done on my full face and 1/2 neck 6 days ago. I've noticed immediate results in skin blotchiness, as well as some improvement on acne scars. It's still pretty early to comment on myself but I'm very happy so far with what I see. It was pretty uncomfortable to have done, it feels like being snapped with a rubber band except with a burning sensation as well. But the procedure only took about 10-15 minutes so I was able to handle it.

Afterwards its as though I had a bad sunburn but that began to fade about an hour later and was totally gone within 3 days. Minor flaking then occured and now on day 6 my skin is smoother and I just can't wait for my 2nd treatment in about 4 weeks.

Would love to hear from more people that have had the procedure and I will update my progress after my upcoming treatment.

I would like to know which laser treatment you had done? Iwould also like to know what type of acne scarring do you have? Thanks
I had the Pixel laser done 2 times so far. The scarring I had was on my cheeks mainly and the best way to describe it is bumpy looking, but also some discoloring as well. Its been 8 days since my second treatment and the discoloring has improved ALOT, also alot of the scars have totally disappeared leaving smooth skin YAY!! I will be having 2 more treatments done so I cant wait, in fact the hardest thing of all is the waiting period because Im so excited about the first two treatments I just cant wait to see the results from the next two.
I should add I had the Pixel laser resurfacing done, I'd love to know the difference between Pixel and Fraxel lasers so if there are any Dr.s out there that read this please feel free to explain the differences. THANKS!!

I had my 2nd treatment and the pain wasnt nearly...

I had my 2nd treatment and the pain wasnt nearly as bad, maybe because I had it done before and knew what to expect.  Either way it was easy.  They set the setting done at 50% higher than the first time.  Same results with the 3 days of spotty redness followed by peeling and flaking.  Its been 3 weeks since my 2nd treatment and again I see improvements.  Scars are filling in and skin blotchiness has lessened.  Cant wait for my 3rd treatment.  I did not have 1/2 my neck done this time so it cost me $995.  for my entire face.  They did one pass over my entire face and then the Dr. did "stacking" which means they allow the laser to hit three times in the same spot before moving along to another spot.  After each treatment I used a antioxidant refoliator lotion for 5 days, it replenishes nutrients to help the skin protect itself after laser, microdermabrasion or peels.  It really helps the healing. 

Ok I had my 3rd pixel laser procedure done about 2 hours ago. WOW was this one more intense than the others. The setting went up to 1600 where the first two were set at 1400 (whatever that means LOL). All i know is that it hurt much more than before which i actually liked because no pain no gain and its over so quickly that its totally tolerable. Im super red and they gave me cold packs for my face where b4 they werent even needed. Again i just feel very sunburned but its only been 2 hours and its subsided ALOT already. Cant wait to see the results, my 4th and possibly final procedure is done the end of August, will update again then.
Hi Tracey i read your comment about your pixel laser treatment and i was wondering on your 3rd treatment did you have to use any local anaesthetic for your pain?
No i didnt use anything for pain, except for a squishy ball i squeezed the sh*t out of LOL.

I just had my 4th treatment with the Pixel laser...

I just had my 4th treatment with the Pixel laser done.  It was set at 1800 which is pretty high and more painful than before, nothing i couldnt handle tho.  I was much redder after this treatment but I like that cause it means something intense was done.  Time will tell my improvements, I dont go back to my Dr for 4 months so that the new collagen can come in.  Ill continue to update....

Im going for my 5th pixel treatment today at 5pm, cant wait!! Will update and this time im taking some pain meds before i go in, i have some vicadin left from having wisdom teeth removed so i may as well put it to use before it expires. Wish me luck....

Had my 5th and i believe final treatment and OMG...

Had my 5th and i believe final treatment and OMG it hurt like h*ll this time,  i had to have them stop at least 5 times while doing my face from eyebrows to neck.   They did 5x1900 this time,  very high setting and it burned for hours after, not like before where within about an hour the burning stopped.  I was as red as a tomato, swollen and in pain.  Once the burning stopped after approx 3 hours its hard to even remember the pain.  I was pink up to about 4 days after the treatment.  This time i used aquaphor starting on the 3rd day and it helped a ton with the peeling.  Its now day 6 post treatment and my skin looks great, like brand new, im very happy and i go back in 4 months to possibly have a filler used on two deep scars i have.  But my shallow scars are SO much better im very pleased with my results so far, and it only gets better with time.

Im only adding this because i have to in order to...

Im only adding this because i have to in order to change my overall rating and pain experience. ok anyways the Pixel rocks check it out people you wont be sorry.  An added benefit of having it done for scarring is it also greatly lessens wrinkles so now i have like no wrinkles around my eyes, i am 41yrs old and having a minor little wrinkle at the corner of my eye is all i have now :-)

Hi I am interested in doing Pixel Q Switch, which is supposedly new technology for Pixel laser. I don't have any scars but I want to do it to tighten the skin on the face. Has anyone have experience with this for skin tightening? The website says there will be no recovery time or pain. It is on sale for $750 for entire face, 3 rounds. Is it worth it?
tracy what kind of acne scars did you have?
hi tracy, so everytime u went it was around $1000 or more? and u said after like the fifth time your shallow scars were better? seems like they should have been gone by then.
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