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Im going in on the 27th to have my implants...

Im going in on the 27th to have my implants deflated. I got them 12 years ago. I was pressured by my surgeon and husband to get the implants. I really just wanted a lift. After some weight gain they are now 32DDD. I never wanted to be more than a small D. I cant remember how many CC I had or if they were textured. I do remember that they are saline and MCGhan. I'm so excited to have my squishy boobs back. I think these make me look bigger than I am. Not to mention the fact that I cant find a bra to fit and when I do they are so expensive. I'm 5'2 and I feel like they are overwhelming. My surgeon has agreed to deflate them in his office and I can live with them for a few weeks to see how they will look. I had a lift with my augmentation so I'm not sure if I will need another. I would love to hear from women who had their implants deflated in the office and what their experience was.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Other ladies on the site have definitely had their saline implants deflated in office. Here's some more information on that.

I hope you'll keep us posted and let us know how it all goes!


Im going in this afternoon to be deflated,...

Im going in this afternoon to be deflated, hopefully. He said he would do it in an email and Im hoping to book surgery for the 25th of January. This way I have time to see what they look like and what I want to do. I am so hoping to be deflated today. I dont know what I will do if he tells me I have to wait. I've made the nurses clear that I expect it to happen today. They are so big and throb and my chest is red and hurts. I have a sharp pain between my breasts and a dull ache on the right side of the right one. I called Discover card today and have a 0 percent interest rate until 2014 and get cash back rewards. I am ready. Im going alone too. I could have my friend or my boyfriend or my kids go but they all had so much drama that i feel I need to do this for me. Ok, time to get ready. There is a snow storm going on and they moved up my appt. I will be driving slow and probably freakin out. Im bringing a sports bra just in case it hurts where the needle goes in. Oh boy.

Just had my boobs deflated. It was easy, pain...

Just had my boobs deflated. It was easy, pain free, liberating. He put a needle in the side of my breast and used a suction machine to suck out the saline. I love my squishy boobs. I wont need a lift. He scheduled surgery for the 25th of January in the afternoon. I will not have the capsul removed, just the implants out under a local.. I can drive home. Only a couple of days of downtime. Im so happy. I can't feel the empty implants at all.

It's one day after deflation. I feel a little...

It's one day after deflation. I feel a little discomfort in the left breast. I think there might be a valve or some scar tissue rubbing. Other than that, I'm great. I feel like I can stand up straight, I can breathe better, just lighter all around. He said they were 330cc. I pulled out a VS bra that I had bought and it was too small. It says 32DD but it is more like a D. It fits great. I'm hoping after the implants come out and the skin retracts a bit that I will be closer to a C.

Hooray for not needing a lift! And I hope that discomfort goes away soon.

I'm glad you're doing well! Good luck on your journey!

Five days after draining and feeling great. Lovin...

Five days after draining and feeling great. Lovin my squishy boobs. The discomfort in the left breast has eased up. I'm wearing a bra at all times.

Trying on clothes that were too tight before is...

Trying on clothes that were too tight before is awesome. Wore a dress last night that I couldn't wear for a while. My boobs looked great. I can't wait to get new bathing suits.
Im clueless what does that mean when you say you wont have the capsule removed just the implants? theres gonna something still inside you?
My body does not build a lot of scar tissue so my capsule is very thin. He is just going to remove the implant. It's easier to do that under a local, only a couple of days off of work, you can drive, no drains, only a 1 inch incision under each breast. For me it's a no brainier. It's also half the price. Some people say the capsule will rehab sorb, some say it will cause problems. I won't know that until they've been out for a whle. I think if you have silicone and a leak, you should have a capsulectomy. I had saline.
LeahMerril - all implants cause a capsule to build around the implant (scar tissue). Sometimes it's paper thin (like Annette's), and sometimes it becomes thicker (this is what can cause capsular contracture). Different doctors have different views on whether the capsule should be removed, plus as the patient, you can have a say in that. The recovery is harder when you have the capsule removed (I had implant removal and capsulectomy on 12/21). Some doctors say a thin capsule will be reabsorbed by your body - others say the capsule should always come out.

My surgery is coming up the day after tomorrow. ...

My surgery is coming up the day after tomorrow. I'm a little nervous. I'm hoping they will give me something for nerves. I'm also not as small as I was hoping. Even if I get down to a D cup, the pocket has been stretched out and I have this side boob. So, it seems like I will have to buy shallow bra's with wide cups. It is what it is. At least I feel better. Now to get through the surgery. I would love to hear from someone who had their implants deflated in office and removed later. I'm wondering if you got a little smaller after the surgery.
you boobs look like my boobs except mine are double the ccs :( but I had a periareoliar lift too with my implants. I want to them remove them but I am sure I am going to lift at the same time. Good luck to you and I cant wait to see your result!!
I had a lift with mine too. That's why I don't need another one. I've gained weight and breast tissue in the last 12 years. I would love to lose 20 lbs. maybe I could get down to the c cup I long for.
Let us know how you are doing! I have not posted on here yet but all of you helped me feel comfortable with my decision to explant. I deflated two weeks ago and will have them removed next week. I have been working out and had someone tell me this weekend that my body is "fierce"......I love that! Here's to fierce and natural!!

I'm home. It was scary but worth it to go local....

I'm home. It was scary but worth it to go local. The worst part was having so many people in the operating room. It was cold and I felt very exposed. I suppose it would have been the same had I been asleep. It was quick and the pain came from the numbing needles. After that you only feel the pulling and tugging. My stomach muscles hurt a bit but I think that is from tensing up my muscles during surgery. Im wrapped up with an ace bandage and I can take that off Sunday morning and take a shower. He said after that to wear a sports bra. I havent seen the scars so I dont know how long they are. he said he would keep them as small as possible. Im natural again. Wishing I had seen the empty implant but cant go back, can only go forward.

Didnt sleep so well. I think the bandage is...

Didnt sleep so well. I think the bandage is causing more discomfort than the incision. Upper back pain and armpit pain. I'm starting to feel some bubbling inside the breasts. I'm hoping its the healing process. It's hard to sit still. Looking forward to my shower tomorrow morning.

Had my follow up today. Took all of five minutes....

Had my follow up today. Took all of five minutes. He said they looked good. Im feeling itchy and mild pain in each breast. i think the pockets are healing. Every once in a while the muscle contracts by itself. I remember the same muscle did that when I had the original surgery. He says I can wear a normal bra whenever I want to but Im afraid it will hurt my incision.

10 days post op and I've got some strange looking...

10 days post op and I've got some strange looking sores on one breast above the incision. The incisions look fine, a little lumpy but healing fine. I'm not sure if the sores are a reaction to the seri strips. It's strange that they are on one side. I've had some discomfort inside the breasts, especially when I try to do too much. Not happy that I'm not as small as I wanted to be but I can live with it. Back to the doctors tomorrow.
all that stuff is normal. you had surgery and your boobs will be sore for a while! i am about 10 weeks out, and my boobs were sore until about 6 weeks, not painful, but sore. now one incision is still tender, but i feel pretty much normal, just an occasional twinge of nerves healing here and there. you look great! almost the same as with implants, lucky you! sorry you think they are too big...i will accept a donation of your excess!
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This is my original plastic surgeon. I did a lot of research when I picked him 12 years ago. He has a great reputation and a lot of experience as a doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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