Had Upper Eyelid Surgery, Should Have Had Brow Lilft, Left with TINY Eyes, Uneven, I Look Like a Freak!

No pros that I can think of at this time. I wanted...

No pros that I can think of at this time. I wanted to get rid of the sad, tired look I had gotten from the past 5 years of stress (my only son, 17 years old, drowned and I've had to move over the country for my seriously ill teenage daughter (and only surviving child). My face fell because of the stress and I was getting botox to help lift and reduce wrinkles. Each time I'd go in, the doctor would say to me, "I'd get your lids done." Finally I gave in and said I would. I think I should have had a forehead lift instead.

I'm not as concerned that the surgery lines are not in the creases as I've read those will eventually fade. I'm okay with out a lid crease. What bothers me the most is my eyes are VERY UNEVEN, droopy lower lids which make me look ill, unevenly shaped eyes, and my eyes are about HALF the size they used to be! I look like a freak! I am at a loss as to what to do next. Yes the swelling will go down, but it won't make the eyes even, or the shape of my lower lid go back to normal. I feel as if I've been butchered. I wasn't looking for miracles, I didn't expect to look younger. I just didn't want to look tired and sad all the time. My right eye is pushed up toward the tear duct.

Please help me. I'm scared to death and just don't know many people in town to talk to (I just moved here last year). Thanks.

Okay, so I spoke WAAAAYYYYY too soon. So far now a...

Okay, so I spoke WAAAAYYYYY too soon. So far now a week and a half later, my eyes look really nice. They seem to be evening out, but still slightly off. Sometimes I look at my eyes and think, wow , I look great. Other times I look and go, what did I do? But as far as the doctors talents, she's pretty good. The thing I'm having the hardest thing with is the laser resurfacing. I'm not healing very quick. NOT the doctor's fault. I think she made the right decision to do it because I had many sun damage wrinkles. They are virtually GONE now. No new wrinkles like I read can happen fi it's done wrong. But I am still scabby after a week and a half and when the dry skin peels, it starts to bleed. I think it's just me though? I actually am thinking about going BACK to her for a lower face lift! I know, I spoke way too soon, and read way too much on line and spoke out of line about my doctors skills. Word of advice when you fill these things out online - wait AT LEAST a month or two before you start talking about how you hate or love your face. LOL My doctor is an artist. I was very lucky.

How are you feeling now and has your skin healed more post peel? I'm having an upper bleph and TCA peel around my eyes tomorrow. A bit nervous. How was the procedure itself? Did you remember anything about it? I've been told I will be in Twilight Sleep. Thanks! By the way, I think you look great!! It doesn't look like you needed a brow lift at all. That probably would have given you that dreaded shocked look. You have a nice brow line/arch. I think once all the swelling is gone you are going to be very pleased with your upper bleph/peel. It looks much better already and you were pretty before anyway. I bet you'll feel refreshed and younger looking in the long run. I'm so sorry about your son. I've lost a brother and can't imagine losing a child. I have a son and daughter in their 20s. I hope your daughter is doing better. Thanks for sharing your experience!
Oh -- and I meant to say, your initial reaction is a helpful thing to read even if it wasn't flattering to the doctor. It's how you felt at the time. Plastic surgery can be an unsettling experience at first. I had a rhinoplasty in my late 20s and remember crying in the first week and telling my husband the doctor had turned me into a pig. lol :-) Of course, the swelling went down and I absolutely loved my nose in the long run. It's normal to experience stress when one is swollen, red, frightened, etc.
Thanks for the photos. Sorry, it looks as if she was WAY TOOO conservative in the skin removal from your upper eyelids. Just my interpretation of your photos. From MIAMI DR. B

I'm one month post op and I love the way I...

I'm one month post op and I love the way I look. I have some issues that I'm hoping will clear up with time. Like the tiny scar fro the stitch on the outside of my left eye. The lasering done underneath my eyes has been the hardest to deal with. It's REALLY hard to prevent damage to the new skin. I've already burned from the sun (even though I used sunscreen) and now it's tan. REAL tan -- tanner than the rest of my skin! lol Hopefully that will fade. TIP - don't have lasering done in the summer. Have it done in the winter when you are not outside as much and when it's not constantly sunny.

One month in and I"m very happy. Still healing!

One month in and I"m very happy. Still healing!

Iv just had a browlift 8 days ago and my eyes look tiny I'm so depressed please some one tell me it's gunna be ok
It's going to be okay, believe me. I've sent you a private message. Hang in there!!!
It's going to be okay. My eyes took a long time to finally open up but I am used to them now. Good luck!
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She didn't make promises saying that I'd look so much younger, etc. She did say I was really in need of the surgery. She seemed very confident. I'd been in her office for two years getting botox (not from her) and I had not seen anyone who I thought looked bad. I thought I'd jumped right in. What I found out (after the fact) was that there is more than one way to fix an upper eye lid droop. It had never occured to me to research that. She had wanted to do a lower face lift, but I was not prepared to do that at this time. I don't live in an area where women as careful about their looks. So I'm not sure how much work the plastic surgeons get. So the pickings are slim here. See another doctor!

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