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Hello All, I am 5'7" and 175 pounds- Size 14...

Hello All,

I am 5'7" and 175 pounds- Size 14 pants. I lost 50 pounds the past year. I am currently in the process of going through with a TT and lipo to flanks. I went to UPMC resident's clinic (discounted rate) but since the residents are abroad. So I have scheduled to meet with the plastic surgeon who did my BA. He would charge me around $7500 for the procedure. However, today, UPMC called and told me they will actually have the attendings do the surgeries for the residents since they are unavailable and will keep the discounted rate of right around $6000. I am meeting both surgeons by the end of the month and will decide then which to go with. I loved my original PS (Dr. Capone) and have $7500 put away but UPMC has some remarkable docs (Dr. Shestak and Russavage) and if they can do it at the discount and I feel comfortable with them then why not save the money?! I have not had children yet and my muscles are actually in really good shape so I am thinking about asking for just the TT without muscle repair for now and realizing after I have a family (hopefully in about 5 years) that I may need another TT. I would love to hear your stories and opinions! I know I am so young but I feel like I should get the surgery now while I can enjoy bikinis and party dresses before I decide to have children. I'm very nervous about recovery but luckily I have a wonderful Fiance who I know will take great care of me!

SURGERY IS SCHEDULED! April 8th! so exited. I am...

SURGERY IS SCHEDULED! April 8th! so exited. I am having it done at magee womens hospital in Pittsburgh. Dr. Flavia Davit is performing the surgery. she is an independent resident at Pitt participating in UPMC's residency program. she attended medical school in Brazil and completed a plastic surgery residency but when she came to the US she had to do another residency and was matched to general surgery. she finished that in 2010 and has been a board certified general surgeon since. last year she entered the plastics residency in order to become a board certified plastic surgeon. she will perform a tummy tuck with Lipo to hips/flanks. the cost for surgery and an overnight stay at the hospital is $5901. she said if I am feeling well after surgery I can go home and get the hospital stay charge ($350) refunded. I'm so exited and cannot wait to see the results! not going to lie getting very nervous now that its scheduled!

Today is two days post op! Honestly I'm feeling so...

Today is two days post op! Honestly I'm feeling so much better than expected. Just very sore. Walking almost straight. Keeping up with meds. Going to slowly cut back on pain meds. Sitting up is the worst part so far. And sleeping is tough but doc gave me the okay to sleep on my side with body pillow in fetal position. I posted my day one and two post op pics. Doc said everything went perfectly. My muscles were not seprtated so she did not have to stitch them which probably explains why the pain isn't so bad. She did a little extra lipo up under my breasts. I am so glad I made the decision to go though with this! The drains are freaking me out and very very sore but it'll be worth it. Putting out about 60cc a day now. Going back in one week to see doc again hoping drains can be pulled then! I've still got 8 more days off of work so if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask I have got plenty of time!

It's been 3 days since my surgery. I am feeling...

It's been 3 days since my surgery. I am feeling okay. The drain sites are the worst part. Very sore and there's a stinging sensation when I move. Still no BM. Been taking colace daily and took MoM yesterday and today so hopefully today. Very full of gas! Uncomfortable and tight. Definitely worth it though! About to change all my dressings will post more pics soon!

Finally a bowel movement! Feel so much better!...

Finally a bowel movement! Feel so much better! There was a little bleeding from my left drain site but I cleansed it and redressed it. I'm draining about 40cc a day now from both so hoping they are down to 30 ccs by my post op appointment Wednesday and I can have them pulled. Taking it easy and getting a lot of rest!

Well it's been 4 days since surgery. It's getting...

Well it's been 4 days since surgery. It's getting better every day! I did my own dressing change today since my fiancé had to work. Everything is pretty numb but appears to be healing well. Drains slowly draining less and less but still bother me when I move. I go back to work in a week. Hoping drains are out by then and I can wear spanx instead of the binder! New pics posted from today

6 days post op- spent the full day out with family...

6 days post op- spent the full day out with family. Tired now but pain was manageable with Tylenol. BMs are normal again. Swollen as all hell! Drains are painful when moving around. Pics posted.

8 days post op. both drains out! So excited! And...

8 days post op. both drains out! So excited! And this whole time I thought she did not do a muscle repair but I misunderstood and she actually did do a muscle repair in my lower abdomen. She is so surprised with how well I am doing. Off all pain meds, driving, standing straight, etc. I'm still swollen as hell but down 3 pounds since pre op and can fit into my pre op jeans no problem! So hoping to drop a size (or two!) when the swelling is gone. Can start wearing spanx instead of compression garment. Everything is going so well could not have asked for better results! Pics posted

Day 11 post op! Feeling amazing! Back to work no...

Day 11 post op! Feeling amazing! Back to work no problems. Incision starting to heal and scab over. Drains pulled 3 days ago. Only thing is this damn swelling! I look great when I get up but an hour or two later I'm starting to puff up like a marshmallow! Oh well if that's the worst I have to deal with I'm lucky! New pics posted

Two weeks post op. feeling amazing. BUT I believe...

Two weeks post op. feeling amazing. BUT I believe I have developed a seroma in my lower abdomen. Will see doc this Wednesday and will hopefully have it aspirated. My wound is healing so well other than that. So glad I went through with this! Hopefully once the seroma issue is cleared up it will be smooth sailing!

Today is now 24 days post op. went to my doc...

Today is now 24 days post op. went to my doc yesterday and she was able to drain my seroma. 600 CCs! Gotta wear my abdominal binder 24/7 for a few more weeks to decrease the chances of the seroma returning. Scar is totally closed up. So itchy though! Massaging silicone gel on it daily. I'm back to my daily routine for the most part. Just waiting for the doc to okay going back to the gym. Pics posted!
Dr. Flavia Davit

Resident's clinic at UPMC

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I was happy to read this I've been very worried about the bulge above the belly button I'm going to get a possible drainage Tommorow and you made me feel better you look great after drainage
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my dr said hes rather leave the drain in longer to prevent the seroma .
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Well the one was dislodged PO day 7 and the second was draining 25cc PO day 6 and 7 so she decided to pull them both PO day 8. She warned me ahead of time that seromas are the most common complication and no matter how long the drains stay in there's a risk. Everything else though has gone fantastic so if this is the worst of it then I consider myself lucky.
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My drains were yanked on Monday, day 10PO for me. Doc doesn't like to leave them in so long stating like Emily's doc, you can still get a seroma but you increase the chance of infection leaving them in longer. I'm just hoping a seroma doesn't occur. Different docs have different practices..its interesting.
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Yeah every doc is different. I did get a seroma. HUGE seroma! But she drained it all yesterday. Didn't even feel it. Just hoping it doesn't fill back up.
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Congrats!!! Ya incision looks great, happy healing!!
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Your results are amazing! I'm having my TT with muscle repair in 8 days. Good luck to you and keep us posted!
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looking good! I see Davit next week! Thanks for all your help.
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You got great results!!! WTG!!! It's all uphill from now :-)
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congrats on your TT. I had a TT with MR and BA last april and went back to work ( im a pediatric nurse in a clinic 12hr shifts) on PO day 13. You shouldn't have any problems going back since you didn't have MR. Also as far as having kids after TT it all depends on the person I guess. I know that I couldn't have any now I already have 2, because just from having my TT I got new stretch marks.. ugh. I look forward to following your journey!!
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Im having full TT in Pittsburgh soon and would like to see the results of your TT. we are about the same size. I still haven't decided on a doctor.
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Alex, I am now 3 days post op and so far so good! Pain isn't nearly as bad as I had expected. I just saw my incision for the first time yesterday. I will be posting a pic soon. I am just extremely sore. Hard to stand up and lay down. Drains are draining fine. I'm already standing straight. Keeping up with my meds but will probably stop taking pain meds soon. I went to dr flavia Davit at residents clinic. I believe she completes her residency in July so if you want surgery with her you'd have to book asap otherwise you'll have another resident or you could wait until she graduates and go to her. I had gained a few pounds before surgery and was about 188 when I went for surgery and a size 14. Hoping to be a size 10 when swelling goes down! I didnt spend the night because my pain wasnt so bad so the whole surgery ended up costing about $5600. Let me know if you have any questions!
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I am 5"8 160lb. I went to Dr Antimerino for a consult last week, he say he would do a full tummy tuck for 8,500. He didnt mention having lipo. I feel that I need lipo but wouldn't be able to afford more then the 8,500, so i didnt even ask about it. I have had two kids and an 80lb weight loss, so my streach marks and belly look bad. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You look amazing post op! Can't wait to see more pics!
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I would contact the residents clinic at UPMC at least for an appointment it's only $40 for the consult.
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Thank you. I will contact them this week.
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Best of luck to you!
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Hi im new to all of this. I am just starting to look around for a doctor in the pittsburgh area for a tummy tuck. Let me know how you surgery goes. Good Luck!
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Ill be posting updates after surgery! =)
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Just an update. I finally got a call from UPMC residents clinic and I am going Wednesday to schedule my surgery with Dr. Flavia Davit. She went to med school and did a plastic surgery residency in Brazil. She then moved to the US and did a general surgery residency. She married a PS and has been practicing gen surgery for a few years but decided she wanted to go back into plastics so is now completing her plastic surgery residency at UPMC- her residency in brazil isn't recognized. We will do a tuck without muscle repair (my muscles have not separated luckily!) along with lipo of flanks/hips. Total cost is $5901. It will be performed at Presbyterian hospital in Pittsburgh and I will stay one night before going home. Taking 10 days off work. She said that should be plenty. So excited!
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Welcome to the community

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I agree with GW8772 if you plan on having children I would skip the TT, for now at least. TT might give you awful stretch marks with pregnancy. I would look into agressive lipo? When I had my lipo I had Dr. Leo McCafferty said no to a TT because I wanted more babies. Get a few opinons from a few different doctors. Dr. Ruben who I believe is the head of the Program at magee is a great Dr. Have you spoken with him? Dr. Franics John did PittsburghMa TT he charged me $50 for a consult, He quoted me $6999 for a TT. I am personally very happy with my choice even though I had to go all the way to florida lol. This is your body do what's going make you the happiest today tomorrow and in the future! Best Wishes
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Thanks! I looked into McCafferty but he wants to charge 13k for w tummy tuck and that's without lipo! I'm meeting with Hurwitz on Monday, then Dr. Brandy and Capone the next week. I've seen a few already and they mostly all say lipo will probably leave ripples and even worse looking skin. I think I am going to ask for the TT without muscle repair bc mine are hardly separated at all. I know I will most likely need another surgery after children and I have accepted that. I feel like If I do not get one now while I'm young and enjoy it before children ill regret it.
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McCafferty's Prices are insane!! That's why I didnt go back for my TT. I paid $8000 for my lipo boy what I could of done with that money hehehhee! We are here for you which ever way you choose
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Call Dr. Roche at Plastic Surgery of Pittsburgh for a consult. She's meticulous and a perfectionist. This is the 2nd time I've used her and both times happy with the results. I paid $10,777 for a BR/lift and a MAJOR TT - included anesthesia and I did not have to spend the night but I did have to go to her office the next day. Good luck :)
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I understand your wanting to get a TT now before having a family. The TT alone probably isn't so bad, the invasive part of the surgery is the lipo and muscle repair. If there is any way you can get the TT without either the firt time around, maybe that is the way to go, because the recovery is tough. Personally for me I would wait and have everything done until later but that's only because I know how tough recovery is. I couldn't imagine going through this twice. Good luck with whatever you decide. You have to whatever you think is best for you, don't let the opinions of others sway you in another direction. Good luck :)
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