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Scheduled for Jan 4, 2012 - Pittsburgh, PA

I have always been unhappy with my tummy and have...

I have always been unhappy with my tummy and have done alot to help make it better but nothing seemed to work. I had my consult. and he said nothing I ever could've done will help b/c my muscles are so far apart. My dr said my issues were hereditary and of course having been pregnant 3 times didn't help the issue. I am very, very nervous and unsure I'm making the right decision!

Thank you!!!! I did have it mostly on upper, inner calves. Its a big difference! I'm hoping my upper inner thighs get the same result, I think they are swollen bc they were way smaller the first 3 weeks after surgery. Hard to believe it wasn't painful as it looked horrible! Good luck to you!
You had lipo of your calves?? I hate my calves they are huge but he said there is nothing to suck out its all muscle. My legs are really bad from the weight loss so someday I need a thigh lift and then I am going to have them do something with these calves, you look freaking fabulous, oh that bruising, glad you said it didn't hurt but my word---it was worth it at 1 month PO you look fabulous!
Thank you tt and kat!! I need to take new pics, probably not much change since last ones but you never know!
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