Loving my new look..

I have been searching for sometime now for a...

I have been searching for sometime now for a surgent who was willing to perform a tummy tuck at my current weight. In March of 2012 I had an abdominal hysterectomy which left a horizontal scar. However, that was not the reason why I want a tummy tuck. I have lost a lot of weight and no matter what I haven't lost weight in the belly. I believe I have found that special person.
Well done I also had a hysterectomy and have a horizontal scar.. Good luck

Just got word

For sure my Doctor will be performing surgery next month for my tummy tuck! I am so excited.
Thank you, I'll need it!

Before Pictures

I am not a small person either. My TT is 11-19.
Congratulations! I want to see pictures....
You go girl! I also wondered about finding a plastic surgeon to do my TT...I am NOT thin...I am not huge but defiantly not thin! I am 5'5" and weigh 195 lbs...I have recently lost about 60 lbs, however, my stomach is never going to go away...it is here to stay! But, not for too much longer. I am scheduled for my TT on November 14th. We can keep in touch and support each other. I am scared!!! How are you feeling? What all are you having done?

I have been really emotional lately...

I am so ready for this change on the 15th of November. I am looking forwarded to buy cloths that fit my body and not having to buy a size larger to fit my stomach. I'm not sure how friends and family will take this new look, but I am sure they will embrace me with open arms. I have talked to my doctor on several occasions and I have started to calm down a lot.
I am so excited to see what you are going to look like after friday...I am nervous for my TT in dec...I cannot wait to buy new clothes that i like, not ones that fit...I have same issue with clothes, I am so tired of having to make sure that the shirts are long enough to hide my monster apron and the pants are big enough to stuff my belly in...I cannot wait to go on vacation (or shopping with my teen daughters) and be able to buy a souvenier shirt, even if it is a xl, cuz im top heavy. An XL will suit me fine, I just want to buy normal clothes from normal racks and not always have to find the 'one' rack that has outdated moomoos for us fluffy women...I just wanted you to know that you will look great and I cannot wait to catch up to you and your sexy curves!!
Why thank you! I can't wait to buy clothing that fits my frame and not cloths that hides it. I will try to load pictures a few days after my surgery that way my recovery will be available. You are almost there less then one month to go!

Here are few photos of my tummy prior to my surgery date

I am very happy that I did not give up my dream of a flat tummy. I have one more day and I will be asleep....
Goodluck to you
Thank you!
good luck to you, hope all goes well, take it very easy for a while, you should do great

The day after my surgery with Dr. Vagley

I am walking up right and I barely feel any pain in my tummy. Things went very well. I was able to get in the surgical center with ease, and was discharged even faster. I met with Dr. Vagley briefly prior to my going under anesthesia and he went over the same thing we had discussed about what would take place and the desired outcome.
The following day I had my drains and urinary catheter removed. I am experiencing a lot of fluid being released from the incision sight, which should subside w/n a day or two. I am resting pretty good. I think once I turn my heater on tonight I will sleep very well. One thing I found to be very relaxing was to have a close friend with you at least the first twenty four period, because I spent time focusing on entertaining him or her time fly's bye.....I just wanted to update you all on how I was feeling at this point, and for those women who are waiting for their special day, keep posting we are here to support you!
Wow can't wait for pics x
Congrats, you look really good wait until after the swelling goes down. Total amazement
Good luck newme...and I can't wait to see pics pic both of you post op!!!

I'm not sure if this look right

I'm really big up top and yes the rolls are less noticeable. I thought maybe the top would be a lot flatter. What do you think?
At least I am not alone with the thought, that this procedure is a lot to handle, but it is so worth it! I not wearing a compression garment at this point in time, but I will talk to my doctor today to see if I should wear it now. I hope I can fit into it. I am really happy thus far because I can truly see a difference between the before and after photos.
do you have drains, maybe I missed them, you seem to be standing very upright, wow I could hardly move a few days after my surgery, are you allowed to stand up straight, you seem to be standing like nothing happened, wow I was a hot mess for a while after mine, anyway you should flatten out some, may not be totally flat like some of the other girls are, especially right away but it looks like they got rid of a lot of your belly, I think you will be happy, you have to give it time, rest, relax, etc and continue to work on your health etc., it really gave me the boost I needed and after I was cleared to exercise, and it was quite a while, I really stepped it up a notch, I think you will do fine, this is a long recovery and most end results are not until about 6 months, hope this helped.

I talked to my doctor today

He advise me not to wear a compression garment at this time, because he has found that I have incisional hernia. I will meet with him next week to have my stitches taken out, the blood I am not looking forwarded to seeing, and I will receive a referral to a surgeon for a second or third opinion! If I had never going to get a tummy tuck many people including myself, would have assumed that I was just fat...
My spirits are in high hopes. I would like to think I will be ending the year with a big bang!
so you have a hernia that they will have to do surgery on? is this why they say you are swelling in your tummy ? keep us posted
No, I don't know if you can tell or not but my tummy is curved besides the swelling. Previously, I had an abdominal hysterectomy and when I was in the process of healing, something went wrong with my tummy. So, if I had not gone in for a tummy tuck, I would not have a clue why my tummy constantly hurt. I'm not sure I will have to undergo surgery, but I will met with the doctors shortly for second and third opinions. I will keep you posted!
ok, best of luck to you, wonder if it is scar tissue from the first surgery, hang in there and best wishes for a wonderful outcome for you

Today makes one week since my surgery

I really don't know what to think at this point, I assumed that the majority of the bleeding and or leaking would have stopped, but it has not. I will be getting my stitches taken out next week and I am worried because that more then likely leads to more bleeding. Have you caught on, yet. I don't like blood. I see that I have a slight bruise to the side of my belly button, which in some way I think it has to do with my hernia. I will meet with my primary care physician next week, and hopeful she will come up with a solution as well. I can say that I am truly happy with the outcome of the lower belly which is completely looking good. I 'm waiting to pass judgement of my swellwon mid-drift.
Glad it didn't hurt Hope your scar heals well
I'll be brief today, my stitches came out without any issues. I did feel a little pull no pinching. I was cleared to start to us an onitment such as Neosporin for my scar. It is true what they say that the scar will look worse before it gets better. I am on my way to healing well!
I can't wait to get my stitches taken out! The swallen has gone done and including my body temp. has reduces itself, for which I am blessed. I hope that things will continue to go down, but in the good sense.


I went to see my primary doctor to get a referral to see a specialist for Hernias, and while I was there we reviewed the scar now that my stitches are out, and we can agree that Dr. Vagley did a great job to remove my horizontal incision and to making it look like a bare minimal, and that my incision is looking great considering its current state. I am so happy because I can see that this procedure does really help to contour my tummy. Instantly, my lower tummy is flat and even though I still round up top, I can see were the extra lumps and bumps were removed! Wish me luck on my current journey to correct this hernia and then we can really see the process of my personal tummy tuck...

Week 3 Post Op

My scar is healing very well and some of the swelling has gone down in my tummy; I'm not sure how much more it will go down, considering the hernia causes my abdominal to swell under my belly button. However, my lower abdominal is looking so great thanks to Dr. Vagley! Instead of three rolls I have one round one, which is a great trade off. I have not tried on a pair of jeans yet. I guess I will have to try them before I return back to work....
keep us updated, so do you have to have surgery for your hernia, will this cause another incision/scar? will the PS repair this ?
Thank you for the support! I have been reading about it and the general rule of thumb is to have surgery. I have discussed with Dr. Vagley about a scar once the surgery was completed and we both agree that laparoscopic surgery would be best and he has conved that message to the specialist. I will be going for a CT Scan shortly, so that the hernia doctor can see exactly what is wrong. Wish me luck! Dr. Vagley did such a great job with the initial scar removal that I would be welling to get it corrected if that is needed after the hernia repair.

Pending further review...

Good news is that my hernia is minimal and I do not have it repaired, however they did find that a had seroma and that I should have it needled. I will meet with Dr. Vagley on monday to see if is possible. The swelling has gone down and I pray that it continues on its healthy track.
Looking forward to seeing more progress pics.
well sounds like things are getting much better, when you are up to it and ready post some pics
They are and I will once the swelling has subsided more!

Now all I have to do is wait for the outcome of the tummy tuck to do it's magic...

Went to see Dr. Vagley today and we tried to extract any seroma that might be present and nothing came out. Great things are bound to happen!
Okay, so I will load a few pictures of my new tummy. I'm still shy about it too..
awesome, post some new pics when you get a chance, and we haven't seen any before pics yet !
I have to get my ipod out of the shop, once I do it should not be long. I must admit there is not that much a difference from the current photos. Maybe before and after....

Here a updated picture 12/13

I am finding it hard to wear my old jeans, because I no longer have fat hanging down there. My tummy is still round and I am assuming this will be the case until I loss more weight and then I can see the best results.
I have posted a single photo. I have on a abdominal binder...
I am working on that as well.

I am still under Doctors care at this point

I am happy with the way that my tummy looks for my size. I am not required to wear a compression garment, although I have tried and it seems to hurt more then ever. I did not experience any major bruises from the tummy tuck and I was back to work within three weeks. During that time I also had an opportunity to see the inside of my tummy after the tummy tuck performed by Dr. Vagley, which allowed me to see the why my belly is rounded. Again, I can't not express the gratitude of the work that Dr. Vagley performed on November 15, 2013. I really don't worry about the scar that I am left with after the surgery and it is pretty much covered by my panties.
thanks for sharing your story with us - please let us know how you progress! also, it looks like you added before photos to your review, but i'm not seeing them - did you take them down? would love to see the difference, and so happy you're happy!

It's been four months since my tummy tuck

I'm feeling the up and down of the new shape of my belly. It is difficult for me to wear my jeans directly on my stomach :(; which was never the design of jeans. However, I am enjoying the fact that there is literally no fat hanging below my waist line!!!! As for my scar it is coming along and I really not using any scar removal yet, although in time I know that will become the focus....
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

After searching the numerous website I stumbled upon PIPS (Pittsburgh Institute of Plastic Surgery or http://www.pipstreet.com/). I really like that fact that Dr. Vagley deals with his patients directly, after my initial contact with his office over the phone; I went into his office and he clearly let me know where he stood with regards to performing a tummy tuck at my current weight. He definitely knows what he is doing and I look forwarded to showcasing his work!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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