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Ready to have a partial tummy tuck with aqua lipo...

Ready to have a partial tummy tuck with aqua lipo and fat grafting. I'm 40 years old with a 11 yr. old and also a 19 yr. old. Tired of my tummy having to be hidden - always. :( Don't want the perfect tummy... Just want the pouch to go far, far away. I'm nervous about the recovery period. I work a desk job full-time... Live in a 2-story house w/the bathroom only on the top floor. I've had gall bladder surgery this past May & that was a couple weeks to recover - so REALLY scared about this surgery.


Good luck you are going to be fine and be so happy you did this
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Thank you!!! Fingah's?? CROSSED! :)))
It really is your time... After giving so much of yourself is healthier to take time to cater to you and I respect you for that. Good luck on ur journey.... We will be right here for some emotional and psychological support but you are gonna need a lot of physical support. I know you having it done in the states but a sx buddy wouldn't hurt, to be able to talk to someone who understand exactly what you going thru is priceless. Best if luck on ur journey dear
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Pics... Before

Trying to add a few before pics. I picked the worst lighting on purpose! Then later... I'll pick SOFT lighting! lol


Like it lol.
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Good luck on your journey... Look forward to following your updates...
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Trying not to freak out!

Well, 11 more days until my sx. I'm so nervous! I keep reading stories on Real Self though, and the one common denominator is that all of the women are glad they did the TT. This reassures me SOOO much! Knowing there's a group of ladies to listen & reassure... Makes a big difference. I purchased an abdominal board, stepping stool... Just a couple of things I "heard" through RS that will help! Hoping I'm at least able to go back to work after a week & 1/2. We shall see! :)


Your nearly there..good luck
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Thank you! And you as well! :))
Good luck hunn :) wish you the best
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4 More Days....

Checking in... Trying to 'nest' and get all of my stuff ready. I'm basically counting on not being functional for a week! Glad I'm staying healthy, too... As in no sickness. My Dr. said to take Vitamin C w/hibiscus, zinc and a multi-vitamin for a few weeks prior to surgery. Grateful, because EVERYONE around me is sick, 'except' me!

Very nervous because my consult was back in Oct. Then I go to surgery day this Friday. Been having a lot of bad dreams. :/. Not about the surgery, but still! I had gall bladder surgery last May and couldn't get around for a week. Soooo, a wee bit scared for what THIS will bring. I've read lots of stories... That helps a lot. Feels like I know the best & worst case scenarios at least! :)


Im just expecting the worse so that anything better will be a bonus. Your all prepared and ready to go...no need to worry now about anything.
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Brazilian Abdominoplasty, aqua lipo & fat grafting

.... Is on the menu this Friday. I am officially freaking. I read some RS stories yesterday that lifted my spirits in a BIG way.. But todaaaay, I'm remembering when I was pregnant. Remembering that a lot of my women friends never told me a LOT of stuff there! ;( I hope this experience is different! It's almost like they don't wanna scare you. I'd rather hear it, see it & prepare for it!


How are you doing hun? Please update us when you can!
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I agree with you. I'm not a naive "positivity" girl... I'm more of a build my little fort & wait for it kinda chica, lol!!
Sounds like you have a pretty well solid built fort there summertimegal! Good luck cant wait to see you on the other side

;(. Not. Fun.

Wow. How you ladies are able to go through this with little or no help.... I'll never know. It's like I am the newborn who's up every 3 hours (for my Meds & the dreaded walking). Hubby has to fully support my forearms... And then I do the old lady shuffle down the hall. He changes all my dressings & is so, so supportive. If I could be greedy, I'd wish the back pain would decrease just 15% and I could deal w/the rest.


So sad, I wrote a big reply to u yesterday & then fell asleep w/iPad in hand. Happens a lot! lol Honestly, I think I'm doing okay.. Wish I cld walk on my own... But I'm getting there.

CG Battle

I hate this thing. I love how it feels keeping me all tucked in, but the incisions by my pubic area are not covered... It's covered by surgical tape only. Should it be like that? It's kind of a funky cg w/several straps. Frustrating!

Turns out I had 2 umbilical hernias when they went in. One was the size of a pear! Gross. Glad the fixed me all up. :)

My husband has been AMAZING. I tell him often because for him to work shift-work 6 days a week & listen it me whine & complain?? Ya.... He's a kick a$$ kinda guy. While we're walking (& I'm hanging on for dear life.. He'll say you're doing so good, you got this, almost done... *sounds cheesy, iiiiiii know but I'd be a puddle of tears without him.

Is anyone else about 3 days po? Wild love to hear from you!!!!!


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I think we had surgery the same day! I had my surgery 1/31 so I'm also 3 days post op. First day on my own. Husband back to work and kids to school. I have a couple pop ins from my dad and my sister coming to hang out for a few hours today. I'm probably doing well but just wish I could do a bit more! Back where lipo was done burns horribly but arnica gel helps quite a bit. I'm not taking pain pills today jist Tylenol if nec. All they do is make me dizzy and put me to sleep. Lol! I just keep whining I'm bored! Happy healing and keep in touch.
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You're on your own??? You're the type of girl I'm talking about! I have a drain hole (not a drain w/a bulb), & 2 sites from where moles were he removed, plus lipo holes. I'm in awe of you . I tried walking to the bathroom & back... I did it, but so scary! Mad props to you chica!! I'm still on pain meds too... Maybe tomorrow I'll be brave like you. ;))

Nobody Cares. :(

I've wanted this TT since I was pregnant w/my 1st at age 21. I was married at 18 to that love of my life & cld not wait to have babies! My hubby too, lol ! :) Our 1st son was 9 lbs, gorgeous & perfect! & then I had my 2nd son at age 30. He was sickly w/a lot of asthma, yet perfect!! All this said... I've never shown my tummy since I was 19/20? I'm 41 now. I dress cute for work, have wine w/the girls.... most ppl can't tell. Just saddens me. If "I" were my friend, I'd be MOST supportive. I'm healing good too? I'm not even complaaaaaining! Grrrrrrr.......^^


I perfectly understand where you coming from. Sometimes I stare at people and wonder why I paid the money to look how I look now, no one cares really, only you, but after all, that is all that matters, I guess. After having this surgery I have began to wonder these things but I guess is all your conscious. . Take care
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That being said, I wish this site was a phone app. So hard to use on the iPad or iPhone. How are you making out??

After pics.... Surgery date was 01/31/14


You are not alone! By the way, my ps told me to put maxi pads on the scars. I haven't had my surgery yet, but I'll be using them
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My nurse did too. We bought some 4x4 bandages and they were the biggest we could find so I think we will go that way next.
Great idea! Thank you, I'll try that too!!!

Girls???? I'm so so so HAPPY!! :)))

Today was my 1-week follow up. I got the one drain out (was a last minute add on). I ended up having two hernia's (1 large one as big as a pear my hubby said).. They removed them. Not too happy w/the fat grafting part (can't really tell?).... but to be fair, Doc wasn't ready for two hernia removals either. ;) My incision line? Perfection! The office?? GORRRRRRGEOUS. I was walking slowly a few min each day. I feel like I cld do my office job soon. It's high stress. So I may (whine!!! lol) for 1/2 days.... My tummy "feels" bloated, so this must be the fun swell hell I've heard about.... but I'm a-okay w/it. I'm hanging in! I saw beautiful work by Dr. Fernau & his staff and I will be back soon to see him.

My best tip? I RESTED. Like, laid up in bed & only up to use the restroom & take a slow (assisted) walk for 3-5 min each hour or cool hours. Did NOTHING. It worked! I feel great!!!! Don't be the crazy in made a tuna casserole, clothes are in the wash, have a cup of java it's 3 am girl!!! Do. NOT!!!!


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My "Nest"

I used my teens bottom full-sized bunk for these 5 days. He's 19 & in the Army so it worked well. See the towel thing? My hubby thought of that. I'd twist allllll the way to the side & at an angle (so important - not straight), pull yourself up. Baby wipes, water bottles... Cells (w/ringers on... SAD my husband received a verbal thrashing on that one!!!!).... Keep vitamins a all going. Girrrrrl... You do NOT need a cold. Cough/sneeze?? Gaaah! Happy Healing!!!!! XoXo


Thanks for sharing and you are not alone ..... In my MJ voice lol... good luck sis....
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Thank ya! :)
Coming along nicely indeed
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I've used Arnica tablets for laser treatments I used to do, also.

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Not Easy...

Had my surgery 17 days ago... Today was my check-up. Last visit at the Dr. was to remove the one drain (they numbed me, so it didn't hurt or feel weird.... Glad! Other girl's stories scared me, lol). I had a small hole/tear (very small). They're culturing it & if there's an infection, I'll get antibiotics of course. Will go back in a week to check on it. They're WONNNNNDERFUL at Dr. Fernau's office. So patient & kind... You feel pampered... Always. I needed that cuz this has been hard. I'm back at work... Wearing maternity pants for crap's sake (old navy. Size 12.. Now they're a bit big). Swelling is still there, lots, but I've been prepared for that thanks to this site. Tired of the old lady stroll w/a hunchback.... Blah. Can't wait to get another month out!

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Before & Aftah

Some before and after pics. :)


OMG! You look amazing, good for you, we are tuff gals for doing this, we all should be very proud of ourselves!
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Here! Here! I vote we all go out for a glass of wine!!! lol *we should be sure nobody's on prescription meds first tho, lol!!
Thanks for sharing your journey with us future tummy tuckers. You look great so far. Please keep us posted on your progress. How long does your surgeon recommend staying in the binders?
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Feb. 20th Staph Infection

Yup... Depressing! That was the result of the culture. Said they wanted to see me in a week. Turned out 'not' to be true... I called & they said, noooo... Just stay on the med & we'll see you in 6 weeks.

I skipped a bit... 4 days ago... After being on Tetracycline for a week... Still tired, achy, chills... Hole was still leaking... I went to the ER to be 'sure' all looked okay. A 2nd opinion if u will. They did bloodwork.. Needed a btr antibiotic to couple w/the other one. The hole was small... Looked okay & they said incision looked good, too. Yay. Mentally? Ahhhh.... :)

So.... I'm left w/the violent muscle spasms every waking moment. NOT just in my tummy... Arms & legs too. Anyone else????

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March 3rd.... Week 4-ish, lol

Today is the first day "I" drove to & from work... No pain either. Yay. I went to work full-time after 5 days. DUMB.
The 2nd & 3rd week my hubby drove me to & from... And I criiiiied! Bumps/potholes... Incredible! He tried.... 3rd week was a little less & now, 30 days later (GAAAH, LOL!!!).... Back to normal.

I'm not like the rest of the women trying on bikini's & feeling great... I'm pooped. I think I'll love it, I do, but right now?? I just wanna sleep & wake up w/no spasms. Hope you are all doing well. I find soooo much strength in your stories. Helps to know I'm not alone.


It took awhile for my strength to really feel normal again, so no, you're not alone! And the spasms happened for me for about a month as well. You look awesome! Love your 'nest' picture too. I had the same thing! ☺
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Well Hun, you look great and sound great! I like you have agreed within myself to Rest, Rest, Rest!!! I only took 16 days off, but can take more if needed. My husband has his moments, it's nice to hear your hubby has been a great support.
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7 weeks.... Time to update!

Feeling SOOOO much better! I still am wearing my cover garment because I feel better with it on. My BFF calls it my "woobie", lol! I went out Saturday & left it off.. And I did great. I also still sleep on my back w/my knees propped up. I'm not paranoid am I?!?! LOLZ My energy level is soooo much better now that the infection (staph) is gone. Amazing to me what a huge difference it made once I got the bloodwork results back & the staph was gone. Such mental relief! lol I was a size 10, almost a 12 pre-op. Now I'm an 8, & a 6 sometimes, too. I'm soooooo happy that stupid belly is gone. I started my laser scar therapy too, so I'm pretty pumped to see what that looks like in the end (do this every 6 weeks). So far, I'm pleased!

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Very pleased!!

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Scar at 7 weeks...


Wow what an amazing transformation and envious small waist really size 8,6 oh my gosh wow so lucky keep healing Hun xoxo
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Thanks so much! Took so long to 'feel' good but I finally do! I think 1/2 of it is mental, lol...
Wow u look great!
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Well, it's been 2 months today...

SOOO...I'm still wearing my cover garment... Sometimes I feel queasy without it? Not sure if it's in my head, or if there's merit to that. Not sure. I still swell even "with" it on, so I think I'll just hang tight & see how it goes. Someone else on here mentioned the "Ken doll", and I laaaaughed! It's such a perfect way to describe it! I'll attach my pic - you can see it through my undies. Ugggh! I did have a happy moment while resting on my son's bed yesterday... My pants were loose & my bb is healing. I'm such a pokey healer. I'll post again after my next laser scar therapy session. OH... Btw, has anyone tried lymphatic massage? Does it help? Was afraid it would hurt...


Lymphatic massage hurts if you've had Lipo. The places where you had Lipo can be hard, and it is sore, but you feel much better after. I had five, and am going to try to find someone in my area who is certified so I can continue them. I've seen a HUGE difference in my swelling because of them!
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Thank you for sharing that with me. I wasn't sure what to do because it 'does' seem like it wld be painful. :/
What great results! Thanks for sharing your journey!
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6 Month TT Update. :))

It's been a long time since I've posted, but I have been so pleased with my results & wanted to share! I'm still seeing Dr. Fernau every 6 weeks for laser treatments to the tummy scar. It keeps getting lighter so it's working! I have some numbness still, of course, but for the most part, it's back to normal at this point. I kinda laugh at myself, cuz everytime I am in front of a mirror... Like a a public bathroom (alone), or my bathroom mirror at home... I'll lift up my shirt & peek at my belly... And smile. I LOOOOOVE it!!! Still can't believe I was brave enough to do it, lol, but SO happy I did!!!!


You should be happy, your results are exactly what everyone hopes for. Good to hear from you x
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