41 Year Old with Twin Daughters and a Son. All Was Born by C-section Which Gave Me the Flap.

I had a gastric by-pass to lose weight and get rid...

I had a gastric by-pass to lose weight and get rid of the diabetes, when I got pregnant with my son. He is now 17 years and I still haven't lost the pouch from my C-section. I get a rash on one side of the scar all the time. I have been wanted to lose the weight for so long. I'm short and it feels like I am carrying around a spare tire.

Pictures before surgery

I can't wait to say goodbye to this belly

post op

He had to skin Graf a navel for me, mines was damaged.

4 days after surgery

I feel good, can go up and down the stairs by myself. Only thing is I can't stand for long.

3 weeks post op pictures

ER visit

They think I might have torn the muscle in my stomach.

7 week post op.

Doctor said he may have to do my navel over again.
Dr. Peter J. Rubin

He is a very good doctor. I'm happy with my results so far. Not as much pain as I thought.

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how they got insurance to appove
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Surgery was on July 29th, 2014
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Welcome to the community.  So have you scheduled your surgery?
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No I haven't waiting on the insurance to approve
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I am keeping my fingers crossed for you:)
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Thank you
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Insurance has approved my operation. Count down has begun.
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I I agree honey look at my pictures
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