Tattoo Removal- Small Heavily Saturated Black Ink Removal

I started treatment today and I was happy with my...

I started treatment today and I was happy with my technician and treatment. It is his business and he only does laser removal, and he has even removed a large leg covering tattoo from himself, so it is cool to see it. I've studied so much info these past 6 months or so, including here, but most importantly it has been independent non-laser manufacturer and non-laser removal business studies and information. I always have trouble getting these studies
posted on here because most are links, if you have a topic that you have a question on, PM me and if I have any data on it I'll send it. I don't have to tell you though- info is limited. I'm really happy to not suffer any emotional side effects from having this tattoo just done with it, but I will be aiming for a full removal. Happy fading to everyone!
Tattoo is 13 years old(done at 18)
Very heavy non shaded ink -little to no scaring
1.5in by 1in inner forearm or 2.5cm by 3.8cm
Lutronic Spectra 1064 setting 6mm.
No numbing besides ice
I will not post fluence or power because it is too realtive to the system(if you have the same machine, just PM me).
I did have a test done with a Quanta Plus, but my research on the Spectra and it's owner made me more comfortable with that system and my experience today with the tech has solidified my choice.
Anything else just ask or comment below :)


do post pictures when you can. i am trying to remove a lot of black ink with no shading too, and not sure how it's going to go because most of the successful removals i've seen are people with shading, and usually the outline is still there so i'm worried my solid black isn't going to budge ): my tattoo is large and fairly new too )):
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strange, because I did. I will update with some.

1st treatment on May 10th 2014


I like about 40 miles east of Pittsburgh. I will be following your story. I have a tattoo on my wrist I want removed. Where did you go for your removal?
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Any new news to report?? lol
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awww are you lol'ing because you're the only who cares about my review lol. You know something is not right when Eva doesn't even stop in to mention something like, thanks from the realself commumity for posting, or something like that lol :P I'll probably post something in a week or so, keep that ankle monster healthy.

Update 2 weeks post 1st treatment

This is where I'm at 2 weeks after my first treatment. I will be having treatments 8 weeks apart, so I will update again right before my next treatment in about 6 weeks, and maybe one between if it seems like it would be good to see. Happy fading to everyone, keep living clean for a healthy immune system and my current slogan is- Drink the ink away. Water of course :)


I can def see less ink- fading is there, looking good!!
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Thanks. Yeah I'm really happy with results so far and curious to see it at 8 weeks. I've been on a ink mobilization supplementation regimen that I came up with, and while it seems to be having good results it 's not always convenient. But, if I'm willing to do everything else, then the body system side is just as important and worth it.
Oh yeah? What does that regime consist of, if you don't mind me asking??

Supplementation for ink mobilization

Laser and body are not 90/10 or even 50/50, they are pure synergy. Without each other the process is void, this is part of what I do to help the body side of things. I exercise every day, avoid sugarsI, drink 1 gallon of water a day, and try to abstain from any caffeine or stimulants (except greentea). These restrict vessels within your system, so no coffee or nicotine. I drink 30 oz of organic greentea along with the water. I take alive ultra potency daily vitamin along with the supplements below. 3000 mg of L-Arginine 3xday, 100 mg Beta 1,3/ 1,6-D-Glucan 3xday, and Oregano Oil 2xday. The L-arginine and Beta have to be taken on an empty stomach, so it can be inconvenient, just like using the restroom every hour haha. Topically I use the swanson circulation gel (l-arginine and other really good things for healing and circulation), whenever tatt feels dry(maybe 5-6xday). The gel has a lube consistency, because surprise surprise, one of best supplements for blood flow and vasodilation is used for sexual boosting. But as a disclaimer this is what I do/take based on my knowledge of the ink removal process through medical studies and no one should take anything without checking with their doctor, even though these are generally considered safe and beneficial as supplements. No links but feel free to google these things and their benefits and you will see where the conclusion of benefits was drawn. Any questions just ask.


Thanks for sharing - great information!!
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Such an interesting update, and the fading has begun! Really pleased for you. :-)
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Awesome, thanks :) speaking of sexual boosting, I have used a mini vibrating bullet w/ rose hip oil on my tatt to help w/ massage/lymph flow, although that swanson gel sounds like something worth trying for sure! Hell, mixing the two could be a great combo as well, haha! Nice regimen...sounds like you have it down pretty good and it shows as your fading is great for only 1 session :) thanks for that update!!
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4 weeks after 1tx

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4 weeks after 1tx


Great fading so far. It's awesome that you took all the time to research supplements and additional care. I've heard about the issues with nicotine and removal, I use to smoke (during the first year of treatment or so) I don't think i've seen any difference now that i don't smoke but I may be wrong. but i mean no one should smoke anyway
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Wow! Amazing! Great fading! I am sure you will be done very fast! Very happy for you!
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Thanks Marisska, Chad, and JLN. While I'm happy with the results so far, I'm trying to stay level in my expectations of full removal possibly being 9+ tx and 1.5+ years. If things happen at a faster pace that would be awesome, and maybe some of what I have put in to the process pays off, but if not, then I won't be discouraged. Happy fading everyone!

2nd treatment update...

and it's kind of like gross dried cranberry blisters. If you ever want to eat them again; look away! Anyway, second treatment done and I'll update in a couple weeks with how it goes.


Ewe, I will look at cranberry's in a whole new way now! Congrats on completing session 2!
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Congrats on treatment 2! Never liked cranberries much :)
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Thanks KGB ;)

My tattoo is a scumbag and I don't want it anymore.

I don 't know why but I don't get sad about this tattoo, or maybe I got passed it without knowing it somewhere along the way. Either way, I wanted to let a lot of the awesome people here know that just because I don't have those emotional/psychological symptoms, doesn't mean I don't undersand or sympathize; I do. I want this thing gone, I've never seen myself with it pictureing myself, and I cover it a lot of times (see updated profile with 3/4 sleeve shirt). So I thought I would post a couple of pics of why I hate this thing and maybe make you guys forget about the sad for a few moments. I hate this thing because...


Your last update tho, haha!! 10/10 would read again
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Wow thank you for the very informative post about supplements that aid in flushing the ink out of your body. I do drink lots of water especially more so when I started the laser removal process and take a standard effervescent multivitamin but from the looks of your fading, seems like those supplements are working! Will make a run to our local health food store and grab all of those. Worth a try!
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Glad you found it helpful. Each person's tattoo removal is unique and has it's own variables (location, depth, age, application, etc), but my goal is just to give it the best fighting chance. Remember that even though the items mentioned above are considered very safe supplements, I would always tell anyone to check with a professional before taking anything. Happy fading! Oh and much like your tattoo says, remember that ... All you need is Lymph -dah dah dudda dah

So you want to get that tattoo removed...

Despite the claims and despite the quotes some people are receiving or even different types of lasers, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to interpret what you can expect with the current technology is this: With laser tattoo removal you can have it done well or you can have it done quickly, pick one, because you can't have both. I know there may be very small percentages of exceptions, but I wanted to share that for any new person reading this or thinking about it, or even anyone else that can benefit from the realities of that concept. I think people can use their patience as a significant part of the removal process, just like the laser or the lymphatic system and they will really benefit. Except for me, because I hired the f'n Ghostbuster to blast this thing...

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