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Forever, I have tried to compensate for the fat...

Forever, I have tried to compensate for the fat pad under my chin. In high school I recall stretching my neck as if I was intent in conversation, lol. In my teenage mind, I thought if I stretched my neck like an ostrich it would flatten that little fat pad. Well, as time moves on the fat pad morphed into the wrinkly, turkey waddle.
A few years before, my sister took the leap and had her waddle removed. I decided the time was right for me. However, I agonized over the decision for a very long time. Not one to jump into anything even remotely risky, I questioned every detail. My erratic heart arrythymia that surfaces twice a year, the nausea and vertigo I suffered at 13 after emergency surgery, ... All of these factors created much angst. Finally, my sister summed it up well, ' either shut up or put up.'
I had 5 consults with different doctors in the area. I liked most of them, but no sooner would I decide on one, I would hear a horror story from someone about the doctor. Finally, I consulted with Dr. Francis Johns because so many people knew someone who had work done by him.
Presently, I am 16 days post op, I am still swollen. The sides of my neck are hard and tight, and my ears feel like the have weights attached to them. I would love to wear earrings but that is a long time out. All in all, it has been pretty easy. The hardest part is sleeping elevated and on my back for another two weeks. For me, this is not natural. I am sleep deprived. Along with that, the only other complaint is that the night of the surgery, my shoulders spasmed, and no amount of Percocet or muscle relaxers would relieve it. That was painful. I hope to post some photos of my results soon. I want to thank everyone who offered advice and support before and immediately after. It really is great to have this community.

Sleeping is getting more and more difficult.

I am finding it hard to continue to sleep elevated and on my back. I am 17 days post op. I still have 2 more weeks of this. Ugh! Any suggestions?

Miss My Earrings

I am one of those people who feel half dressed without my earrings, but considering that my ears are numb and feel like rocks I doubt that I'll be wearing them for awhile. What do you think?? Maybe a few stickers are my ears will suffice? LOL.


Has anyone else experienced 'a cosmetic binge ?' I admit it has a been like a kid entering a candy store. when I enter Sephora or Ulta. However, I've bought a lot of make up since my neck and mini lift. Happily, I can now wear turtlenecks without drawing attention to my neck. It is great.

Concerned at 5 weeks

In the last 10 days I have developed a soft hollow flap of skin that runs vertically from under my chin to the top of my adam's apple. It is very noticeable when I turn my head. I see the PS in 2 days. I hope that this is not loose skin. I posted a photo on ask the doctor section. This has me feeling very defeated.

Am I Crazy?

I saw the PS this week, and I expressed my concerns about the skin on my neck. He believes that my neck is tight, and I am doing great. Sure hope that he is right. Anyway, he told me that I can't sleep with the side of my face resting on the pillow for a very long time. He said the internal stitches will not be healed for at least 4 months ! Here we go again with sleep deprivation. So... I have permission to sleep with my ear and back of my head on the pillow, but the side of my face should not touch the pillow. This sure seems like a long time.

about 4 weeks post op

I am still very swollen at this time. I will try to post a more recent one.


When I saw the PS at the end of January, he said that the internal sutures will take 4 months to heal. He suggested that I sleep on my back during this time. I start off that way, but I find myself on my side. Yesterday, an internal suture protruded in front of my ear and came out. I am still very numb and swollen in front of my ears and down the side of my neck, yet under the chin is pretty soft.
I wish it was reversed. Tight under chin and soft on side of neck. I am obsessing over the results. This is definitely an improvement, but it is not as tight as it was. I worry over the next year, it might just drop. There is a small amount of skin near platysmal muscle that seems loose.
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Johns has done a wonderful job. I hope to continue to heal as I have. I am excited to see the real results in a few weeks. Nurses and staff at the Delmont Surgery Center were wonderful, too.

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Hi there...I'm at 5 months and there are some wrinkles but I still love the results and am very happy. We all tend to obsess...that's why we have surgery in the first place!
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Well post some pics if you want my opinion, I look at my old ones...it is hard not to obsess, but you go through a lot of changes eve bat 4-6 months. Try to trust your doctor if he is a good one, and relax, find something else to work on;). You know mine is not as tight as I would love but it's a big improvement, and it has taken off a good ten years. Soooo that is what I wanted, try to be positive and look for good or just quit looking so hard;) I took a lot of pics I did not share, good and mostly bad, but even a 35 year old can look saggy and funny with their head down and tilted to the side;)
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Thanks. I will try to do so.
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You know, I Still wear mt chin support to sleep each night, they told me to for a month, six weeks,as long as I had any swelling. I think it helps. I wear it when I do my rebounding and when I do my 'barn chores' too. It just keeps things firm so it can all settle I think. I have a soft sleeve on it and it helps me sleep too;) and kept my chin and ears warm this winter. I had mine re tucked dec 30th -it's been a long hard winter. I have a stable of horses to tend to so I have to be outside 2-3hours a day, -15or not!
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Did my post go through?
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Did you get a revision ... My necklift needs a revision. See my profile pic!
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I had mine done October 3. I still have swelled glands on both sides and my ears feel like they are in mid thaw...it just takes time. For me it's the glands that are stopping this mini facelift from being perfect...who knows...I'm happy for the most part cause there blob of fat is gone...my profile looks good and I can wear earrings...just not the 5 in one and 3 In the other I have worn sine high school! I think you will be fine..let's see some pics and we will all get an idea.
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Thanks for your support. I will post a photo if I can. I am not the best when it comes to downloading photos.
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Just give it some time! You will be gorgeous! Post some new pics for us:)
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Thanks, Patricia, however at 6 weeks the area under my chin swells in the morning and when swelling goes down it looks like a relief map. Very uneven with soft bumps. The PS thinks it is fine. I am not so sure. It seems as if the platysma edge is showing on one side. I sure don't want another surgery.
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Well mine was rough at six weeks too- don't look too hard, trust your doctor and do the compression mask whenever you can I had one that looked like a hockey mask! Try the arnica gel and b6 is great for swelling, low sodium diet, super clean eating low sugar helps too , as it causes inflammation. Chin up ! 3-6 months much more revealing:)
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Thanks again. It concerned me this morning because my granddaughter took her little fingers and moved the skin on my neck. She used to do this before I had the mini lift and neck lipo. So, I sort of feel as if I am back to the same situation. Disheartening. PS said this could be the edge of the platysma. But he didn't seem too concerned.
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Another post op in the mini lift section had a revision on her neck for a situation similar to yours. Patricia Crowns review has this info. Her revision was simple and corrected the problem. grace
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Thank you for the advice and info. I appreciate it/
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Stickers! Funny. Do you have any recent photos you can post to show what you look like now?

(I hate going without earrings, too).
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I am 4 weeks post my opp and my ears are still "dead" i also still have a stiff neck and it is sensitive if i touch parts of my face.
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I'm sorry to hear you're not sleeping well. That will come with time, but I can only imagine how frustrating it must be. Hang in there! And please keep updating us on how you're feeling. We are here for you!
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Angie, thanks so much for your support. Please know that it is appreciated. Happy New Year!
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Happy New Year to you, as well! Hard to believe it's the 9th already.
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I was given a Transdermal Scop patch before surgery to eliminate any nausea. It worked great, but after removing it three days later my vision was blurred. It seems to be returning to normal in the last few days. I am not sure that I would use this again. The nurses tell me that it can do this for a few days, but it is annoying. So, I would suggest asking about alternatives.
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Hi Lilt, do you have a wedge pillow? I sleep in recliner during the day and used the wedge pillow plus, a pillow under my knees and on both sides so it reminded be not to roll and it worked. I just started turning on my sides a bit last week (at 4 weeks out). But this was mainly because I had a nose job and breast lift and sleeping upright helped with nose swelling, also turning hurt my breast until last week. Keep posting! Look forward to hearing about your journey. -Poppy
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Poppy, thanks for the suggestion. I do have a wedge pillow. It helps some. I guess that I am a creature of habit... sleeping on my stomach too long! Hope you are healing well.
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