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I went in for an Invisalign consult in December. I...

I went in for an Invisalign consult in December. I ended up "chickening" out because I just didn't want to put in the commitment. I went back about 6 weeks ago and finally got my liners in. I had about 10 "bumps" cemented to my teeth. I don't know if it was my ortho or if this is normal, but there is a lot of excess cement around my teeth that is quite annoying when my liners are out. I'm sure it's part of it that I will get used to. I have only had these for one day so far and plan to update. The reason I went for Invisalign is that there was no way I was getting traditional braces at my age, and I had never had them when I was younger. The positioning of my bottom teeth (one tooth sticking out) was causing a bit of a snaggletooth and shifting of my top teeth. I just noticed this getting worse over time, mostly because I grind my teeth at night and the teeth were pushing against one another. I definitely thought the liners would be more invisible, but I did know what to expect based on reviews I read on here. It's unfortunate to me that even when the liners are out, people will be able to see the bumps on my teeth from certain angles. My treatment should only be about 5 months with a possible additional five months. I have slight mouth discomfort, but not a headache. I will say, I do not even want to eat because it's just annoying to take the liners out at work. Also, I like to drink my coffee throughout an hour in the morning, and I can't really do that, because I don't want to waste that time with my liners out. I'm having iced coffee through a straw with my liners in (rebel!). I plan on rinsing and brushing throughout the day. I will post more updates soon.

Adding more photos

I'm sure everything will be more easier once you get in a routine. I'm going on the 16th of June to get my molds and start the process. I'm 34 and wore braces 16 years ago and my teeth started moving I noticed a couple years ago but was in denial to get it checked out. My friend wore them and had very good results...she told me that she would soak her aligners in the whitening listerine in a small bowl to clean them so I will try that out unless I am told not to. Best of luck, please keep us posted!

Day 2

This is the second full day with the trays in. I have not had a headache at all. I have a sore mouth and a dull ache which just makes me want to remove them. I think that's obvious for everyone that there is going to be some discomfort. I haven't had problems with the trays as far as them being physically uncomfortable or hurting my mouth. It's kind of better with them in, because some of my "bumps" are a bit pointy and wearing on my inner cheeks and front inside of my mouth. Overall, it's just a bit of a daily annoyance... an extra added step in your routine. I'm hoping that once I see results I will be more motivated to push through!
Hello and welcome!  Some people are more prone to headaches than others, so be happy you're not getting them from the trays!  But soreness in the teeth and jaw is pretty-much unavoidable, though it's also worse for some than others.  Hopefully yours won't be awful, since your teeth aren't very crowded.

It looks like you have a little overjet in the first picture, but not in the last picture.  Do you?  And did you get to see your ClinCheck?  And you are definitely not alone about drinking through the straw.  Your trays will discolor faster, but as long as you clean your teeth immediately, it's a choice you can make :).

The extra cement is something that can be polished off with a pumice polish by your doctor.  You didn't mention your doctor so I don't know whether you're with an ortho or your regular dentist, but either should be able to get rid of the extra cement.

I look forward to following your progress!
Thanks for the welcome. I actually do not have an overjet. Maybe it's just the way I'm holding my teeth in that picture. If anything I have a little of the opposite in which my bottom teeth come very close to my top teeth in the front. I think I'm used to the cement at this point being that my trays are in most of the time anyway. I did not get to see my clin check. Is that the digital pictures of my teeth?
A lot of people hold their teeth kinda funny when they're taking pictures for the reviews :).  That's why I ask instead of assuming :D.

The ClinCheck is the little computerized movie that shows the projected movement of your teeth.

1 week update

I've been wearing my trays for a week now. My speech is 100% improved. I feel like when I first got them, I was afraid to even talk at all. Now, it's fine. Overall, everything is better. You definitely just get used to trays being in your mouth. My back bottom teeth are very sore when I eat, which is funny because I just assumed my front teeth would be sore- since those are the ones that need moved (so I thought). I've been wearing them on weekdays for over 22 hours and on Friday and Saturday I would say they were in for around 18. I feel less self conscious about them also. Slight headaches the past few days... I'm not sure if that's from the trays or something else. I've been brushing the trays gently with water and toothpaste. The trays are starting to smell. It's a very, very odd smell. It's not like a bad breath smell or bacteria smell.. they just smell so strange and like nothing I've really smelled before. So, I just try not smell them! But it's kind of gross to think about putting smelly trays in my mouth.
Not too bad so far... just can't wait to see some movement!
Whew!  :D  Fantastic news.
Try using some hydrogen peroxide to soak your trays when you take them out.  If you've none on hand, try brushing your trays with an unscented dish liquid very, very thoroughly and rinsing thoroughly.  I'll admit I've used regular Dawn but the Dawn smell doesn't go away so your trays smell like dish liquid, but it may be preferable to the other smell.  I found I didn't get the smell in my trays once I started using hydrogen peroxide.  Your toothpaste may be too abrasive.
If my teeth seemed to have not moved at all and are not loose should I still change my tray? I'm supposed to tomorrow.

Smooth sailing

I switched to Tray 2 a few days ago. Wooo hoooo. I had minor pain for the first two days, but really it was just when I put the tray back in after eating. I still haven't had any headaches. Basically, I have no complaints. One of my buttons popped off. I'm going today to have it put back on, so that's kind of a pain. Otherwise, everything is going great.

Tray 3

I just put in Tray 3. It feels pretty tight. I haven't noticed any major improvement yet, but it has only been one month. Can't believe how fast it went!

Tray 3 photos


I'm on the Invisalign Express too. I just got my last four liners and am excited to get to that last one. On top of the initial 10 that came with the Invisalign Express, my dentist says I have the option of doing additional liners - up to another 10 - that is included in the price I paid. Once I get to my 10th liner, he and I will check everything out. If I want to use the refinement liners, we'll have to do another impression. I'm crossing my fingers I won't need to and can go straight to the retainers but we will see. Your teeth are looking great!
Thanks! That's good to know. My doctor told me the same thing, but I wasn't sure what to believe. I'm glad there won't be a charge for the additional liners.
So did you end up changing to tray 3 later than you were supposed to?


I'm still on tray 3 and have my 6 week appointment in a few days. Everything is pretty much smooth sailing. No one has noticed my Invisalign yet or at least they haven't asked/mentioned it if they have.


I am still on tray 3. I go in for my 6 week appointment in a few days. No one has noticed my Invisalign and if they have they haven't said anything. It's easier every day.

Tray 5

I just started Tray 5 today, and once again, everything has been pretty much smooth sailing. I am noticing small changes that may only be noticeable to me, but it is encouraging nonetheless. I've been lucky in that I have had no pain at all and still no headaches. My doctor has been helpful, and next visit I get the rest of my trays. Hooray!
I am on tray 12, pretty happy with results. It is a long process, but a nice smile is worth it. I had bumps that came off and had to be replaced, I had a lisp for several months. I am all used to it now and can really see the results. I need 18 tray's in all so I am 2/3 rds finished. It is worth it at $5000, insurance paid 40%. I am in my 60s, so not a spring chicken, but I really notice teeth more than ever.
Wow--almost halfway through already!  That's nice, if you can go through the whole treatment with no headaches :D.  I did not have that kind of luck:).
Dr Sahleny

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