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Please do not do fraxel especially of you have...

Please do not do fraxel especially of you have acne prone or sensitive skin. I am currently at my dermatologists office in tears because my once clear skin has been breaking out like a teenager for the past 11 days. And it's still spreading! Every day there's a few more white head pimples Or cystic acne. I've even been taking doxycycline and THATS not stopping it. I'm devastated. I want my ok skin back. I don't know when it's going to stop but I don't want my husband to look at me, I don't want to leave the house. I never had acne problems as a teenager and only has a few hormonal breakouts as an adult but not like this. I have sensitive skin and use gentle products so maybe the fraxel was too much for my skin and stimulated the sebaceous glands. But if I can help ONE person to not go through what I'm going through then this review was worth it.

Welcome to the community, thank you for sharing your experience with the Fraxel laser with the community. I am terribly sorry that you are having a reaction to the treatment with an outbreak of acne. Did the doctor say why this would have happened?

There is a thread about what you wish you would have known before undergoing Fraxel.  If you would consider adding your thoughts that would be wonderful.

Try not to worry and don't be so hard on yourself, just take good care, and keep us posted on your results.





Day 12

Let me add that the fraxel treatment I had was Palomar laser fraxel "with minimal downtime". This is not true. The downtime comes in the fact you don't want to leave the house for over a week or more because of the way your skin looks. Your allowed to leave the house...but you won't want to.
On antibiotics now. I now have acne scars from the round of acne i got from the fraxel that I didn't have before. Hopefully they will fade over time. I have to say I got some FIX ZIT on the advice of my derm and it's very nice for treating pimples without over drying!

Thanks for clarification on the laser :)


Day 14

Two days ago I was so frustrated that I quite literally prayed for over an hour for God to just heal my face and to help anyone that is going through the same thing, whether it is from a procedure or even just teenagers with bad acne that weighs on their self-esteem because I know now how hard it is to leave the house when your face is out-of-control like that. I know some of you may just roll your eyes and think that I am posting this to push my beliefs or religion or whatever but that is not it at all.... I'm posting this to give credit where credit is due. Within two days my face stopped breaking out and the acne scars are fading. I have to give God credit on this one because the past two weeks antibiotics and topical lotions were not cutting it. So I guess what I'm saying is try prayer:)
Ps. I never did add a photo before so I will post one now that I took last Wednesday when I was breaking out. You can still see the discoloration under my eyes from the laser which looks like bruising that I did not have before. That is getting better as well. Not totally gone but better. The photos don't really show how bad it was...
It is a completely different lasers!!! and none of them is cure for acne !! Your DR should have told you that before tx and moreover put you on doxy/doryx or minoc right after your tx. Because heat stimulate acne flare=) hope you skin is better !!...Please change the topic to Fraxional scare people about Amazing "Fraxel" laser for no reason!!!=) thanks
Yes....they are better finally. I should post an update. So my derm put me in 200 mg doryx for 3 weeks, actone prescription lotion to use in day and differin at night and also started me on aldactone. That combo of meds finally cleared me up. I hate putting that much medicine in me esp the antibiotic but my face was so bad I didn't care! The under eye discoloration is still there. My derm said it's more like a bruise than hyperpigmentation and it will just take time for those blood vessels to "heal" I guess an for the bruising to fade. No real noticeable diff in my skin from the fraxel itself. I still won't ever do it again but I'm hoping that I maybe see SOMETHING in another month or two.

Glad to hear things have improved, that is great news!! Keep us posted please :)


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