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I am in the process of getting my deviated septum...

I am in the process of getting my deviated septum fixed as well as the indent on the left side of my nose fixed. I have decided on a chin implant as well and am having a tough time deciding on a size! My doctor uses implantech implants, i am between the size medium extended anatomical chin and the medium or large flowers mandibular glove implant. any advice from someone that has under gone this would be great! I feel like I am leaning towards a stronger chin since what is going to be done to my nose is not much to change the look of it but to hide the crooked look it has.

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So Today I had another appointment to determine...

so Today I had another appointment to determine the size and style of implant I am going with. I have decided to get the implantech flowers mandibular glove size medium.I thought I wanted a large but my chin already protrudes a bit when I smile and I do not want to be all chinny chin chin. I am getting a deviated septum fixed and the crooked looking indent on my left side shaved down and propt up with part of the septum being removed. One other thing that helped me choose the medium chin implant with this surgery is that the doctor said he will shave the little bit of hump I have on my nose to help bring more balance to my face.One thing I liked about this chin implant is that it adds length to the face, the sides of the implant taper out thinner compared to the extended anatomical implant so this will had some length to my face and will be more of the chin then the sides. I am trying to be as detailed as I can so I can maybe help someone else with this decision.I at times felt somewhat overwhelmed with choosing a style and size for myself not knowing how i will like it. Well I am scheduled the end of this month and will update as much as I can.


I have actually had both implants placed that you are looking at. I had an Implantech Flowers Mandibular Glove years ago and now have a Implantech Medium Extended Anatomical. The are some major differences between these two implants. The first one is that the Extended Anatomical will add some noticeable lateral width to your frontal view, whereas the Flowers (even though it has wings) will not add nearly as much width. I think the Flowers looks more feminine than the Extended Anatomical as well. I think you made the right choice on size, the medium will look great! The only other implants I would consider in your case is the regular Implantech Anatomical (the one without wings). I hope your surgery goes well and I am sure you will love the results.
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I had my chin implant done over 10 years ago and don't remember being given an option on size or shape. I went in to discuss a rhinoplasty and the PS suggested a chin implant to balance my face. I felt it was a good idea, so I did it, but I was so focused on how the rhinoplasty would turn out I don't think I even gave thought to how my chin would look. Good thing for me it turned out alright!! Excited to follow you on your journey and hear how you are doing along the way.
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I can definitely understand why it would feel overwhelming to try to pick which size and shape you wanted. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Did the doctor encourage you to go with one over the other, or did he feel both would be great options for you?

Also, if you happen to have pictures of the implants themselves (which I'm guessing you don't) please post them. I think it would be really interesting to see what they look like!!

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I wanted to update photos on the 2 options I was given

Thank you everyone for support on my journey with this! I am just so excited to FINALLY have this done. Now to answer some questions The doctor thought both would be great for me. I had questioned about the other styles with out wings on the implantech website. What he stated was with out wings you have a greater chance of it moving out of place where as with wings its less likely. He felt my choice with the mandibular glove style will keep a soft feminine look with more balance, as he also pointed out that when I smile I protrude a bit already. I just wanted to point out this is something I learned about and asked my doctor after our convo on what he would do to fix my nose. He is very patient and puts it in layman terms. I will try to keep updates of my recovery, I am scheduled for may 28th wish it was sooner!


did you notice your jaw line more after surgery when you had the mandibular glove put in? I did not want to go with the anatomical due to the wings being very thick and it would leave me with a rounder shaped face and possibly a wider look to my chin frontal view. so not what I want.
I did notice my jawline slightly more after the Flowers Mandibular glove. It was a very slight increase though as this implant (as stated on the manufactures website) is intended to “blend in laterally, with no appreciable lateral augmentation.” This implant will not add much width to your frontial view. Between the Flowers and Extended Anatomical, I believe the Flowers had a rounder countour than the Extended Anatomcial, thus is better suited for a women.
thank you!, I just had my surgery and am nervous for the revealing of my somewhat changed face.

so I had my surgery may 28

let me just say general anesthesia is awful! I was so sick the day out of surgery on top of the pain meds they gave me in my IV.I was shocked at how bad my eyes bruised and swelled up! I was doing good with the nasal rinse up to last night I am completely clogged with snot and probably some dried blood. My chin does not hurt as bad as my nose area does. I get a burning slight dull ache here and there and if my make certain facial movements. I have barely taken pain pills only due to how crappy they make me feel at times. I have been taking a fish oil high epa once a day since wed 1000 mg of vitamin c some digestive aids especially probiotics with my z-pak and lots of icing! I have not had any numbness from my chin thankfully as I hear this is a possible complication even if its temporary. I will try to get some pictures taken to post later.


Hi! Congrats on your surgery. Hopefully you are not in too much pain. I had rhinoplasty along with a the chin implant and the first few days are the worst and then things will get better, trust me. Your chin area will be very swollen for the first 5-7 days and then things will start to go down. Your nose will take a lot longer though to see the final result. It looks like you went with the Flowers Mandibular Glove? How do you like it so far? Keep us posted on your progress and take it easy for the next few days and try not to stress about your new look, everything will come out just fine after the swelling goes down.
Thanks! my swelling and bruising was awful!!! but I am doing a lot better now. I did go with the flowers mandibular glove and I hope it was a good choice. I am starting to feel a bit anxious and I cannot wait to see when the rest of the swelling goes down. I am trying not to look in the mirror cause what smile I can make I do not like so far... blah just the downsides of your body healing and your mind gets that negative effect and attitude. The only reason I am feeling this way is apparently I have a small mouth and I am worried the length the implant brings me is going to reveal this more. but we will see in the end! I really need to post some pics but I was just too swollen and bruised to feel up to taking any.
did your PS ever show you what he was putting in? was it just a oval shaped implant or one with sides?

yes i am still swollen but...

I am really second thinking this chin implant... I am feeling stressed after surgery but I am very very unhappy with the way this implant makes my chin look. I know I am still swollen but I have an awful wide frontal view and I am only swollen a little on my sides since it had wings and underneath. I am thinking the style of implant with wings at all is just awful for my face shape. I am trying my best to not think about it since the tip of my nose is very swollen too so that makes features look even worse.I might have been better to listen to my Bf about my chin ugh!


Shame you decided to go through with the chin implant - from the picture I cant see any need for it whatsoever. Why go through something that has added risks if you dont need it at all? It doesnt even look as if you had a receding chin. It also looks like you have very good vertical height. Im totally baffled by the decisions people are making on here
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its my body my choices but thanks otherwise!

very happy

so after speaking to my doctor I waited 6 weeks for an apt post opt to my surgery and decided that I wanted the implant removed. It was too big and pushing on nerves so it was awful feeling. total of 8 weeks post up to the originalsurgery I had the flowers mandibular size medium implant removed and replaced with a size small anatomical implant. I am very very pleased with this decision its the small change I needed! The thing I love about this implant is that it only pushes my natural chin forward and does not bump out like the flowers did. Now that my nose does not have an indent on the one side making my nose look crooked and my chin is now balanced with my face I am very pleased and more confident then I was before! Some ppl do not understand these changes one wants to make and some do I just want to help the next person on this journey to maybe prepare them with my personal experience. I have had no numbness with either surgery either so that is a huge plus for me.

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Oh and...

now with my nose my doctor offered to shave my curved bump down so now I have a straighter bridge. I personally kinda regret this I do miss my "bird" nose it was not a huge bump just cave a curve to my nose that I thought was pretty now getting an after look.


Thank you for this wonderful chin implant review! I hope you reply to this question and would be very grateful if you do. My young daughter got the medium mittelman prejowl chin implant as directed by her ps. It is too wide and has lengthened her chin too much.also, the projection is better, but no as desired. We want revision with a curvilinear implant or just the anotomical chin. Did the anatomical chin give width or just projection? Thanks
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hi there i know its been a while since you've been online but if you do see this, can you please give me more details about the small anatomical implant you have? i had a medpor implant put in and it wasn't the right shape for my face. the wings really made my face look masculine so i had it removed 6 weeks later. i haven't been able to find much info on the anatomical style implant and would love to hear from someone who has. please pm me :)
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so far I trust and feel comfortable with him as he was referred to me by a good local plastic surgeon.

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