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6'7" 230lbs age 48. Had it done in November 2012...

6'7" 230lbs age 48. Had it done in November 2012 and not only is there no positive difference it seems worse. The area is more condensed and feels firmer. My concern it that the procedure made a change that will now be bad for me down the road. And I don't mean just visually. If the process is legit why would it fail for some and does the reason for that failure mean longer term issues? The company that did it has refunded my $.

My concern is there is a reason the procedures fail and that reason is either not being looked in to or purposefully being ignored. I am concerned the same reason that drives the procedure failure also results in one now unable to diet and exercise their way out of the issue. If the process is to change or damage the fat cells so the body absorbs them and the process somehow fails - is it not then possible the fat cells are changed in a way the body cannot burn the cells either? Someone needs to look in to why this fails and the potential or even known side effects.

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

I'm sorry you didn't get the results you were looking for. I know that no matter what the procedure, some people are candidates and some are not and results do vary, but it's very disappointing to see zero results after the fact.

I haven't had it myself, but hopefully because it's a non-invasive procedure, it won't do any long-term damage to you.


It has now been almost 5 months and I am convinced...

It has now been almost 5 months and I am convinced things are worse. And I have actually lost weight in the past month. The treatment definitely made the area tougher and changed the shape by pulling the area in to a smaller space top to bottom. It is like the area retained the shape made during the procedure. Not good.

I want to add that someone needs to do a study (or...

I want to add that someone needs to do a study (or if they have done there needs to be disclosure) on why this procedure fails, what happens to you physically and if there is a negative impact to your health or ability to lose that weight. My concern is that when the procedure fails it changes more than just how you look. That something now prohibits the area from being reduced through diet etc.

How are you doing now, imispgh? Have you gotten any answers as to why the procedure didn't work for you?

My stomach area is now MUCH WORSE 4+ months after the procedure. It is like a large rubber bumper has been inserted under the skin. I suffered a lot of post-procedure pain and am VERY unhappy with all aspects of this treatment.
Can you post a current pic?


It has been a while so I figured I would post the outcome. I was refunded my money because the Coolsculpt made things worse. I was told I was one of the few who developed hyperplasia. Zeltiq paid for me to have lipo to fix it. Now many months later the area literally looks like it did before the Coolsculpt. My opinion is that it may very well work for others. Not me. I also believe Zeltiq did try to make things right. At least to a point. Personally given what I have had to go through they should keep trying to make it right until I look like what they said Coolsculpt would do. I don't expect a six pack. Had my original issue look noticeably or obviously better that would have been fine
I had this treatment fon my lower abs about 25 days ago and as you said it has become worse than what it used to be... I used to be able to pull my tummy in and it would look alright but now i can't even do that, and it obviously looks like it's sticking out, it neve looked like that before. I follow a healthy diet and I have a perfect weight for my height. Now I hate looking at myself when I wear tight clothes. I go to the gym three times a week and workout about 2.5 each time, I used to sweat in that area but now it doesnt anymore. Coolsculpting has only gathered all the fat more dense around the area that i wanted to look flatter and has really sculpted my belly to look bigger. I wish I could at least look like before this treatment. I didnt even get reimbursed...
My issue was diagnosed as Hyperplasia. I got a refund and they tried Lipo (on them) to fix it. After several months of the Lipo done it appears to me I am slightly worse off than before I began. But it is way better after the Lipo.
I looked up hyperplasia and one of the reasons listed is "chronic inflammatory response". Since Coolsculpt relies on inflammation for the removal of the fat cells, I wonder if that could be your main reason. It's very unfortunate that you had a bad experience.

After Lipo that was supposed to fix the problem caused by CoolSculpting - Failed

It has now been about 5 months since the Lipo to correct the damage cause by CoolSculpting. Zeltiq paid for the Lipo and did refund my money for the CoolSculpting. But you can clearly see the Lipo was useless and I am back to the damaged condition I was after CoolSculpting. The procedure not making a difference is one thing. But doing this is just wrong. Zeltiq should do whatever it takes to fix this.

Worse after Lipo

Looking at the shots again it seems pretty clear I am worse after the Lipo.
Did it look better right after lipo and then come back or just never looked better? Asking because there are a lot of us who have had to have this surgery and just wondering is it is something than can grow back?
Grace1234, just to point out Coolsculpting is NOT surgery, but a cosmetic procedure.
Is blasting kidney stones with sound waves cosmetic? Coolsculpting is the killing of cells via freezing. Saying it is cosmetic is medically incorrect and understating what it is and does.
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