47 Y/O, 5'8", Solid Build Finally Got More Ta-tas - Pittsburgh, PA

Generally, there was nothing wrong with my titties...

Generally, there was nothing wrong with my titties. I have been told they're great. But I wanted to get my pre-breastfeeding boobs back and look less squished in a bathing suit. I am not thin nor petite. I know I could carry off some massive hooters, but I wanted the proportions I used to have. I will add more of the story with pics. (let me figure this site out so I can give a chronological tale)

The Consults

I went to 3 different consult appointments. #1 and #2 cost can be applied to the procedure. #3 was free but I only got to meet with a staff member instead of the doctor.
I chose doctor #1. I felt that I could trust him and his staff. I was most comfortable there.
Between all 3 consults, I found it worked for me to do the rice (in baggie, or a nylon) size check. Also trying the sizers on at the office without knowing what size they were - so I could concentrate on how they looked. They had only one of each size implant so I made sure to switch to the other breast to see if I liked the look on that one also.
I knew I was going with saline under the muscle. Personal choice. I think it's better for mammograms.
I liked 350cc. So I went with 375cc overfilled. (I also asked for a few more cc's in one breast to balance a size difference only I noticed.) I figured the incisions would be under the breast - my opinion is that under the arm would be more sore and around the aureola would be odd if the scar was visible. Might be different if I were worried about someone seeing the scars when I lay down, but I don't care(that's my visible receipt, I bought them so they're mine, lol).

72 hour window around Surgery

I got prescriptions filled for demerol (pain), xanax(muscle relaxer), and zofran(nausea).
I got a stool softener, milk of magnesia, prune juice, cranberry juice, bags of frozen peas, gas-x, ginger ale, cocoa butter, fruit, easy snacks, granola bars, etc.
I gave my PS my last mammo results and some bloodwork. Got clearance to continue the meds/vitamins I already take.
Had to stop smoking (there goes my 5 cigarettes a day) and no Excedrin when I got headaches.
The recliner I ordered was delivered so I comfort-checked it. I am a stomach sleeper so I didn't want to chance wanting to turn over. (I couldn't find my neck pillow so I used a rolled up airline blanket to also keep from turning.)
I put lots of stuff at waist level (toothbrush, toothpaste, tampons, toilet paper, plastic cup, etc) so I wouldn't have to reach.
The evening before surgery, I showered with Dial soap, shaved my legs, and took a xanax. Nothing taken orally after midnight.
The morning of surgery, I showered with Dial soap, shaved my underarms, took normal meds with a drop of water, and didn't swallow water when I brushed my teeth. I brought my nausea med with me to the doctor's office. I wore a light jogging suit, where the jacket zips up the front.
Upon arrival, I was given the robe and smock, footies and a hair cover. Vitals taken and I was put under a warming blanket. I was given a nausea patch and the anesthesiologist hooked me up...next I knew, it was hours later and I was trying to come alert. Took a bit to be ready to walk. Was a bit drugged.
The ride home was a bitch. Hubby drove fine, just couldn't avoid bumps and such. I was sore and a little queasy.
At home, I settled in to the recliner and tried to stay passed out. I drank water and juice. I had a tube in my throat during surgery so I kept coughing -- that hurt. The pain was never unbearable. Sore pecs. Like someone was lifting me under my arms very hard. The breasts felt like it did when I breastfed years ago...milk coming in and filling up.
1st day after surgery: pain pills about every 4 hours (I waited as long as I could), drank lots of water, used some m.o.m. and prune juice (added a little ginger ale), ate yogurt and granola, and avoided the dreaded constipation.

Pics soon

Hopefully I will have some pics to post tomorrow.

Today was the 3rd day after surgery and I got to shower. Well, hubby did it for me. Yay. I think I liked being able to take the strap off most.

One "Pre" photo

Having technical issues but I found a 'before' pic with suspenders. Wonder how they'll look in a couple months?

Not 'easy' recovery

I saw the doc 6 days post-op(last Monday). Allowed to stop wearing the band, which was a MAJOR relief to my underarm. I was shown how to massage (more like press and hold) and instructed to do it 3x a day.
Around midnight the following day, I was doing the last massage before bed...long story short, I bled/leaked fluid from the incision under the right breast. I freaked. Called the doc. Told to come in the following day.

Here's my take on part of the issue: the bra they have me in 24/7 is too tight around. It's like wearing a rubber band. The bottom seam curls in to the smallest part of me (around my body) which is right under my breasts - where the incisions are! I feel like it is causing more discomfort and heartburn and can't be great for the incision area. Not like I can shed 30 lbs. overnight, so I end up sitting holding the bottom of the bra down and a little away from my body.

At the doc, was told to stop massage/therapy on that breast and clean/treat the site a couple times a day until I go back tomorrow.

Today is the 13th day since surgery. I have bloating and gas-like issues. I have "morning boob" issues more than just in the mornings, which if I understand other posts, it's that tingling, sore, pressure, tightness, gripping sensation. I think if I had been maybe walking that I would feel better. I didn't want to do anything this last week since freaking out. Most of what I feel boob-wise reminds me of the worst times breastfeeding, like when the milk comes in or when you go to long before doing a feeding. I haven't been on pain meds for a while. I wish I could take Excedrin Migraine for my headaches but that's about it. Pain tolerance is pretty decent.

As for the ta tas, I got 375cc saline moderate under the muscle. I was a 38C/40B and I want to be an overflowing C. I'm not skinny. I could carry larger, but I just want a fuller version of what I was.
I have a slight concern on size in that I don't see swollen huge boobs on me right now. So, if they ARE swollen and will be smaller, it appears that I will look the same as pre-BA except for a tiny area near the cleavage. The implants are still hard to the touch. Nipples' sensitivity is off the charts. Not quite frankenboobs nor spongeboobs, but not round or teardrop. Just look like overworked muscles maybe.
I sleep propped up on my back. It's a pain in the ass, but I hear it's best to do it until they drop. I am a stomach sleeper so I prepared myself to sleep on my back for 6 months anyway. It seems a little more helpful when it comes to getting up in the morning.
I realize all of this will be easier to help me through if you saw photos. Eventually I will have some. For now, thanks for letting me type out my thoughts.
More tomorrow....

brain fart

I wish I could edit what I already posted.
That last post was 12 days after surgery, not 13.
"...when you go TOO long before doing a feeding." (not TO)

(sorry, a bit anal retentive here)

Spasms and Sore

This is a negative post. I'm whining. Skip over if you want.
I haven't loaded pics because I don't feel positive about them yet. Same reason I haven't written much lately. I don't want to bum anyone out.
You know when ppl say 'morning boob'? Well, I went all ofweek 2 having morning boob not just in the morning. My chest would tighten, implants felt like they would burst, pressure, sore, etc. It hurt to touch but I needed to hold the breasts to alleviate some pain. Doc said sounded like spasms. They are still happening, just not as often. I don't have any muscle relaxer meds. (One just gripped me as I'm typing this!)
Then it also felt like my sternum was going to bust. No pun intended. I had to ask the doc if the implants could come too close together and pull the skin away (so it would look like one mound, no cleavage). He assured me that wouldn't happen with them being under the muscle. Phew. So what helps me with that is pressing on my sternum to relieve that pain.
My back hurts. Sometimes when I'm doing my "massages", it feels like I'm pushing the nerves that signal back pain.
My nipples are so sensitive, it reminds me of being a pre-teen and just getting boobs (I can't believe I remember that feeling).
And the fact that I'm overweight (not fat) means the band of whatever bra I wear digs in around me (right where it feels like a bruise) and that is sore 24/7 since I wear a bra all the time.
I went out and got a front close support bra ($5) that is a little bigger around than the surgery bra so I don't have an extreme red mark around me but I'm still getting irritation.
I just passed 3.5 weeks post op and I'm in a pissy mood phase where I don't think I look any different than pre-op, I'm irked with being sore all the time, and I really want a good night's sleep. I needed to vent. Thanks.
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

I went to 3 different consults. Dr. Capone was not the closest nor the least expensive, but I felt the most comfortable with him and his staff. I didn't feel like anyone was patronizing or talking down to me. It seemed like the whole staff cared about me!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Dear Cranberry, I'm with you honey. I had an allergic reaction to the latex in the band of the surgical bra. 24 hours in and we were calling PS to find out what this horrible rash was. Did no one read my chart that says ALLERGIC TO LATEX? So now I have this rash to deal with as well as recovery of a BA. It took steroid creams to clear it up and 3 weeks later, there is still a faint "patch". I am sore all the time. I'm so tired of sore boobs! I have constant movement under my right nipple, every time I move or bend over, My skin feels like a sunburn, it's so sensitive. My back hurts all the time cause I can't sleep on my side yet and I am not a back sleeper. But I got to tell ya..................I would do it all again. I'm thrilled with my new breast and I know it can sometimes take months to get back to normal. I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time. I hope you feel better soon.
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Thank you .......glad to find someone who can relate. Just, thank you.
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Post op pics, please!
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How are u feeling? I'm so jealous you didn't need a lift?? I'm 49-3 kids including a set of twins. The lift part sucks, are in a compression bra?? Ugh misery, I'm 21 days post op, itchy, itchy. I went out of the country, never test drove any sizes, I left everything up to ps. 310c silicone hp overs. I'm also 5'9. Was a c and small d before, now I'm a full d cup. Didn't want to go bigger, just fuller, symmetrical and lots more Perky !!
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I'm ok! One of the consults said to do a lift but I didn't want the scar and I had more opinions saying I didn't need it. When I can do the photos, hope to post "pre" side view. I'm in a snug bra that hooks up the front, plus I have that band that goes around me to push them in and down. I hate that band, lol. It irritates me under the arms. I was a 38C or 40B (bras in all sizes). Just like you, I wanted the fullness, no wrinkles in any bra. I'm not worried about who knows I've got implants, I only wanted the full teardrop/non-pornstar look, lol. Can you use a cocoa butter / moisturizer for the itch or are you not allowed?
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I'm not supposed to use anything. My ps said if I didn't want the scars to show, I have to use tape for a year!! I'm not super worried about scars my husband of 30 years is not a big boob man! I have porn star boobies for sure!! My husband was giddy with the result.
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My armpits are killing me too!! I'm counting down until the day I can burn this awful compression device. I'm cheating right now. I'm supposed to do 5 minutes morning and night implant displacement massage. I wanted hubby to do it, but he was too gentle. He's like damn your rough. Remember I'm pretty numb.
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I go in Monday as my first post op appt. I want to ask about the arnica and bromelin you're using. And is the tape over the stitch site to prevent scarring?
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He said if I continued to tape they would be very fine and unnoticeable. Arnica is for swelling and bruising bromelain helps u manage stress and break down proteins a more natural approach-since my ps was out of the country I was only given tramadol and ketorolac for pain. Couldn't deal had to see pcp for real pain meds
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He said if I continued with paper tape it would help my scars be barely visible. I'm very pale skin anyway so I'm not to worried, but I do have those vertical lines. So I plan on taping that portion forever. I don't know if an American ps will go for the natural approach, but it sure helps. I wasn't even given narcotics since they are not available in pill form, just tramadol and ketorolac.
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