Dysport or Xeomin? Pittsburgh, PA

There is a groupon deal in my area for $129/ area...

There is a groupon deal in my area for $129/ area and I was wondering if anyone knows the differnce between Dysport and Xeomin. I want to get the area between my eyebrows and the lines on my forehead done. Had them done about 6 months ago, but as you can see it is wearing off. I think it was Beletaro last time., but that was a big mistake because it left lumps on my cheeks and my chin! :(
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Let us know what you decide to do!
Had Dysport done a year ago and it made my face fall. Please read all my posts before you use Dysport! Not worth it!
Oh wow! Really? Sorry to hear that! I'm not sure if I want any other shots like this in my face. I went back to Golla to fund out what could be done about the lumps & she said I needed to massage those areas 2 times a day for the next 3 weeks! Then I'm supposed to go back to see the actual doc.

Update on the facial lumps

Well, I saw the actual plastic surgeon this week (Dr. Golla) and he said that that the lumps are a possible side effect of the filler I had which was Radiesse not the Belotero.
He said that he has done hundreds of patients and even himself and has never personally seen this side effect, but it is listed as a possible side effect for Radiesse. He told me to aggressively massage the area and he is going to check with the manufacturer to see if they have any thing to eliminate or even hide the lumps.
I have 3 lumps on my face. One on my left check bone and two just below my lower lip. It's the one on my check bone that bothers me because it is visable. I hope the Radiesse manufacture has a solution!
You can't really see it unless I'm wearing blush and then it becomes pretty obvious because it looks like I missed a spot on my check with the blush.
Also..how many units do you get for 129.00? I would estimate that for the areas you want done Glabella area( number 11's between forehead) and frontalis( forehead lines) would be roughly around 40 units of Xeomin. Just a heads up for when you buy the groupon, it may limit you to 20 units and tell you you need more when you go for your visit and charge you way more for additional quantity. This is how they get you in the door! Believe me I know!!
I personally prefer xeomin. I feel that I get the most longevity from it. Dysport in my opinion is not as potent. You need 2 x the amoint of cc's to be effective. So 20 cc's of Botox or xeomin is equal to 40 cc's of Dysport. I know this from actually working for an aesthetic doctor in the past. I am also a medical Esthetician. Hope this helps. Also, I have seen lumps quite often from getting filler, it usually subsides within a couple weeks, it actually is quite common so don't panic! I think your doc is full of it when he said he has never seen lumps happen..I am sure he has seen it before. I am not an MD, but I have seen this happen in the office and massage helps but is usually softens and goes away as it adheres to the hyalouronic acid in your skin. Keep your spirits up and give it a couple weeks! Good luck!
Really? Thank you. That makes me feel a bit better. I hope your right!
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