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Suddenly starting from the June-12 i am getting...

Suddenly starting from the June-12 i am getting lot of acne, it might be due to stress or lot of chocloates or hormonal change but i am not sure. However it is universal truth that it leads to depression. I started with some home remedies but it made my acne more worst. I was frustrated and went to dermotogist on 1st week of Sept. He gave me two oral meds and 1 cleanser and 1 Retin-A.

1st week: nothing happened, acne/scars same as it is, little bit of peeling but my oral medicine caused headache and stomache upset so i discontinued oral meds after 1st week.

2nd week: oh lord its getting worst as everybody said, more breakouts :-( more peeling everytime i used moisturizer it burns like anything plus its so red and itchy ;-( i feel like everyone is looking at my acne when i go office. I am skipping Retin-A at night and waiting for my skin to be normal , starting week3 i will continue taking other oral medicine as doctor suggested.

Oral medicine- Doxycycline Hyclate, Spironolaction and Cleanser Sulfacetamide Sodium Sulfer. I will keep you guys posted.

I'm so sorry to hear you have been having acne breakouts. :( I definitely know how self conscious they can make a person. You mentioned you were taking an oral medication as well. I would love it if you would share the name of the oral medicine you are on.


3rd Week: No good news, more burning skin and few...

3rd Week: No good news, more burning skin and few more breakouts. I used to use Retin-A daily now due to exterme dryness and redness i am using after 2 days. Doxycycline caused me lot of upset stomach so my doctor changed it amoxycycline. Not sure when i will get rid of it ;-(

It really is frustrating to have to go through the "worse before it gets better" stage when you don't know 100% that there will be a better stage. To bad there aren't some quicker cures, I think we all would love that. Keep using it, most say it takes

If you haven't already, take some time to check out fattransfergirl and Carmen in Namibia's reviews. It would be great for you guys to touch base and be able to discuss what you are noticing with your Retin-A. :)

I am as you dear !
the same corse ( Retin-A + Antiboiotic tablets ) and my changing in the face looks a bit like yours !!
that the skin is burned and the white heads increase :(

I don't know if that must be during the treatment because I read that it going up and down before the skin completely cure

Keep posted please
and thanx to share your experience that mach me !

4th Week: Due to the redness and burning of my...

4th Week: Due to the redness and burning of my facial skin i stop using topical for 4 nights and guess what redness reduced (my face looks little bit better) but i am having breakouts again. I would say little bit of fadness in scars but there are 5 more breakouts. :-(
It sounds like everything you're on is super drying. Your skin might just be too sensitive for it all. I've tried Sulfer cleansers and they made my skin so much worse. After all of the money I spilled out on pricey things, thinking they'd help, Clean & Clear Daily Cleanser really did a lot for me. I also quit using normal moisturizers after reading about using oils for sensitive skin. I use either avocado oil or jojoba oil. It made a huge difference. Retin-a has caused some random breakouts and would make my skin super red, too. On the days it really made my skin hurt, I'd use cortisone cream and it really helped sooth it, just don't use a ton. Hope this helps some.

5th Week: I am back with Doxycycline again ...

5th Week: I am back with Doxycycline again .Overall No improvements at all , this is so frustrating!!! My skin is extremly dry, itchy, irritated. While driving back from office to home. i got direct sunlight on my face and neck and guess what? i got sun burn as well. Not sure how worst it can be. I am seriously thinking to give up this medication and try something different. I have different skin tone all over, i have red dark scars, sun burns, itchiness and flakiness and still few breakouts. I literally dont want to see my face in mirror. If i would be confident that it will go away after a month or so I wouldnot be so sad But at this point of time i feel like this medication is not working for me!!!

All acne meds take months to work. Push through it. You didn't use it long enough. And, the more you switch the more irritated your skin becomes. You really need to use it 8-12 weeks (2-3 months) before giving up or trying anything new. Also, my derm told me "more is not better" and told me to use a pea size amount for my whole face, not a pea size on each cheek etc. I just started so I'll keep you posted as well. Good luck!

Please do some research on candida. This bacteria may be contributing to your acne. Look into a good probiotic, some addtional vitamin c and perhaps a vitamin c serum to begin to get your internal bacteria under control. Also, reduce your sugar intake and add water, water, water.
Hi there, I used Retin A when I was young. I am now and have been a Beauty Therapist for over twenty years. Were you told how to use the Retin A cream to avoid the side effects you are experiencing? If not let me help restore your faith in it. First three days apply for only half and hour, wash off. Day four, five, six and seven for 1-2hrs. Then second week only half day. Once your skin can handle half a day then SLOWLY increase the time it is on. If getting sensitive decrease etc. Stay out of sun. No waxing (and for 6-12mths after treatment finished) as skin is thin due to cell turnover, you can rip the skin off. Also remember synthetic vitamin A can cause birth defects too if applicable to you. I am concerned with all the treatments you were doing at the same time no wonder your skin had a hissy fit. Way too much all at once.. Please try again but slowly and just use mild foaming face wash that is gentle non drying even phisohex or something along those lines but I hope your skin has found a cleanser that it likes. I would even try a nice milky cleanser gentle on skin especially made for acne prone skins. You can look on strawberry net pevonia botanica has a range suitable. Hope this helps and ask if need more info. I did the doxycycline thing too and my skin is just great now. Bless you

As per my experince, I would not recommend this...

As per my experince, I would not recommend this cream for sensitive skin. Also if you have only one or two zits dont go for Retin-A, it will bring 100 more zits before it start working. Using this cream is one of my terrible decision that i made.
I'm sorry to hear your story and feel for you... I too battled with acne my whole life and tried every cream and medications on the market until my dermatologist recommend Accutane. Yes, Accutane is very highly regulated by the FDA with monthly visits to your Dr. prescribing the drug. In the long run it will help get rid of your acne forever... It worked for me. It did leave some acne scars not due to the medication but from my acne. My dermo suggested Retin-A twice a week to help reduce/fade scars; again, it worked. Pls note, it take seven weeks before you see results with Retin-A. If you do not decided Accutane is right for you, I would continue with your Doxcycline, us Cetaphil as your daily face wash morning and night followed by Retin-A at bedtime. Depending on how oily or dry your face is will depend on how often you use Retin-A. Use a light moisturizer for sensitive skin that wont clog pores in the daytime followed by a light SPF lotion. If you use makeup the best product is minerals with SPF. If you feel your skin is dying out due to Retin-A, you can mix it with your daily moisturizer. Hope this helps... Good Luck!

I just read your update from the 3rd. Thanks so much for letting us know that all in all, you don't feel it was worth it. I hope your skin continues to improve as it heals up.


Feb14th-My Skin acne got somewhat better by using...

Feb14th-My Skin acne got somewhat better by using some herbal remedies that i have been using since last 3+ months but it didnt help much on acne scars. Now a days i am having atleast 2,3 active acne all the time and lot of scars from past acne. Not sure i should go for microdebrasion or something like that.
As my skin has been better now but not recovered completely. When i visited dermatologist (new one) she gave me doxycyline (mono dox) and Differin. And as before, it makes my stomach upset AGAIN!!!. She told me if this doesnt work she will give me accutane and i dont want to that. I am planning to fo chemical peel but my skin is so sensitive to any chemicals not sure it would work or not? Any suggestions?? Hope it wont be worst that what i have left right now!
I had perfect skin, went for a facial and the beautician said to go on retin a for wrinkle prevention. So I used it for 2 weeks correctly, now my skin is burning, tingling, red, rashy and I can see more wrinkles! Im only 30, with no wrinkles at all and very clear skin before using the retin a. My doc put me on cortisone cream to clear it up, it was working but now my skin is so flaky and dry! Seems to flair up because I walked to my car and got a little sun on my face. Will my skin stop being so sensitive to sun?? Such a mess I have been in so much pain and crying for a week now.
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