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Hello, After two pregnancies I am ready for a...

Hello, After two pregnancies I am ready for a mommy makeover, but how can I find which doctors are the best. I am skeptical about using the "Find a Top Doctor" link because I know all too well that people pay for these kinds of advertisements - especially on the internet. Advice on the next step?

Just posting some pictures...

Kinda bumping this to see if you had any luck. I'm redoing my implants and would love some imput on the Pittsburgh area. I get "do the research" but hearing first hand recommendations would be so much better than what they put up. Hope you found some one!
Welcome! My doctor is located in Greensburg, Pa. and I had a great experience with him and my mommy makeover. You can see before and after pics on my page and my review as well. The pics are all real and graphic too. I know I saw that there was alot of Plastic Surgeons in Pittsburgh when I started looking but I wanted to check closer to where I was first. My advice would be to read around on here first so you know what you are looking for in a doctor. More than one consultation is a good idea also. Some are free but not all and every doctor will have before and after pictures on a website and in their office. This is a good place to start for sure.
Oh hey! I live in philly too. LOVED my PS she is located in Bala Cynwyd. Where abouts are you located? I saw 4 PS before I made my decision.

I finally did it!

2 days PO
Feeling great! I have to say that after reading so many reviews on here I was expecting the pain to be almost unbearable the first few days. It has actually not been bad at all! I spent the first 24 hours PO in the hospital by choice. I would recommend that to anybody, it probably helped that I did not have to get out of bed the first day. I just wanted to add my first PO photo, more to come!!

Day 2 pics

31 Year Old Mom of 2

I finally got the surgery I have wanted for 10 years!! I can't wait to see the final results, but I am already ecstatic with them so far! I have very minimal pain, was expecting much much worse. I think I found the best Dr. ever!
I had my procedure at Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. I can't imagine that it could have went better. The nurses were amazing. I had the option of staying in the hospital the night of my surgery, which I did because I have two kids at home and thought I would rest better in the hospital. I was right, they treated me so well I didn't want to leave! I believe the cost was $400 for the hospital stay, and worth every penny. I got home around 5pm yesterday, and everything is going great. I have two drains still, that I will be happy to see go, they are kinda gross and my kids think they are creepy lol. My dr. should be calling today to check in and schedule my first follow up. I will post an update and more pics soon!
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