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I am 29 yrs old with 2 children ages 7 & 14...

I am 29 yrs old with 2 children ages 7 & 14 mnths, but of whom I nursed. I am 5'7 and weigh 148lbs. I've been terribly unhappy with my body since I've had my first child but didn't want to have any "major" surgeries because I still plan to have more children. Prior to having children my I wore 34D, now I'm an "empty 34C". I was told that doing lipo on my already loose stomach would only make things worste so instead, the dr will do lipo on my love handles and hips to get an adequate fat supply to transfer to my breast.

I told myself after my first child that I wouldn't spend this type of money knowing that I anticipate at least one more child but my happiness and confidence are more important to me- even if that means repeating the process again.I'm scheduled to have surgery in 3 more days, I'll be updating my profile with before and after pix very soon.


Good luck today! I hope everything goes well for you.

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Thank you very much :)

Here I am almost 4 days post op and I feel better...

Here I am almost 4 days post op and I feel better by the day :) The surgery lasted nearly 7 hours and I had local anesthesia so was awake the whole time. The surgeon ended up taking fat from my thighs, flanks, and a little from my belly for the transfer. The actual lipo hurt alot less than the application of the anesthesia surpisingly. I don't know what the final results will be just yet, but I will say that I'm happy thus far... I'll have to see how I look after all of the swelling goes down to get a final answer. Here a some before and after pic's taken the day of the surgery and then again on day 4.

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Here are a few after photos- 4 days out.

Here are a few after photos- 4 days out.


Does anyone know of any doctors in Pittsburgh who perform fat transfer breast augmentation? So far the only docs I found who do fat transfers only do it to the face.
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You're talking about fat grafting right?!
Yup! Specifically fat grafting to breasts. I've now found a couple docs in the area who do it. Anyone have personal recommendations?
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