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Hi Guys, Im 4 and a bit weeks away from my...

Hi Guys,

Im 4 and a bit weeks away from my reduction rhinoplasty. I have wanted this for so long. Even putting these pictures up on here is a huge deal for me I hate looking at pics of myself! Just wanted to put these up to help other people thinking of getting it done as all the girls on here have helped me! Will keep you posted throughout my journey :)

Nearly there!

so only 19 more days! Ive packed my little medi bag full of goodies. Incase anyone wants to know what im taking here it is!
Arnika Tablets (I'll satrt taking those a week before surgery)
Antiseptic mouthwash
Saline solution with cotton buds (to help clean out my nose)
Eye packs
Soothers x3
Lip balm with extra moisture!
So hopefully that will help make my recovery somewhat easier! :)
I'm booked in at PIAC in Phuket wi Dr Narupon. I am happy with my surgeon, heard great things.
So I arrive in Phuket Thailand on the 2nd and my surgery is booked for the 3rd. Happy to get it out the way. Iam there for 15 days.

One week to go!

The time is going by quick now! Ive nearly finished making my familys meals for when i am gone as I have a bubs and a 7 year old, so trying to make it as easy as poss for my partner! Ive taken pics of what i would like my nose to look like. Not much else to say at the minute. Cant believe its going to happen! Getting very excited now!

Dream noses

leave on friday!

OK so I am starting to have anxiety about leaving my kids and going away! I think once i get there illl be fine but today is not a good day for this mummy! :(

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Ok just so ya know i wont be updating on here till Saturday now! Too much to do till then Ill be in Phuket and it will be the day before surgery! Talk soon xx

day one and two

So surgery is all done! Woke up and i felt fine! No pain at all just a bit of congestion and my nose bled on and off on day one. I started to bruise under eyes the first evening and today have woken up and my eyes are swollen! Still no pain, just feel like i have a runny nose. I can see a difference at the bottom of my nose but its so swollen hard to know what it will look like. So glad i went through with this! Cant wait now to see the results!


This phone won't let me upload pics! Ill keep trying though ????

day 6

Sorry ive been so slack updating! My nose has been healing so good! Yesterday was the first day i could feel a bit of pain, like bruising and my bandage is starting to fall off! I havnt bruised too badly and just a bit of swelling under eyes. Last night i could remove the dried blood from inside and i can breathe so much better! Get the bandage off on Sunday and can't wait as we have been going shopping in patong and everyone stares at me! Im so over it! I still can't seem to upload pics but i am taking photos and will post them up when i can fir you. Any questions feel free to ask xx

OK Im Home!

OK so im finally home! and ready to put up pics for you guys! I'm so sorry! but my technology wouldn't work properly over there! So its two weeks one day post op. My nose has been great! It didn't hurt post surgery until about day 6 where it just felt achy like a bit of bruising? And up until about yesterday that feeling has stopped. But I love my new nose, was a bit worried that the swelling on the tip wouldn't go down but im noticing every day it is! If i try to put make up over it it does ache still and my surgeon said it still has a few weeks before it will not feel like that when i touch it. My nose has felt like its been running since surgery, its not, but feels like it to me for some reason? Bit annoying but im sure that will fade. I will post pics up every 3-4 days so you guys can let me know if you notice less swelling! xx

Side Pics

Before & After

I LOVE the results and will only get better with time! xx
Dr Narupon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Ummmmm how are you?????
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Btw you look alot like the girl you mentioned that has your dream nose :D
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Can't wait to see your updated photos!
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Heyyyy long time wheres your pics girll:)
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Sorry! Stupid technology! All updated now xx
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Can't wait to see your results!
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keep us informed. You already looked good hope it turns out well :)
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So excited for you and to see how you went! I'm looking at going in November but need to do more investigating before I commit. Look forward to further posts.
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Are you looking at going through PIAC? I would recommend them completely!
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Through PIAC? How was Dr Narupon? Did you see slot if b4 n after photos? What made you feel comfortable with him? Would he be considered the best in Phuket? I'm just a bit worried about the quality and I haven't seen many people on here who have had rhinoplasty in Phuket. That being said your nose looks amazing! How long b4 u flew home?
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Good luck in your healing, can't wait to see pics :)
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How are you going??? Been thinking of you.... I just got home so I've been of line for a day or two and was wondering how you were travelling??? Private message me if you like?
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I just joined this site, because I want a few things done, but good luck. Say a few prayers so it all goes well.
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Thanks babe just at Singapore airport surgery tomorrow! Pretty excited!
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Wow I would love to be in your shoes right now
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Hey your gorgeous I wana wish you best of luck keep posted after op.
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Thanks babe :) you are too! yes i hope ill be ok to post day of surgery for you guys :)
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You stole my pic ye hahaha its ok maybe will end up with same nose lol :)
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hehe its a good nose! :p
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Definition of Perfection :)) where you travelling from to thailand? I went there for my honeymoon in pucket x
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Traveling from Perth Australia to Phuket I've been there before the resorts are amazing! Good place to relax and recover! What about you were you traveling from and to?
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I know that this has already been said, but you are already very pretty, and you don't need it : ) That being said, good luck to you, and wishing you an amazingly easy recovery and a gorgeous result.
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Thanks Modesto818 :) I will post up hopefully after surgery if not will be within the week :)
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Your pretty! Your don't need it :)
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