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Hi Guys, Im 4 and a bit weeks away from my...

Hi Guys,

Im 4 and a bit weeks away from my reduction rhinoplasty. I have wanted this for so long. Even putting these pictures up on here is a huge deal for me I hate looking at pics of myself! Just wanted to put these up to help other people thinking of getting it done as all the girls on here have helped me! Will keep you posted throughout my journey :)

Nearly there!

so only 19 more days! Ive packed my little medi bag full of goodies. Incase anyone wants to know what im taking here it is!
Arnika Tablets (I'll satrt taking those a week before surgery)
Antiseptic mouthwash
Saline solution with cotton buds (to help clean out my nose)
Eye packs
Soothers x3
Lip balm with extra moisture!
So hopefully that will help make my recovery somewhat easier! :)
I'm booked in at PIAC in Phuket wi Dr Narupon. I am happy with my surgeon, heard great things.
So I arrive in Phuket Thailand on the 2nd and my surgery is booked for the 3rd. Happy to get it out the way. Iam there for 15 days.
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I know that this has already been said, but you are already very pretty, and you don't need it : ) That being said, good luck to you, and wishing you an amazingly easy recovery and a gorgeous result.
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Thanks Modesto818 :) I will post up hopefully after surgery if not will be within the week :)
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Your pretty! Your don't need it :)
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Thanks Iciape1, I only want a small change, just something that bothers me everyday! xx
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Everyone has to make their own decision about it
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:) im pretty excited!!
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Thank you for being brave and starting your story and putting up photos! I know it can be tough. You have beautiful bone structure, so I can only imagine how striking you will be after you are all healed up. Exciting! Check out this list of recovery supplies and please keep us posted as we get closer to August.
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Thanks Angiemcc. Cant post too much up now untill i arrived in Phuket and see my surgeon :) But will let everyone know my adventure! Thanks for the supply list i have everything except laxatives - good idea!
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You're so pretty- very striking eyes. Good luck
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thanks kpeton :) bit nervous about recovery but will be worth it!
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just had a look at your post your nose looks amazing! love your "cast off time to flutter"! so true
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