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Hello all I'm 25 years old, no children.. I'm...

Hello all I'm 25 years old, no children.. I'm wanting moderate plus, under the muscle.
I am booked in to get my boobs done at PIAC with Doctor Narupon at the end of the year.
I'm booked in through an agency and they have been amazing so far :-)
Since its not that far away until the operation I am currently looking for a compression bra or reviews on different compression bras.

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers :-D
I found a compression bra at Target for 20 AUD. It isn't super tight (might be cause I got the size I hope to reach with an implant) but it is a start. :)
Thank you
Here is a forum of women also getting BAs in Thailand 2014. Feel free to join them for additional support!
Dr. Narupon Rojanapithayakorn

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