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I'm completely lost....I had PDT with Levulan on...

I'm completely lost....I had PDT with Levulan on Monday. The Dr and nurse instructed me of what to expect, so I was prepared. Well here it is Thursday night and nothing. I turned a little pink Monday evening, face was warm and Tuesday I was back to normal. I've not blistered, peeled or had any changes. I'm 54, fair skinned, strawberry blonde with sundamage. Recently had an area come back positive for Basal Cell so we all were expecting the normal reaction. I'm set to go back in next Wed to have my arms and hands done.....lots of sun damage very visible. Hopefully I'll see some reaction. I'm also using Carac Creme for my chest area......numerous suspicion areas there. I'm on my 8 th day of Carac and waiting for something to happen. I guess if I'm going to go through all the expense and time consumed in these treatments....I'd like a little something to show for it. Anyone else have such an experience ?

Carac on chest

12th day into treatment with Carac and I'm finally seeing some changes. Maybe 12 small areas that are turning red and look somewhat angry.

Carac 15th day

Well things sure are kicking chest is covered in firey red bumps and blisters. Now that's what I'm talking about; the Carac creme is destroying the abnormal cells, pre-cancerous and possible cancerous areas. My chest is stinging in a few areas, itching and looks down right awful !!!! So glad I'm going through this process and I will definitely be a sunscreen worshiper going forward. Getting up early tomorrow and heading back to Physicians East for more Photodynamic Therapy, this time on my legs.......arms and hands were done today and they are hot and prickly .

PDT No No's

So I'm rushing out the door this morning for my 9am appt to have PDT on my legs, totally forgetting to put sunscreen on my arms and's overcast today so I'm thinking I'm good. Only 4 miles to Doctors office. Wronggggg....
In less than a minute my hands are on fire and then my arms......trying to hide my hands from from the light I'm driving with my knee. The burning keeps getting worst. By the time I'm at the office I've dumped the ice out of my travel cup and proceed to rub on my I wait my 2 hrs for my legs to incubate, I run across the street to a pharmacy and buy white cotton gloves. This is a must have if you get your hands I learned. Also while I was in the pharmacy I purchased 2 nice sized cool packs to use on my lower legs. If I've learned's follow directions :-)

Carac treatment

More Carac pictures

Follow up this week

Chest feels much smoother....but in the last few days a sore has come up that has me concerned. Looks suspicious so I'm anxious for the Doctor to take a look. Still healing so hopefully in a few more weeks I'll be cleared up.
Physician East

Physician East......Very happy with my Physician and his entire staff. Extremely knowledgeable and thorough .....I have great confidence in my Doctor and will definitely continue seeing him.

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Hi, I have a question for you, did they ever explain why you had almost no reaction from your first treatment? I'm curious because I just had my first treatment yesterday and here I am, almost 24 hours later and nothing, no more redness than usual or pain. I'm wondering if they did it wrong. Thanks.
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I go back this Wed. May 28th for my follow up and plan to ask. I'll be sure to get back with you and let you know what he says. I'm pretty sure everything was done correctly. But I didn't seem to have the symptoms others have. Ginger
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Thank you very much. I'll also reply and post info about my progress. I'm supposed to go back in two weeks. I did get in contact with someone at another forum and he said his doctor had gone light on his first session to see how his skin would react. After his second session, he experienced the typical redness, itching and burning.
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Definitely keep us up to date on the changes.  I will be curious to hear how this turns out.
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The Carac creme is definitely doing it's job on my chest. Lots of angry red places popping up everyday. It's looking pretty bad but it is what it is. I had my arms and hands treated today with the PDT/Levulan. I decided to prep my skin a little bit before this treatment so I exfoliated last night and this morning. Levulan was put on at 1:30 and I was put under the light at 3:30. Definitely different from when my face was treated. I immediately felt a prickly sting and have a lot of red spots. Going in tomorrow at 9am to have lower legs treated with PDT. Needless to say this strawberry blonde has lots of sun damage from the years of tanning and lounging at the beach.
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Yeah, the sun can do a number on our skin.  I always get super dark spots on my face when I have been out in the sun.  As I get older it's worse.
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