Loved the Result, Immediate Result is Quite Good

6 months ago I had my vacation in Phuket and I saw...

6 months ago I had my vacation in Phuket and I saw Thermage available in this Phuket laser center. I was chatting with the doctor and he said he had performed it for a few years. He gave me a lot of information so I decided to do it. He put anaesthetic cream on my face and neck for about an hour. While getting treatment, I felt that heat sensation and it was quite painful around my jaw and neck. But I could see immediate change with my facial contour. Result was getting better and better and I think my skin and countour looks very good now. I am satisfied with Thermage. I think I have to return to Phuket and get it done every year and will not go through facelift...
Sounds like your treatment was successful, but, what skin type do you have and what nationality are you; and, when did you get this done; and, where exactly did you get this done? I mean, what is the name of the place.

Also, now that quite a lot of time has passed, how is your skin now?
my dr is very into thermage and how well it works. i'd like to hear from others in maryland. thANKS
Hi Suzanne, Have you seen this Thermage review from a RealSelf user in Bethesda? Cheers, --Sharon P.S. I was born and raised in MD. Whereabouts are you?
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