Aa Cup with 300cc Silicone Unders at PIAC - Thailand, TH

My breasts never really grew after the initial...

My breasts never really grew after the initial 'budding' at 13 and I always knew at some point in my life I would get a breast augmentation. A change in personal circumstances and an unexpected tax rebate, suddenly I had the finances to consider it. I spent from may 12' researching surgeons in the UK but never found anyone I felt comfortable with. Alongside the BA I also decided that I might as well have 8 year wanted rhinoplasty.

I went to Thailand travelling with a friend in July and from there the world of cosmetic surgery abroad opened up to me. I was very skeptical to start with, but after an experience with a friend in a Thai hospital I started to open up to the idea. The price of my surgeries, flights, hotels, food and transport was just under half that of the UK.

I went home and researched for hours, reading reviews, watching YouTube blogs and searching every available hospital in Thailand. I found out about PIAC and Dr. Rushapol and something just felt right. The hospital were fantastic in organising everything for me and ensuring I was fully informed, even sending me new before and afters during my waiting time in the UK.

I flew out to phuket with my mum on the Friday and went in for my consultation on the Saturday. I had blood tests, heart scans, blood pressure etc taken and they all came back clear. My consultation went really well with my plastic surgeon, we decided on 300cc silicone unders. He felt any bigger would not look natural - very important to me, and also I apparently have quite a flat rib cage, meaning the implant would sit front and centre. We also agreed on my rhinoplasty work. He answered any questions I had and the told me I would be in surgery that afternoon as planned.

I was taken to my hospital room which was like a hotel room- balcony, fridge, flat screen, WiFi, ensuite. My iv was fitted and 20 mins later wheeled down to the theatre. I was put to sleep quickly and then woke up in intensive care unit. This was to monitor my recovery and I stayed the night due to low oxygen levels.

The next morning this righted and I was allowed back to my room. I was in minimal pain but it hurt to move my arms in certain directions. I felt very drowsy and slept on and off all day. The nurses were lovely and very attentive. My surgeon visited me in the afternoon and was pleased with how I was recovering. He decided that I should stay another night due to my lack of arm movements and that I couldn't get out of bed without support due to this.

Day 2 post op - Dr came again in the morning, changed all my dressings and removed the drains from my breasts. The moment I looked at them I loved them! I was expecting to have the typical frankenboob but they looked great. I went back to the hotel to re-coop for 7 days. At this point I hated my nose and loved my boobs. The pain meds were great and I had little pain apart from the normal muscular aches and morning boob stiffness.

Day 9 post op - went for my check up at the hospital with my surgeon. Everything is healing beautifully with my breasts and I am now free to wear sports bras and non underwired, no under wires for at least another month, I have dissolvable stitches so didn't need them removed. I had my rhinoplasty cast off and ended up loving the result also. Got another checkup on the 23rd before I fly home.

pre and post op photos


3 weeks post op

I have been back in England for a week now. Sleeping has been so much easier as I can now sleep on my side. I have been sleeping over 9 hours a night - definitely catching up from the first week!

I went back to work on the Monday (just over 2 weeks post op), I found the first few days very tiring and my shoulder muscles were very tense and painful by the end of the week. I also really struggled driving for the first few days (I drive a manual), and had to out my car in reverse and 5th gear using my other hand.

My breasts are starting to soften and feel more 'squishy' but are still sitting overly pert! I took off my plasters today and am just left with my steri-strips which will come off in the own time. I am anxious to see my scars but have to be patient.

I went to Marks and Spencer's and Debenhams today to buy some more non-wired soft bra's and couldn't help but get myself sized. Debenhams measured me at 30DD and Mark's and Spencer's at 30E! I will be very interested to see how this changes as they soften and sit more naturally. Both shops had a sale so I bought a bra from each, bit early I know but i was so excited!!

2 Months Post Op - How did I live without them!!

I am 2 months post op and have no regrets. I absolutely love them! They are much more squishy and soft, easily sitting in a push up bra (which makes them look massive) but still sitting nice and pert. I would like them to drop a little more over the scar but still lots of dropping and fluffing to come.

I range between a 32d/30dd to a 32dd/30e when bra shopping. They are easily covered in clothes for work but look awesome in a push up for the evening. I have no pain, full muscle flexibility and actually forget they are not my own. I have done very little massaging and just let them do their own thing, I can also sleep on my front now.

I fit in nearly all of my old clothes, just fill the bust out now which is great. Any questions, just ask :)
Dr. Rushapol Sdawat

Fantastic surgeon who clearly loves his work and takes great pride in being a perfectionist. Very confident in his approach and easy to talk to. From day 1 my breasts looked great and so natural and the work on my nose couldn't be anything nearer than perfection even with the normal swelling. Would not hesitate recommending him for either procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hello! :) I am also planning to get silicone at PIAC, but I am very interested in how your rhinoplasty went? :) I kow that they get many good reviews on breast operation, but idk is they are any good at rhinoplasty. I am planning to get a nose reduction and make my bridge higher :) did you operate your breats and the nose at the same day? and how much did all of this cost? :) Thank you! Regards Susann
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Hello, Hey did you go direct though hosp or with a agent? I am just wondering in regards to if I do go direct with hosp do they organise transfers- and compression bras etc
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Can you post a picture of what your boobs look like after a year?
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Would love to see the before and afters of your nose as well :)
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Hello. May I know how long your doctor got back to you with his recommendations after you've sent him your photos?
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Fantastic results!!! you look amazing!
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Perfect results ^_^ !
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Your girls look amazing!!!
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I just came back from Phuket and also had Dr Sdawat!! Loved his work he did a great job!! I went with 375cc but feel I'm too small :( I also resulted in 32DD!! I'm thinking about going back to him and getting 600cc in July :) your boobs look great by the way!!
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I think yours look awesome! One thing that would put me off going bigger is buying bra's, I have found how much more restricted I am for just being DD let alone anything bigger! Do you feel yours have dropped and fluffed properly yet, i know lots of people are much happier after that happens x
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Heyy i also got 300cc but i think they are too small :( They look great on you, i'm just one day post op so i hope they look better then.. Good luck!
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They change shape so much from the start. During the first week i wasn't sure if they were big enough but now i feel they are perfect. I can hide them in clothes for work but put on a small push for the evening and and they look huge :)
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Yea i'm starting to see the results even though i had my surgery 9 days from now :)!!! Aaand i'm also losing all the extra weigh i had and they're looking better and better. I am very happy with them! Heyy when would i be able to use like normal bras? With wires and push-ups?
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Hi they look great! I've always been scared about getting it done in Thailand... but I really like yours! reconsidering
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Hi I was wondering what shape and profile was your implants? Thanks!
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Ok I just scrolled down lol ty
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They are round, high profile, silicone, 300cc :)
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I went to piac too im 19 days post op and had 425 high, under the muscle!!
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How are going after your ba? Who did you see?
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I went thru mel frm excutive cosmetic getsways and i cant remember my surgens name but it started with T lol Im feeln better today been quite sore its been 19 days now! I went frm a small a cup to a 10e, 425 high mods under the muscle
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Haha I'm also going to PIAC very soon too and I'm going with dr. Sanguan! Evernden implants are amazing and I think I'm gna go exactly the same as you, probably except I'm gna go smaller :) Thanks for the review! It really helped
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Well I'm very petite and small
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hi, I am considering dr rushapol for a rhinoplasty and came across your review. I am very interested in having my rhinoplasty done by him, however found a bad review on real self of a rhinoplasty done by him last year so now am hesitant to go through with him. can you tell me how your nose is looking now? woul dyou have any befoe/after images you woul dbe willing to share if possible? thanks for your review though. much appreciated!
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Hi, am very happy with my results. My Rhinoplasty experience was much more 'up and down' emotionally because you do not get the instant results of a BA but my results 2 months post op are great. I can email photo's if you would like, but would rather not post my face on here.
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Hi. Your boobies look amazing. Are you still happy with them? I received an assessment from dr rushapol so I'm trying to find out as much as possible about him and his work. Did you deal direct with the hospital? I was looking into cosmeditour. But I'm travelling with my bf so I won't be alone and maybe I won't need an agency? He recommended via email to have round silicone dual placement. Inframmary incision. I had always assumed I'd get under the arm. Do you notice your scars? So many options. The more I read the more confused I get. Sorry about the 20 questions.
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