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The decision to have a breast reduction-lift has...

The decision to have a breast reduction-lift has been something I've wanted since I first got breasts! I am now 39. I am 5' 2.5" and a slender build. My decision to have the surgery was two fold, medical, but more cosmetic. I was a 34ddd, trying to go to about a C. I have always had indentation on my shoulders and trouble buying bras and wearing certain clothes. I decided to get a consultation with a surgeon against my husbands wish and honestly expecting nothing to come out of it. However; he did bring to my attention the asymetry to my breasts by way of a photograph. The only way I was going to be able to have the surgery was if my insurance paid for it. My first visit was more for informational. purposes only. My surgeon expected to take approximately 500cc total, as he said I really only looked like a D cup, not a DDD. The Dr. actually said he did not expect this to be paid for. To my disbelief, a month later I got a letter that it was going to be fully covered by insurance. I immediatley made a follow up appointment, which was even more so against my husbands wishes. I had a lot of determination to do this, even though there are pros and cons.My husband did a lot of research and informed me of most of the cons.

I have 2 small children, and the outcome is not guaranteed. After the 2nd visit, I realized the Dr. and I were not on the same page. I honestly believe since he didn't think I would be approved, he didn't give me the same attention as someone who might have been paying for the procedure. He is the Chief of Plastic Surgery at the hospital where I had the procedure done and he has a wonderful reputation for being a good surgeon. We agreed on a lollipop/anchor type procedure. The surgery went well, but I came out what i feel was bigger than i expected. The surgeon only took 440 cc total. I had to have 90cc of blood drained from my left breast at my 2 week appointment. Now, almost 1 month after, I feel like the right breast is what I expected, firmer and smaller , and the left has very little firmness, still seems larger than the right and in my opinion seems to be sagging already. I think if I didn't feel the way I do about the left breast I would be fully satisfied with my decision and think it was all worth it. I don't know if my expection is too high for both breast to be uniform and it's just not possible. Unfortunately, since this was paid for by insurance, I don't know that any corrective work will be in my future, as this will cost money.

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My PS is a very nice man, but has ZERO personality. He is very clinical in his explanation and straight to the point. He didn't offer information, but answered all my questions. His staff on the otherhand was wonderful as was his surgical team.

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I'm larger than I had hoped to be after surgery. Even with all of my research, I didn't know that I could just order my size. I knew that size couldn't be guaranteed, but I guess I thought that meant that I would be a little over or a little under a C...not a DD, but since having the surgery I've learned more about blood flow, etc and realize how my brain was only learning what I wanted it to. However I can tell you that I feel much better than I did before, and my activity level has increased exponentially. I hope after another couple of months you become more satisfied with your results.
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Hope everything went well at your appt. What does your PS think of your breasts? We girls do seem to be awfully critical of ourselves, and when we have removed one area to criticize we find another. We really need to be as nice to ourselves as we are to other people :-)

Please let me know what your doc said and how you feel about that!
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My appointment went as well as can be expected. He informed me that 3 months is generally the baseline for any concerns. He said that my rib cage is larger on the left side which is why the left breast falls differently and is "larger". He also thought the right side might have had a blood pocket but it didn't (the left was asperated so that's why the firmness is different.) The size is probably going to remain the same, which is still a bit larger than I had wanted, but I will have to live with that I guess.
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I'm sorry that you are unhappy with your results. One month post-op is still pretty early though. Have you talked to your PS about how you feel? Part of my contract with my PS stated that revisions could be done and I would not be charged for the doctor's services, though I would have the cost of supplies. Maybe your PS has something like that? I wish you all of the best and hope that as your breasts soften and take shape that you will be happier with your results!
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Thank you for the support. I have a 1 month post-op appt tomorrow so I will hopefully get a better idea if my concerns are truly issues. My husband doesn't notice the differences like I do, so maye I'm being too critical. I wanted to believe that I would be happy from day 1, but that hasnt been the case. A lot harder emotionally than expect.
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