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I am a husband married to a great wife we have 2...

i am a husband married to a great wife we have 2 kids. my wife had a tummy tuck breast enlargement and lift and liposuction 5 years ago.MY TURN! i was a heavier kid as a teen and i lost all the weight and now my stomach looks like i had kids! i also have fat on my back and sides i want gone! and in my inner thighs. so i am interested in a tummy tuck,liposuction,male breast reduction.i really don't want to spend more than 8,000 on the whole surgery. my wife keeps bugging me about the penis enlargement. ill do it but i dont need it. my wife asked why i am not going to her plastic surgeon is because i didnt like her surgeon. i will not leave az for my surgery. I JUST WANT A CHEAP ONNE! which surgeon should i use. and where should i get a cheap one and i want the surgery in the next 2 weeks. thanks jim.


I can't tell if you're being serious about the penis enlargement... If you are, all I can say is that if it involves Mr. Winkie, I wouldn't be searching for a cut-rate deal (pun definitely intended). Good luck, and the comments are right--take your time. As in take time for yourself. You didn't get this way overnight! Best, B
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does it hurt after ward?
Yes...hurts like hell!

Ok i had my tummy tuck consultation today! yea!...

ok i had my tummy tuck consultation today! yea! lol. my surgeon is a female surgeon. today she examined me said i am a great canidate for tummy tuck,liposuction,and a male breast reduction. she drew some light markings on me today to show me what she will be doing. ofcourse with my wife working in the medical field she keeps bugging the surgeon to let her scrub in lol. my wife is a surgical assistant! so anyways the dr said she will be using drains absoulutley. for my tummy tuck and my male breast reduction. in her office there is 2 operating rooms so my surgery is in the office not a hospital. now my penis enlargement she also performs them. she examined my testicals and made me cough is that normal for this procedure help! whats weird is she had nothing to examine my penis so. i am going to have my entirire surgery with her. my cost is 19,560. i put a down payment on so cant back down. havin it done in five weeks.

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I am very excited for my surgery what should i wer...

i am very excited for my surgery what should i wer clothing wise and show wise to and from my surgery?


what should i wear to and from surgery shoe and clothing wise
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I moved this to our male breast reduction section given the discussion about male anatomy...more appropriate over here.

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ok well i am not just having that done

Ok monday is the big dayhave to be at the doctors...

ok monday is the big dayhave to be at the doctors office at eight and surgery is at ten. surgery should be about 7 hours. but still i dont know what to wear clothing wise to and from my surgery like flip flops idk lol. i am excited so excited my fat tummy will be gone and flat tummy will be the new part of me!


How are you feeling? Would love to see before and after pics.
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It's been two months my tummy is awesome I love it I hag no man boobs either my surgeons wants to do some more lipo in three months an I think I'll have my nose job an face lift with her also
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Good to hear from you!   I am glad you are happy with all of your results.  The worst part is behind you and you are on your way! 

So what was the worst part of recovery for you?
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