I Would Do It Again. What a Great Oppurtinity to Give Me my Body Back - Phoenix, AZ

I have 2 wonderful kids. After having kids my body...

I have 2 wonderful kids. After having kids my body was a little beat up. I had been working out at the gym for a year before I realized that the weight that was still on my tummy was skin and I knew I would not be able to loose that with exercising. I'm blessed to of found Dr. W and now can continue my life with my body back. THANK YOU DR. W

I had a follow up today with my doc. I was worried...

I had a follow up today with my doc. I was worried about some swelling that was firm and on my right hip. All checked out ok. He said I may have a small amount of blood there but not enough to num and drain. He said it should work out on it's own and I have some swelling. It helped to put my mind at ease.

I overall have felt great. I am feeling back to normal. I was expecting a lot more pain but to my surprise I was just uncomfortable the first few days. I still have help through the weeks with kids. Very important to just rest and let other people take care of you. It was very hard for me to get use to as I am the one always on the go. I really don't have many complaints. It has so far been pretty smooth.

Well i'm 3 weeks post op today and still feel...

Well i'm 3 weeks post op today and still feel very swollen. As soon as I take my binder off it's a very weird feeling as I can feel all the fluid start building up. I can't leave my binder off for to long. Anyone experience this? I had lipo done as well with the full tummy tuck. Is this normal?? Hopefully soon I can start feeling normal.

New pics 3 weeks post op  

new pics 3 weeks post op

Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

Dr W and his staff are awesome. I felt very comfortable from my consult to after surgery. I felt like I was in really good hands because he was very confident in his work. I am two weeks post op and very pleased so far with results. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. W to my friends and family.

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hi just want to ask how much did it costs you for the procedure. if you can share it that will be hreat. you look awesome thanks
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Hi proudmama, just wondering how your doing and how your recovery is coming along :)
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Yes I am loving having full breasts again!!! And I have to say I am now happy with my size after shopping this last week! Sizes that normally would have fit me were way too small in the breasts. They really do fit my body perfectly.. Do you think you will add more to yours in the future? Ha or dare I ask?
I know with all the swelling! I look so swollen by 7 at night! I love seeing it all in the morning;).. I have seen a lot of improvement in my thighs but still hoping for more and my ps assured me that I will see even more results! I am so excited to wear a swimming suit without shorts! I have always felt in shape- however I never felt that my thighs fit the rest of my body.. Any change in your thighs lately?
It is amazing how much better I feel every day lately! I did a 5 mile walk today and it felt great! Just can't wait to run!
Well hope all is going well for you! What are you doing for scar treatment? Hope all is well with the family as well:).
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Hi Mommy of 5. I am doing good. Thank you! I too wished I would have went bigger. I had 475 filled to 490cc saline moderate profile. I should have went up to the next size of 525cc but I can't complain to much they are better then before. I breast fed 2 so I could imagine 5. I bet your happy with your fuller breasts.

The last few days I started doing to much and now I have more swelling on my hips. I hope that it goes away or I will be doing more lipo when I can. My thighs I am not sure about yet. Right after surgery I could tell but now I think I see some improvement but might want more. We will see once all swelling is suppose to be gone.

Yeah I have been going to the gym 4-5 days a week before surgery so, I hope to get back into the gym soon. My next appt is this Monday. You will feel even better once your 4 weeks. It seems as each week passes it gets alot better.

I hope all is well with you. Keep me posted. :)
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Hi proudmamaof
You look wonderful! I too had all of the same procedures and am now 3 weeks post op:).. Your breasts look wonderful! So natural! I love that look! I feel the same with mine:).. I was a large C before kids and after breastfeeding 5 was an A.. I went with silicone 371 and am hoping I am a C...

I too have swelling mostly above my incision- tummy tuck. I was kind of bummed this last week when all of my swelling from my breasts went down this last week;)..

I am still hoping to see more on the lipo of the inner and outer thighs.. I can tell on the outer and from behind.. I didn' t have much but enough to feel unproportionate and exercise would not get rid of it..

Well hope all is well with you! Again you look fabulous!!
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Hi Curve appeal. I am doing great! Swelling is getting better. Every week that passes I can see a difference. I am proud to say so far I have lost 3.5 pounds, 2 inches on waist and 1 inch on hips. I know that I had 1.5 pounds of skin removed and only 1/2 pound of fat removed 4 weeks ago. So I would say that I am doing good on measurements so far as well. I hope to loose more as swelling improves.

Hope all is good with you. How are your nerves? Have you met Dr. W yet?
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I won't meet Dr W until the day before surgery, that is another reason I am so happy to have been able to see your review.

I am really going to specify the impotence of my thigh lipo in my pre op appointment. They are so out of proportion with my body, if not lipo'd enough I will still have issues wearing certain clothing. You really can't see it to well in my pictures, but they are there :(

Hope your swelling goes down...I'm sure it is frustrating.
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Umm...yes it is early in the morning here! The word is importance...not impotence! Haha my thighs do not have "performance issues". Oh dear!
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Hi proud mama, how are you doing at 4 weeks? How is your swelling?

Hope recovery is going well. :)
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Proudmama, you look amazing! It is good to hear that you are happy as Dr. W will be my surgeon as well (yay!!!)
Did you go with saline or gel? And what size did you go with?
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Hi Curveappeal. Thanks. Dr. W is awesome. I have no complaints. You are in really good hands. Everyone in the office has been great after surgery too.
I went with saline 425 filled to 490cc moderate profile. I had saline implants from 1998 that I liked. So, he replaced old for new and did a lift. When is your surgery date?
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I fly into Phoenix (from Canada) on May 24th, pre-op on 25th and surgery on the 26th. I am so pleased that you are happy with him... It puts me that much more at ease!

I heard from another patient of Dr. W's that he will only go so big with the implants if he is doing a lift, so I will most likely go with the largest that he will permit...I'm still waffling over gel vs. Saline.

Your results are great. I am going to have my outer and inner thighs lipo'd as well, did you have much bruising or much pain from your inner thighs?
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I could have went up to i think 525cc but chose to stay close to the size I had before. I kind of wish i would have now because i don't think they look that big but hubby says they do. I did saline because of they more natural if they leak or burst and you know.

I was really surprised that i had minimal bruising on hips and thighs. I was alittle sore but not bad. I think he uses vaser method wich is less invasive.
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Also, you are smaller framed. So not sure what he will suggest for you as max. You are going to look great!
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Well you look fantastic, and well proportioned. A lot of ladies have said that they don't see a difference in the areas that have been lipo'd till many months down the road, do you see a little difference on your thighs? Or are you still waiting?

Thanks for the kind words. I am very optimistic about my results and will be so happy to have a flat tummy finally...and of course some perky boobs :)
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Well thank you. I definately see in my abdomen and hips. My inner thighs i did notice right after surgery they looked smaller and i could tell. After about a week I started to notice they looked alot like they did before surgery but I believe and from what Dr. W said that I have swelling and will have swelling for a couple of months. So, i'm excited to see if I see changes in the next couple of weeks.

Your are going to be so pleased with your results. I think you will see a difference but I have to remind myself that i still have swelling and it's only going to get better.:)
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How long did your surgery take all together?
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Hi. I think all together it took 5 hours. He originally said 4 1/2 to 5 hours. I had a full tt, lift with implants and lipo. He includes lipo on the hips,abdomen,pubic and bra line. I paid additional for inner thighs.
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You look good. It looks like your TT scar is low. Glad to hear everything is going well. I'm 2 weeks post op and I feel the same way about my binder. I can't keep it off long.
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Thanks. I finally spent a little extra money to buy a garmet from make me heal that I believe has helped alot with the swelling. I have had it on now for 2 days and I can see a difference. It is better today when I took it off I could go a little bit longer with out the swelling. It was so worth the money. My doc had me go into his office 2 days before surgery to mark my incision line. He also had me take my bathing suit bottoms to make sure it was covered. It is really nice to be able to have it so low.
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My TT is high on my hips...but in the front its real low. I don't like the way it looks. But I'm happy my stomach is flat and I have a belly button again!
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Congratulations! I think you look great!!
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What garment did you buy from Makemeheal.com?
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Hi Ms G. I bought the design Veronique Mid Body Compression Garmet above knee Stage 2 #1653 priced at $119.90. It fits really snug so make sure you measure yourself and don't get one under your measurements. I think it fits smaller. I had to get a xl which it works really well but my usual size before surgery was large.

How are you feeling?
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I'm feeling great. I just came from Sands Casino with the hubby.
Thanks I'm going on makemeheal.com to check it out. How is everything with you?
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