I Loved my Breast Implants Until They Tried to Kill Me - Phoenix, AZ

I got my "safe saline filled fda...

I got my "safe saline filled fda approved" implants October 2005. I have been sick for 1.5 yrs. No doctor could tell me why, until I accidentally discovered my implants were the cause of my sickness. I am getting explanted as soon as possible. The doctors on here may say it is rare to find mold in implants, but if you google any breast implant forum you will find that it is not uncommon at all! I am pure tsetimony on how and why they make you sick....think about it...water sits in a dark moist place for many years...you gonna tell me it is nto going to harbor mold, bacteria, and fungus?

I spent $10,000 last year trying to find a doctor to help me with my arthritic conditions, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and endorcine issues. These things are poison, and all doctors should tell you that this could happen. But they do not...in fact i asked my plastic surgeon if mold or bacteria could grow. He said no way! It is an enclosed system and sterile environment. Wished I had stayed with my gut.

if you need to research further...by the book The Naked Truth about Breast implants by Dr. Susan Kolb.

I just had my full C PIP (French company that went out of business due to bad business practices) smooth saline implants over the muscle removed on 7/28/14 with a partial capulectomy ($5160) due to many of the above symptoms resembling Candida as well as a rupture (slow leak). The main issue I had was a rash under my armpits for 3 years (immune system). I didn't bother to see a doctor because all they do is medicate and I had heard about related symptoms being from implants (immune-related). Once I detected the VERY SLOW leak (which could have been over the past 3 years) due to deflation I had them explanted instead of replaced by the same doctor who put them in (he had only done "a couple" of explants before. The rash went away immediately, which shocked me, as I thought it would take awhile. Other symptoms remain, the main one being depression, but that could also be situational and due to the horrible outcome of the explant. I put the implants in for a reason and of course, all those reasons still exist. I'm now an AA and look like a little boy. Haven't found a good padded bra yet and there's nothing to lift so I am not feeling great about my looks but I know I did the right thing for health reasons. I had to buy a molded bra with pocket inserts at a boutique that specializes in items for mastectomy patients (yes, that's pretty sad). Be prepared for the worst outcome when explanting and look at photos so you won't be horrified like I was. It can be quite shocking until fully healed, which can take up to one year. I keep reminding myself that health comes first but it's difficult living in silicone valley (So California). I just pray that I'm not dumb enough to try to implant again. Beauty or health? I know the logical choice. I believe many people already understand that ANYTHING that we put inside our bodies that is unnatural our bodies will attempt to destroy/protect us against (synthetic/processed food, pacemakers, medicine, implants, vaccinations, etc...). I would love to blame doctors (trust me I would) but in reality, no one in a capitalistic society where money is involved is going to tell us that anything is bad for us, we must take responsibility for our own bodies and health and lives and use our own judgement and make our own decisions. I know not to play with nature, but despite the health problems, I did feel so much better about myself for the past 16 years. It's a shame, but it's the truth, and that's why I put the implants in while logically knowing it wasn't healthy. I can only blame myself.
I would love to know how many women have had this problem. Send me comments if you do not mind .
I'm so sad. I have been sick since 2000. I'm now 50 years of age - and have about 22 of the symptoms. Doctors couldn't tell what was wrong with me. My family thinks I'm crazy because I can't remember anything or can't read things. My eye sight is so bad. I had 20-20 vision. I have had my gallbladder removed, H-Pylori, Barrett's Esophagus, Gerd, Migraines. I lost my job because I have been so sick. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm going through the change. I had tests run and my Gyno says I'm so far from menopause. I have large amounts of mercury etc. in my body. Had hair analysis - terrible report. Telling me I'm not crazy. Do you feel better after removal??? Kimberly
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