15 Years Younger - No More Turkey Neck or Jowls

I will be 60 years old in July. I have had a...

I will be 60 years old in July. I have had a 'turkey neck' and jowls for about 10 years and they have been getting worse every year. I realise some of it was hereditary. I wanted to improve my looks if at all possible. My son e-mailed me about Lifestyle Lift. I made an appointment and scheduled the surgery. I had checked locally and the price for facelift procedures was almost twice as much to start.

I've read so many negative responses to this procedure since I've had it done. Maybe I was just lucky...who knows. But I am quite happy with the work that was done on me. I had a 46 year old woman actually thought I was in my mid forties. Wow! I knew the procedure helped pretty dramatically but that comment surprised even me! It made my day for sure!

People talk of the pain. Well, I'll give them that. It was very painful the first two to three days. But then the pain diminished quickly. It was probably the third most painful thing I've done in my life. But I think it was worth it and worth the money I paid for it. It is a life changing event.

My suggestion to anyone considering this procedure: If you seriously have issues with your facial appearance and seriously want to do something about it...by all means schedule it with Lifestyle Lift. But, be prepared for two to three days of intense pain! That of course will differ depending on the person...maybe I'm just a 'weenie'. The pain meds help, be sure to take them.

I didn't find the surgery itself to be too painful. It was when the feeling started coming back, but this is the same of any injury. If you're not sure if your facial features are that bad or not, you may want to rethink this procedure a couple of time. It does hurt afterward for a while (as I said, two to three days). There's even some residual pain as feeling comes back to your face, but it's not that bad...it will subside. You may want to give yourself a full 2 weeks before returning to work. You can go sooner but you may feel uncomfortable. It takes some time for you face to resume a natural look as you skin stretches back to normal.

I am very happy I did it. Make sure you really want it before you schedule it. It made a 15 year difference on me...I even feel younger! (go figure)

I am sorry for the people who have had a bad experience. I don't know the statistics if that is the norm or not. But I am thrilled with the way mine turned out.

Dr. Robledo, Lifestyle Lift, Phoenix, AZ

The doctor was very experienced...I assume he's done quite a few of these. That helped me feel a bit more comfortable about this surgery as I've never had any surgery before in my life. I had no idea what to expect. The office staff were friendly and couteous. The doctor called me at 8:00 P.M. that evening to check on me. I wasn't expecting that. I haven't been called for my 'after' photos and I haven't received my 'before' photos or I'd be happy to share them with you.

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I had my lift done 2 and 1/2 months ago now. There is some numbness around my ears yet but I can tell it is slowly going away. The scars are fading as well. I have to bring someone's attention to them before they are noticed. I no longer have any pain. I have a slight bump under my hairline near the back of my head but it does not hurt and it also appears to be going away. I am still very pleased with my results. This is not the kind of surgery to be taken lightly. Be absolutely sure you want it before you schedule it. Researching other forms of face surgery (and prices) as well just makes good sense. I can't imagine any facial surgery not being painful afterwards, no matter who performs it. Hopefully, your surgery (no matter who does it) turns out as well for you as I feel mine has for me. Good luck!
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Hey There, Dr. Robledo did my surgery back in November in Phoenix, and I have never had more self esteem brought back into how I feel about myself. Divorced after 19yrs of marriage, it was rough. Dr. Robledo had the best bedside manner and very caring. He and the staff were just wonderful and concerned about my well being too. I was so happy that my sister had the lift done as well by Dr. Robledo. Dr. Robledo has a gift and he cares. I look 20yrs younger and I am only 45!! I have a twin brother who was questioning my mom and wanting to know why I look so young and he looks so old, it was funny. He still does not know I had this done. Its been 3 months most of all my feeling is almost back and I have barely a scar left. I still use my scar cream twice daily though. When I sat in the aftercare room, at 30day follow up, people were talking all around me and when I finally spoke up that I did it, they were shocked. One gentleman said how beautiful I looked and had not a clue that I had done it. Ya you suffer a couple of days, but like any surgery, it just takes time and you recover. I am back running everyday and exercising without problems. I am sorry for those of you who have not had the same experience.
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I have an appointment scheduled for a Lifestyle lift and have been reading some of the comments. Most seem positive but the few negative are a bit scarey. What experience have you had? Has anyone tried an alternative procedure?
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Lifestyle Lift reviews on RealSelf: 29% positive, 71% negative as of 2/25/2010 making the preponderance of reviews negative. The saying in a Facial Plastic Surgeon's practice is as follows: a happy patient tells 5 people about their experience, an unhappy patient tells 25. Therefore, a local surgeon needs to have a 90% or greater satisfaction rate in order to have good reviews outweigh bad ones.

Are there alternatives to Lifestyle Lift? Absolutely. There are a great number of procedures (reviewed in RealSelf), both minimally invasive and more substantial which produce consistently efficacious results, and which have a substantially higher satisfaction rate than LSL.

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What ever you decide to do, please seek out a 2nd opinion. You may not deem it necessary now but if you are one of the "BAD" experiences, you will be sorry that you didn't! The ladies here that have been brave enough to share their experiences about the bad experiences are trying to warn others of what could happen. Be smart and check out all of your options. Best, Chrystal
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Why take the chance, get a 2nd opinion. There are many qualified ABC plastic surgeons, many listed here at realself. Had I been told by LSL that I had options I certainly would not have put myself through the pain and agony that I suffered through. There are not only a FEW negative comments on here, there are many. For the few surgeries that went well, I would have to say that it is the Doctor that deserves the kudos, not LSL. Best, Chrystal.
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I would make sure the doc was good at what he is doing. Find out what meds they are giving you. And look into the two women who have died in relationship to the Lifestyle lift procedure. I am not saying that the procedure caused their deaths, one in Florida and one in Massachusetts, but the one in Mass. happened because the patient had an adverse reaction to the meds and had a seizure. The article said that the people at the office waited 30 minutes before calling 911 or getting her to the hospital. There are no pre-screening work ups as far as health of the patient is considered before surgery. My blood pressure was high and they told me it was because I was nervous and not to worry about it. As far as I knew, they did not contact my primary care physician to get my medical records.
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I am glad that your "Lift" went well for you but as you see on this board, many have not. I see in one part of your bio you state: "If you seriously have issues with your facial appearance and seriously want to do something about it...by all means schedule it with Lifestyle Lift." I will have to say that I cannot agree with this statement at all. LSL would have told me anything to sell me on the LSL and they did. They did not tell me that the procedures that they were doing for me was NOT what I needed! Had I had a 2nd opinion from another surgeon, I would have found other options and would have saved myself the pain and agony of the LSL surgery to begin with (not to mention the money for the LSL + the money to fix the LSL) . I would have to suggest to any person considering facial surgery of any kind is get a 2nd opinion. Hope all continues to go well for you, Chrystal Eckes.
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