Fraxel on Stretch Marks and Tummy Tuck Scar - Phoenix, AZ

I had fraxel done yesterday on stretch marks and...

I had fraxel done yesterday on stretch marks and tummy tuck scar. I will keep you posted in the next couple weeks. I hope I'm able to give good news.

9/13/11 My scars were pink for 2 days. Today is...

9/13/11 My scars were pink for 2 days. Today is the 3rd day and my skin is back to normal. I have noticed smoother skin and one stretch mark has a little more darkness to it. But definitely smoother. This is only the first treatment and I'm patient because I dont want too harsh of a treatment and end up with bad results. Dont worry girls, We're going to find a cure. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

I'm having alot of approvement in the stretch...

I'm having alot of approvement in the stretch mark appearance and scar over the last couple days. I dont see any lightening of the scar yet, but It's starting to thin and flatten out just with one treatment. The skin feels great and my boyfriend has even commented on the stretch marks looking better. I can't wait to see what the next treatment will do. Its set for October 1st.

I've had my second treatment. I was so...

I've had my second treatment. I was so impressed with the results from only 3 weeks ago ,that my second treatment consisted of the back of my thighs, stomach area and my hips.It's been only 5 days and again the results keep getting better. The smoothness and fading is evident and I couldn't be happier. I should have started this treatment years ago. No creams compare to this type of treatment. I do have picture but my bf is having a hard time downloading. I'm very pleased with this treatment.

National Laser Institute

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I've had two injections for TT scar-tummy seems to be harder? Scar color is better But not soft they r trying to soften the scar so I can have a revision- Seems u have had good luck with yr stretch marks I go again in another month for my 3rd treatment I'll keep u posted!
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How does it work on darker skin?
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hey please update. can you also post before laser and after. thanks
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Can you tell me were you happy with the results?
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Thank you so much for your post. I have a fraxel restore scheduled for my TT tuck next week. I'd love to hear how you are doing and how your TT scar is after 2 treatments. I'd love to see your before and after if you are able to post them. Thanks so much and pls keep us updated.
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I am wondering if you had the fraxel done and how was your experience with it.
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hi - just wondering how the fraxel went on your tt scar? were you happy?
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Hi hey, 

This is great for our Tummy Tuck community to know. They are always wondering how to get rid of scars from TT and your info is so valuable especially since you increased so often. We'd love to see pictures.



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Procedure not to painful- Felt like rubber bands stings Hurt for the moment only-
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