So Excited! Just Got my Ba Wednesday! - Phoenix, AZ

Little nervous went to my pre op appointment last...

Little nervous went to my pre op appointment last week. Got to try on several different implants to see how I liked them. After I decided my de carefully talked over my decision and the operation with my husband and I. I have been waiting a very long time and the day finally came this week! Went to te surgery center Wednesday so excited. My husband came with me. My dr came in to see me all excited for me which helped me calm my nerves an then the medicine dr. I kissed my husband goodbye and woke up with him by my side. It was very quick! Or so it seemed :) first day home really sore didn't want to move. Hubby by my side while day.

Day two still in bed barely up and about but able to sgowet. Oh biu does that gelp make u feel better.

Today is day 3 and I was able to go out for a couple hours. Still hight and tight but healing quickly. Looking forward to each new day and what it will bring to my beautiful new chest. Before ba 34b after ? Excited to find out! Got 575r and 475l saline unders.

5 days after surgery and feeling great! No pain....

5 days after surgery and feeling great! No pain. Girls are still pretty high but getting bigger and bigger everyday! Looking forward to joining the DD club this week! So exciting! Was able to go out with hubby and run errands comfortably today!

Thanks for sharing here on RealSelf! I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Will you be posting before and after photos?

Finally got before and after pics up today :) I couldn't load from my ipad either :( ha to use the good d fashion laptop.
Congrats, that is awesome!! You must be sooo super happy! Glad that things are getting better :)

Went to my post op today and dr said I am looking...

Went to my post op today and dr said I am looking great! Don't have to wear the compression bra anymore :) ao I went to Victoria Secret and got sized. First measurement is a 36D. The lacy said in a couple months after I drop I need to get resized again. She thinks I'm going to be a DD! Picked out my first be an got a nude 36D body by Victoria bra. So comfy! No wires for 3 monts so this will be a good starter!
Congratulation that's great your feeling good right away, i can't wait to go bra shopping but I think ill hold of a little while longer. I'm Wondering WHAT my ending size will be :)excited

It's day 10 and I finally got to sleep on my side...

It's day 10 and I finally got to sleep on my side for a few hours. What a difference in sleep it is :) no pain at all today. Incisions a little itcy but iced then inserted of it young them. Got to run errands and wear a tank. Feels great to wear a tank and look amazing again!
Thanks :)
Looking good!!

It's been two weeks! Dropped a lot over the past...

It's been two weeks! Dropped a lot over the past couple days. Swelling has gone down a lot. Trying on all my clothes and the look awesome! Sun dresses will be my new favorite clothing of choice. Definitely a self esteem booster :) Back to work full time now. No complications at all. Feeling wonderful and so happy I did this!
Congrats!!! U look lovely :) Very nice results :) xoxooxo

You look AWESOME! They will drop over time.

Thanks bri! The Weather has been good but I still need to drop some. Any wait!

It has officially been three months and I have...

It has officially been three months and I have been cleared to wear wire or whatever bras I want! So exciting! I went to Victorias secret today and am still a 34DD! Exactly what I wanted! They did seem to drop right into place and besides the two little light pink scars they look real. They fit my height and weight perfectly. So glad I got them! Best personal investment!
Hey lady!! Happy to hear everthings coming along nicely for u :) i still havnt gotten measured at victoria secrets but Im fitting into a 36D which Is excatly WHAT i wanted. Ill post up new pix soon dont have my labtop but will soon :) it seems like as my boobs have dropped They have gotten rounder my natural Looking i guess this Is what They call drop and fluff..LOL have yours dropped?
Hi NWME yes mine have dropped. Finally fluffed and look great! They look fake topless but in a bikini or a shirt look natural. Stayed the same size. Glad they are what u wanted :) can't wait to see updated pics

Girls are 16 months old already

Can't believe it's been over a year now. They have completely dropped and settled and look amazing! No regrets on the 575ccs. Seems to big but Just right for my frame. Hope all is well with my booby buddies!
They look good! I got 550cc abt 11 days ago and I'm so hoping they're big enough when they drop and fluff. Yours are perfect, great choice congratulations.
Thanks Athletic!
Looking good :)

Almost two years

It's been almost two years and I'm completely settled :) completely happy with the end results!
OMG I am getting SO EXCITED READING YOUR PROGRESS! Your boobs look great, very very natural looking.
Look so beautiful and natural. So glad you updated 2 years later. I'm getting Saline and was wanting to know how do your boobs feel? Any rippling? Thanks
Thanks! They feel natural. I have had kids so I had a natural stretch and tissue. No rippling whatsoever. No complications.
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