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Thrilled with Results of "Mommy Makeover" - Phoenix, AZ

Through diet and exercise (slowly after 2.5...

Through diet and exercise (slowly after 2.5 years), I was able to get within a few pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight. Unfortunately, I still looked a few months pregnant because of the extra skin left behind from my last pregnancy. (My belly measured 44 weeks at my 32 week OBGYN appointment due to extra fluid and a large baby!!) I also had a scar from two C-Sections and my breasts were not as perky as they had been before breastfeeding and weight gain/loss. I am only 33 years old and am active and I wanted to look like it. The only way to get rid of the extra skin and get volume and lift in my breasts was through surgery.

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Dr. W was very thorough in my initial consultation. He spent a good amount of time listening to what my goals were and then gave me information on the procedures he recommended. He was honest and candid and I appreciate that he was able to tell me what to reasonably expect from surgery. He was very personable and I felt like he really cared about me as a person and about achieving my desired results. M was also awesome! She was able to answer my questions and was a great person to talk to when I got worried about anything regarding the surgery or post op. She spent extra time with me during my appointments (before and after surgery), on the phone when I had miscellaneous questions, and helped keep me from over-stressing. When I tried on the implants she gave good insight to things I hadn’t considered and wasn’t at all bothered that I wanted to try them on again a few days later. I was back to work within 2 weeks and able to return to my normal activities after 10 weeks. I feel great now (14 weeks post op)! I am so happy I had the surgery and that I chose Dr. Ward. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. W to anyone I know looking for a ‘mommy makeover’.

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You look great! Your scar is low and straight. Your PS did a great job.
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Thank you :-)
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Wow you look great! I can see why your thrilled! Yaahhh! Now I'm really excited! I was going to have my surgery on March 31, but I have a destination wedding to attend in the beginning of May so I wasn't sure how well I was going to feel by 4-5 weeks post- op. I am concerned enough about flying home to Canada only 10 days after surgery. Did you have drains? If so, for how long?
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Thank you. :-)

I think it was a good call to not have the surgery a few weeks before the destination wedding. We went to the east coast for Christmas (5 weeks after my surgery). I felt pretty good but I didn't have a ton of energy and I still wasn't supposed to lift anything heavy (hubby had to lug around all the suitcases, etc) Also, you can't soak in a hottub, go swimming, or even take a bath at that point and you are supposed to wear an elastic wrap around your waist. It looks a little funny if your clothes are fitted or are made of thin material. You will likely still be a bit swollne, too. Dr. W didn't want me doing any sort of exercise or strenuous activity (even hiking) for the first 10 weeks either. Good call to move it even though it is hard to wait!

I had 2 drains, one on each side of the tummy incision, about on my hip bones. I got one taken out about a week after surgery. The second one came out on day 11 (I probably could have waited another day or so but it was a Friday and I had to go to work on the following Monday.) The drains are not fun and make it really hard to take a shower. I felt a million times better after they were out!

Good luck and let me know if you have other questions. :-)
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I am not sure about the maximum. (It might be different for each patient) For me, it was between 325cc and 350cc. I am not sure what the exact amount was that I ended up with because you can fill them more/less when you have saline. I haven't been fitted for bras but will probably end up with a full D cup. (I was between a B and C before.)

I did not do the pain pump and I don't remember them offering it; but I probably wouldn't have taken it anyway. I don't remember it being too bad... just uncomfortable and hard to move around like I was used to. For the most part, Tylenol, Advil, and spending all day/night on the recliner chair were enough to keep the pain tolerable.

I had my "after" pictures taken Wednesday at the office but they haven't sent them to me yet... hopefully within the next few days.
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yes our anniversary is about 2 weeks before surgery...but I most likely will already be eating really "clean" so that I can be in optimal condition for healing...my husband is use to me being on these crazy eating plans as I am obsessed with maintaining my weight and remaining healthy. a couple of years ago I went Vegan for 12 months just to see if I would feel better...I did, but it is just too difficult to maintain when no one else in the family wants to jump on board.

I will need a lift for sure, what is his maximum for a lift? ...I am sure that that is the route I will go as well (go big or go home, right?)

I will see if I can start a review as well and post some before pics as that way I can delete them off my phone. (every time I try to take a picture, there pops up my headless naked pictures haha)

thanks for the tip on the gauze and polysporin. I will definately make sure I have lots of that. Did you get a pain pump or does Dr. W not do those?
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Congratulations on your anniversary! I hope you are getting the surgery after any celebrations because you probably won't feel like doing much for at least a few weeks.

That is funny about your dream! I did not want to go too small either so I got the largest implant that that Dr. Ward would do with my breast lift. (He has a maximum when he does a lift at the same time) I am so glad I went as large as I could. :-)

I had not heard about the silicone sheeting... I will look in to that after the Mederma is gone. Thanks for the tip!

One tip that would have helped me that I didn't find anywhere- Stock up on gauze and polysporin ahead of time. I went through that stuff so fast!
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I am so glad that you posted. I am flying into Phoenix from canada to have my mommy makeover done by dr. Ward. Would you please tell how you feel your incision is? Do you think it is healing well? Did you have a breast lift and implants?

Would you feel comfortable with posting some pictures? Sorry for the "inquisition", however, because I am not really going to physically meet my surgeon until the day before my surgery, I'm desperate for any information :)
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No problem on the quetions... It is a big decision and a lot to go through so it is better to be 'informed' :-)

I'll try to get some pictures posted this weekend. When are you having your surgery?

I had a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants. My scars are healing great! You can barely see the ones around my nipples or the line that goes from the bottom of my nipple to underneath each breast. The 'smile' ones under my breast are still a bit red but are placed so you can only see them if I lift my arms. The scar on my tummy is still a little red but has definately faded in the last few weeks. Dr. Ward put the tummy scar exactly where I wanted it and it is covered with panties (even the low cut bikini ones!) The scar on my belly button is the most red of them all but it still getting better as time passes. I am only 14 weeks post-op so it is still early but I am very happy with how they are healing.

I have been using Mederma on my scars for about 6 weeks. I am not sure if it is helping but figured it was worth a shot.
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My surgery date is May 26th, it seems far away but I know it will come soon. It will give me plenty of time to try to find the right breast size and to do a bunch of research on everything else...this is clearly the thing that is my biggest concern as I had a dream last night that I chose too small, lol!

My friend had a tummy tuck about 2 years ago and her scar is virtually none exsistant. As soon as she could she used the silicone sheeting and swears by it. I guess there isn't a 'one fix' for all...unfortunately! But maybe worth a try :)

I am 41 and 130lbs. Had 2 children who are 21 and 20 years old. My husband and I will celebrate our 24th anniversary this May. I have NEVER had a flat belly (even though I was 118lbs and 5'6") and after nursing my kids for 10months each, I am super excited to finally have the body that I work so hard to have. It is so fantastic that this site is here to help with support and lots of information.
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Hi there! How great that you were able to get this done and congrats on your weight loss!

Is it possible that you accidentally slipped an extra zero into your price up there? :) Let me know if you need help fixing that.

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Yes. Tired eyes = extra zero. :-0 I think I fixed it now. Thanks!
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