Huge Mistake on my Chest! - Phoenix, AZ

Just got a huge mistake on my chest. I had an...

Just got a huge mistake on my chest. I had an opportunity to get in with a very famous artist and because of that I got something I wasn't really feeling. About to start yag laser treatments because it has a lot of red and black. I'm also in the process of fading a half a sleeve in black ink. Seeing great results. I'm 5 sessions in of the alexandrite laser on my arm. I say about 3 more and I'll be ready for a cover up!!!

Hey there, would love an update on your progress of removal and cover ups.
I hear you on mistakes, I too am going through tattoo regret. I also started my treatments, on my 2nd one, and in 2 weeks going for my 3rd treatment. I have not seen drastic results on with my 2nd treatment, some fading, but not great. The fading is mostly on the black, I also have purple/green/orange/yellow/white....all the horrible colors to treat, so I am in for a long haul. I am trying to remain positive, and I am prepared for an in complete removal and the possibility of needed a cover up. Good luck with your removal! And don't sweat the little things in life, appreciate the great things, no point in regret, although I no it's easy to say, and not as easy to just try and stay focused on the positive.
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