WORTH IT - Mini Abdominoplasty W/ Tattoo Excision & Breast Augmentation (POST OP - DAY 3) - Phoenix, AZ

Becoming a mother is a rewarding achievement for a...

Becoming a mother is a rewarding achievement for a woman...it is, essentially, the moment of truth that makes all those periods excusable. Excuse the pun. Unfortunately, during pregnancy...around, oh say Week 38, a woman looks at herself & is in complete disbelief that she has allowed herself to live in uncomfortable fatness for the last 9 months. Once child meets mother & mother touches child...all is forgiven & life is forever altered in a woman's mind. I digress...while I was plump & pregnant, I got fat, my skin stretched, & after giving birth & slimming back down to my almost pre-pregnancy weight...I was about 8lbs above my pre-baby 110lbs, which I attribute to working out & building muscle - my body still looked worn out. My skin was hiding my youth...I hated looking at it. Please note, I was very against the elective surgeries to fix my previous fat phase because of several reasons...too many to list here - however, in the end I finally opted to do it - more pros than cons...the rewards outweighed the risks. I'm happy with my decision & excited to have a boosted self-confidence again.

My recovery? That's what everyone googles - so here's my opinion on it...it sucks. This is graphic...please proceed at your own risk. Ha ha ha. It's really not that horrendous...just think stomach flu mixed with the gym. I am healing & yes, it hurt. It's called Plastic Surgery - not Playful Procedures. My body feels forced to recover faster because it's self-inflicted pain. I'm depressed one moment, elated the next, anxious, self-conscious, self-confident, tired, awake, excited, energetic, impatient, patient, bored, restless, sleepless, sore, achy, in pain, nauseated, constipated, not constipated, pee, pain, pain, pee, shock - this is from the drainage bulb attached to my pelvic region...dehydrated, starving, over-stuffed feeling...did I mention pain? Please note, I have a high tolerance for pain - as I have been suffering w/ chronic back pain without medication for almost 4 years...I digress again. The recovery is definitely worth it & you know it when you can tangibly visualize your old body as simply a memory.

(I didn't want before pictures...my doc has those - reference his records if you'd like to see them.)

Information about me & my bust before my surgery...

26YO - Mother of 1 (Breastfed for 9mos - bust during pregnancy spiked to a full DD)
Preop Bust: 32B-32C
Implants Recommended: 505cc Sientra High Cohesive Strength Silicone Gel Implants

Feeling Great

2 weeks postop - I'm feeling great! I'm just waiting for the go ahead to return to my normal activities. I've probably been more active than advised, as I can't stand sitting around my house doing nothing. The first 72 hours after my procedures were painful, however...each & every day after that, I've began to feel better & better - from the inside out. My doctor did an incredible job - I still can't believe how I had no bruising & very little pain after those first 3 days. I'm so happy to have found my doctor for years to come. I'm so excited about my new body. I'm happy that I didn't opt with going any smaller on my implants. I decided on 500cc with my surgeon, as I was trying to stay a full D cup...however, now that my swelling has gone down, a little bit bigger would've given me some extra volume on the sides of my breasts. Oh well, something to think of next time. Initially, I was actually worried that 500cc was going to be too big. What's nice about my new set is that they look more natural than I imagined preop...my nipples actually fit my breasts now. My tummy is recovering nicely...probably another 2 weeks before I'll be 100% down there, but I'm still surprised how well I've felt since being cut open. I'm extremely happy with my decision for plastic surgery thus far & can't wait to receive my go ahead to return to busy, daily, activities & routines.
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

I'm extremely proud to represent Robles Plastic Surgery. Dr. Robles' professionalism, knowledgeable expertise, & craftmanship is unmatched. I subjected myself to other consultations, as a first time patient should, they were over-priced & unconventional. Dr. Robles' & his staff did a phenomenal job. They made me feel better, even when I wanted to give up on the idea of plastic surgery, after having additional consultations with other doctors. Every question that I've asked has been answered pre-op & post-op, hearing the truth feels a whole lot better than paying for lies & a pity party. My procedure with Dr. Robles' & his staff was easy & efficient. I fell asleep in a comfortable environment, woke up with a positive attitude, & was greeted with smiles from his staff at the surgery center where I began my recovery. He's a very busy doctor, but he knows what he's doing, which is worth the wait times. I would recommend anyone considering plastic surgery to seek a consultation with him, his work is an art. My wait time from consultation to surgery was less than a month...if you have to wait weeks for his opinion, do it - not only is he an honest doctor, but a breast-enhancement expert!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I was going to go to him but he quoted me more than double what you have posted and mine would have been a regular tummy tuck so I will keep searching
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Thank you for sharing your experience so far! I'll be interested to hear  how you're feeling as you get farther into your recovery. What supplies have you found really useful for helping you cope?

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Your welcome. I apologize for the graphic nature of my recovery...but I think a lot of people forget how ugly the healing process is & they begin to have unreal expectations to early on. Luckily, I've had almost zero bruising & with each passing hour, the pain is more manageable. I've cut back on my ibuprofen intake & was completely off of my percocet script within 72 hours. I'd have to say that some of my favorite recovery items include: soft-cotton shorts, lycra or spandex tank tops that can fold over the breasts for added compression without the cramping of a sports bra, king & queen size pillows (I used 3 king size for elevating of my head & shoulders, 1-2 for elevating my legs, at least 1 queen size at each side of my body to avoid side sleeping, while elevating my arms, & 1 pillow to place on top of my breasts to avoid sensitivity from hot & cold temperature changes from the AC & ceiling fan), a generic laxative with a stool softener saved me 48 hours postop, acetaminophen in between ibuprofen doses, baby wipes for bathroom breaks, hand sanitizer to keep the drainage bulb & bathroom as clean as possible, & 2 sets of clean bedding to change after a few nights postop. As for food & drink, I can't stress the importance of water & apple juice, cereal, yogurt, crackers, cheese, comfort foods - although, avoid sugars (they made me feel sick)...I've been eating anything to keep my protein levels up, the heavier the meal...the less nauseated I feel. Overall, the best piece of advice that I can give from this experience, is to stay positive - regardless of what happens. Counteracting negative thoughts & feelings, while the body is recovering & trying to rid itself of anesthesia & medication is key to a successful recovery process.
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Well, we love to hear the nitty gritty so everyone can make informed decisions! Thanks again!

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