I am a 41 year old mom of 2 children (21 and 20...

I am a 41 year old mom of 2 children (21 and 20 years old) since I have had my kids young, it is difficult to remember what perky means, lol! I am doing this because it finally is time for me! Not that anyone has made me feel this way but it is the thought that I gave myself.

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 24 years and he is incredibly supportive of my desicion to have this done...thanks to this website. At first he thought I was crazy and that I was perfect the way I am, but since seeing all of you fantastic gals with your amazing bodies, he can see why I would like to do this.

I am going to Phoenix to have the surgery. I live in Alberta Canada. My sister will travel with me to care for me post-op. She is not only my best friend, but my personal trainer as well. She will make sure that I am well taken care of and fed well during recovery while in a different country.

I am excited as well as nervous, as all you ladies have been who have under gone this journey already. I will post some before pics as soon as I transfer them from my phone to computer.

I am having a Breast Lift with implants, and tummy tuck, lipo on thighs.

Haha!!! I think I may borrow that excuse! It's actually perfect and will explain why I can't do very much around the house....thanks for the idea!
Good luck to you! I am sure you will LOVE your results!!! Btw- I had hernia problems as well so I told a lot of my family and church family I had hernia repair- and I did plus other things- and they did muscle repair to keep the hernia down which is true.. Recovery is the same, such as lifting and six weeks of being careful.. Could possibly go that route;).. Good luck to you! I know how the day can't get here quick enough!!
Thank you so much! I PRAY that I will look as good as you! Your results are amazing and in such a short amount of time.

My surgery is 56 days away (but who's counting, lol) and I think at this point I'm more excited then nervous, I'm sure that will change! I just found out tonight that 4 days after I fly home to Canada that my husbands family will be visiting from Germany...yikes! Since I'm keeping this surgery on the DL, I'm not sure how I'm going to explain the hunched over look haha!

Oh well, the most important thing is to go through the surgery and deal with it after. :)

Eeeekkk! 50 more days! Oh I am getting excited and...

Eeeekkk! 50 more days! Oh I am getting excited and at this point the nerves are not bothering me. I guess it is because all of you ladies on here are looking DARN AMAZING!

From all the breasts I've looked at I am really considering 400-425cc's...however I will reserve my final decision til I have my pre-op and see what the PS thinks will give me a D cup as an outcome!
You are going to look great after your MM. You look good now. Make sure you get your breast at least a D cup. I made the mistake of asking for a full C and ended up with a full B. I got 375cc silicone. I should have got 500cc's!
Good luck on your up coming surgery.

Paid for half of my surgery, my flight is booked,...

Paid for half of my surgery, my flight is booked, and the condo is rented...now just the waiting game. I have a real busy month ahead of me so it should go quick (a family trip to Mexico, and motorcycle riding lessons....this last item could be a early life crisis)
I am trying my best to keep up with my nutrition and I have increased my protein intake.
Wow, I think your lying you can't be 41 ;)!!! You look great your results are going to be awesome, I can't wait to see the after pics!!!
Ashley, thank you for your kind words! I do alot of anti-aging stuff to try and defy the aging process! Any comments like what you said only makes me want to make you my new best friend! Lol!
Haha your welcome you do look fabulous, again I can't wait to see the results!!!!

Yay, today marks my 30 day count down! Yesterday I...

Yay, today marks my 30 day count down! Yesterday I went to my doctor to have my full check up and so far everything looks great. I will do my bone density, mammogram, and blood work still this week.

I'm starting to pick up things that I will need post op, such as loose workout pants and some light tops that can be zipped up. My PS likes his patients to wear snug Lycra tank tops, so I am still searching for those.

I am really looking forward to this surgery, and can't wait for the recovery to begin. Thanks ladies, you are so inspirational, brave and forthcoming with your journey that it has been more valuable to me then words can express. I will try to document as well and try to post lots of pictures to try and help others as well.
I'm excited for you! You are going to love your results!

I did 450cc sub muscular, and I'm a 36 DD right now. I kind of hope they keep softening and that size goes down... They are bigger than I had hoped for. They are not big as far as projection, just really wide. But, then again, I was wide and flat originally. lol
Ur going to be one hot momma

2 weeks till I fly into Phoenix, and 16 days till...

2 weeks till I fly into Phoenix, and 16 days till surgery! Surprisingly...not nervous! I just got back from a wedding in Mexico, and was able to get some good "boob shopping" done on the beach. Ohhh my goodness! I want them high and mighty! ...when I nod yes...I want my chin to hit my breasts! I want them soooo high that I will not need one of those curvy neck pillows that people use on planes!

Today I go to get my mammogram before surgery! I have always been fine with them as I can clamp my "national geographic" breast in the clamp and then walk around the screen to press the button myself! ... Oh Dear plastic surgery angels, please let my boobies be high and mighty (and if possible a full D cup!)

My husband came home from work yesterday early because his elbow hurts (yup, no need to re-read that, I did say elbow). And is now thinking that when I come home from Arizona, 7 days after surgery that we should hire a nurse for me! Quite frankly I would prefer a new pair of shoes.
Clearly, he does NOT have a very high pain tolerance! Thank goodness he does not get sick often :)
Holy cow are you gonna be happy after you do this. Your kids are gonna freak and your hubby is gonna propose to you all over again. The pics I just put up on my review were 425's one high profile the other moderate. I like the look of the rounded moderate from the from better but def. the high profile from the side. I'm going to check out that site so I can get a better idea of size too. My PS wanted to go with 390's but would go 425cc just said he didn't want me to look fat lol.
Holy Smokes! Your boobs are fantastic! You look great! I am so happy to see your results as we are the same age! WOW! Your tumm looks great, if you are still swollen, can you imagine what you are going to look like after?
Thanks. I'm really happy with my results. Really, really happy! LOL

I just started wearing my normal clothes again (with Spanx) in the past 3 days. Im down about 10 pounds from surgery weight. That fluctuates a little daily due to swelling, though. Incision is still a little tender, so I am cautious of what I wear that might cause irritation. I just LOVE getting dressed now. I feel good about everything in my closet. No more layering and hiding the muffin top with jackets and baggy cardigans! I told hubby that I am FREE!

He thinks I looked awesome before, but is just amazed at how much better and happier I look, now.

Good luck next week! I can't wait to hear about your progress!

11 days away-I have a question, after surgery, did...

11 days away-I have a question, after surgery, did any of you gals notice if you were cold or hot? I'm just trying to figure what to bring to wear home after surgery?
wow! Less than 2 weeks before your big day! You'll be sooo glad you did it :) I am already 4 days post-Op and I can't believe time has flown by so quickly....soon it's your turn!

Good Luck to you!
Thanks Happygirl! Yes it is only 11 days away, and I can't wait! I'm so looking forward to having it over, and starting the recovery process.
You are looking great, and am glad that your recovery is going well. Good luck on the itching, I hope you can figure out what is causing it
Mom-me, make sure to go to "model gallery" you will see breasts also with clothing there. It helped me determine the look I was going for and actually will take one of those pictures to my PS, to say "make them look like this"

Thanks for your kind words, I'm getting super excited!

Today is my 24 year wedding anniversary! Yay!!! In...

Today is my 24 year wedding anniversary! Yay!!! In 9 more days I will have my surgery. By my 25th anniversary, I am hoping to be on the beaches of Bora Bora and strutting an amazing body. :)
I'm worried about the clots too and I will be stopping my blood thinners (plavix and a full aspirin) seven days before but the doctors are all good with me taking a baby aspirin each day except the day of surgery. I just don't want my stents to clog up and that's what the plavix prevents so I'll be glad to get back on it after ward. I'm so excited for you girls going soon and I feel like June 13th will be here for me before I know it. :)
I worried myself sick about blood clots too but don't worry they can definitely be prevented. Your PS will give you anti-coagulant shots aka blood thinners immediately after surgery. Also make sure to walk around every few hours and move your legs while you're lying bed... You're gonna do just fine :) Oh by the way: will you be using a Pain Pump?? I used one and I was able to move around with no pain the SAME DAY! It really makes a big difference in how u feel.

Oh and Happy 24th Anniversary to you and your hubby!!!
I'm not sure if my surgeon uses pain pumps, but if he does I will most likely get one. I did ask about the shot, and yes I will have that too...yay! I will for sure be walking around after, because of it being my concern...thanks so much for the advice and for the anniversary wishes, this site is such an awesome community!

5 days pre-op I tried posting a couple days...

5 days pre-op

I tried posting a couple days ago, and it disappeared :( so here is my second attempt. I spoke with the PS office and they wanted to confirm that I have stopped all aspirin products, vitamin E and fish oil. They also confirmed that I have or remind me to get the following:
Surgical Gloves
Camisoles with no built in bra shelf

I also sent them the results of my blood tests and mammogram. And I called the condo we are staying at to ask if we can get a floor level. I forget to ask them if they have wifi, so I am not sure if I will be able to post while I am away in Arizona, but I do promise to update as soon and as often as I can.

I am driving 5 hours today to visit my parents until Monday and then Tuesday will fly to Arizona!

...I'm really disappointed that the world will end today as I REALLY want to see my new body next week! Lol
Only a few maore days! Best of luck-keep us posted. I am July 11th. I can tell from your before pics that you are going to look great.
It's only hubby who has seen me without a bra and it's extremely rare that even he does. I cringe when I feel him reach for my bra clasp and that is SOOOO wrong! I want to be excited when he does that knowing that when he reaches out to me he will feel what he used to a firm warm breast. I've been telling the kids, my sister and my cousin. My mother in law will NOT know because she will only try to influence our decision or ask a million questions she has no right to ask. This is about us and no one else. The people I did share with are being supportive. Of course I explained things differently to them lol. ;)
Wow, you actually have a really great figure, so you will be super elated with your results! I'm 2 weeks post-op now... it was a piece of cake! Seriously, don't be nervous. I had never had surgery before at all, and recovery was not bad. My story should be posted in the next day or two.

3 days pre-op Well, I bought a Terry beach...

3 days pre-op

Well, I bought a Terry beach cover up that goes down to my knees, it zips up completely from the bottom up. I figured this may be a solution to wear the first couple days. I bought it at wal-mart for $17 and it folds up small to pack in my luggage. Today I packed my bags and tomorrow will go to the bank to exchange money...and then off to the airport!
My PS office called to see if I could come in at 10:00 on Wednesday for my pre-op appt, so that I will have plenty of time to ask questions and to go over things.

I am so ready for this! ...I think...
Hey! How are you feeling? I'm 1 day post op and I feel pretty great. Hope you're recovering well!
I know today was your day. I hope everything went well and that you are recovering comfortably.

Good luck tomorrow - will be thinking about you:)

Day 9 Post-op I arrived back to Canada...

Day 9 Post-op

I arrived back to Canada yesterday evening, and by the time I got home from airport, unpacked and Rebandaged for bed it was midnight, so I thought I would update today! I I'll try my best to recall each days events and feelings :)

Pre-op 2 days- arrived in Phoenix, settled into our condo, took stock of what cooking utensils and appliances they had:
Blender -check
Ice maker -check
Coffee maker -check
Stove -check
...this was the perfect "recovery center"...yay!

Pre-op 1day-went to meet Dr. Ward and go through surgery procedure chit chatted about the results I was wanting, and what was realistic, what to expect, etc.
As this was my first time actually meeting him, I had the opportunity to back out of surgery for a full refund the day before my surgery, this was told to me when I put my deposit down, but no where in my gut instincts did I even feel slightly concerned that this man didn't take his "art" serious, or didn't understand exactly what I wanted!
Dr. Ward tells you to bring in a pair of your favorite underwear and bikini bottoms so that he can draw an incision line where it will be hidden. I did this, and he drew a bunch of lines all over me, and then off I went to pick up my meds (percocets, anti-nausea, anti-biotics, and anti anxiety) picked up our groceries and cleaning supplies to sterilize the condo.
Spent the evening, cooking about 8 chicken breasts, cutting up and freezing in little bags so that supper would be a non-issue. Then got busy sterilizing the entire condo-light switches, door handles, walls, doors...everything that I would possibly touch over the next 8 days :)
Because it was was a busy day by the time 8:00pm hit and the was the last time I was allowed to eat anything, I took my anti-anxiety pill, to ensure a possibly 'decent' sleep!
Just want to back track a moment and say, while I was cleaning, I wore my bikini bottoms to make sure while I was walking and stretching I wouldnt see my incision...which on my left side kept on creeping up. So before I went to bed, I took matters into my own hands and drew a new incision line on my left.

Day of surgery-got up at 5:00 took my last shower for a week, and had my driver I arranged to pick me up at 5:50. Got to surgical center and then did bit of paperwork and they took my vitals, and gave me a pregnancy test! (good to know that my husbands vasectomy is still holding up well, lol)
Next the OR nurse came in, and asked a few questions, asked if they would want me to have them phone someone after the surgery. I asked if they could use my cell phone to call my husband in Canada, and they said they would.
After that my fantastic PS came in, and asked "how are you doing kiddo?" I told him I made some revisions to my incision, he said " that is exactly why we do it before the day of surgery so you will have it where you like it. ( I have scoliosis, so we both thought that is why my left side bikini bottom slides lower). Then he continued on drawing where the lipo on my outer thighs would go and on my flanks. He asked if I had any final questions, gave me a hug and said "you are going to come through this and look amazing"
Finally, the anesthesiologist came in Dr. Nichols. He introduced himself, asked if I've ever had anesthesia before or surgery, (I hadn't) he explained the process, asked if I had questions, then said, ok I'm going to take you into a real nice warm room now...then I entered the surgical OR...oh my gosh, COLD! I said umm this is what you call warm, he chuckled! And before I could even stop my feet from walking the nurse had me on a really toasty operating bed. While she was strapping my legs into these leg cuffs that massage your calves, Doc Snooze was putting my IV in (I hardly noticed him doing this) then the nurse but this space age bubbly filled with warm air, blanket over me...I turned to Doc Snooze, said "did you give me something to relax me?" with a huge smile he said "why do you ask?" .....

5 hours later I was being asked by the nurses are you okay, is your pain level alright? I'm sure I was responding but I was pretty drugged. I remember hearing the nurse call my husband, and I remember my sister, coming by saying " this is so unusual
She is so quiet. "

The first night I slept off and on, and I really think it was more my fault because I asked the nurses to leave a dim light on... I normally sleep in complete darkness. I'm not sure if I was in pain, but just uncomfortable...it seems an elephant decided to park his butt on my chest! Haha!

Day 1 Post-op
Well the same driver who took me to surgery, I arranged to have him pick me up the next day at 10:30 am. Now, I didn't tell him where or why I was going to the address I gave him, so imagine his surprise when I come out in a wheel chair, all hunched over! (thinking back, it was comical to see his face... Poor guy). He helped me to my condo, and I'm sure he was ecstatic to have handed me off to my sisters care!
Rested most of the day in bed, took appropriate amounts of getting up and walking around the condo, took percocets every 4 hours...felt like I was hit by a bus!

Day 2 Post-op
Got up a little more often, tried going every 5 hours between perc's...doable. Got my period...nice touch I thought!...but the worst thing started to happen! I started getting a dry cough, for now reason...maybe every 2 hours I would have to cough a couple times. I thought perhaps it was from the tube down my throat from surgery. My sister was doing her best nurse duties by tending to my incisions (I am forever indebted to her for this as I'm sure it wasn't easy on her as she has a weak stomach)

Day 3 Post-op
Decided to try every 6 hours between perc's and found I could stretch it to 8 hours. Cough still persistent! I had muscle repair, so I can't even begin to tell you how painful coughing was! It is now Sunday of a long weekend so I will wait two more days to call my surgeon.

Day 4 Post-op
I have now moved to extra strength Tylenol. Moving a lot, really only laying down for a nap in the afternoon and sleep. I hate this cough...it's killing me!

Day 5 Post-op
No pain meds at all. I phoned PS office and told them what was going on and they said it sounds like allergies as the wind has picked up in Phoenix...Duh!!! Of course! Went to wal art to pick up more gauze and allegra. Took 3 days till the cough went away.

Day 6 Post-op
My post op appointment. Went well, PS was happy with the progress, he has such a fantastic sense of humor, said your husband is going to be all over you, and everyone on the beach is going to enjoy the view!
He told me how long I could expect to wait for the boobies to settle. Doesn't want me to wear anything other than a camisole for at least 2 months. He took my drain out ( I was ready to kiss him when I heard him say that) took my steri-strip off my incision. Was pleased that I was standing 99% straight. And told me to call and send photos with any concerns I had once I got back to canada!
My sister and I went to whole foods to pick up some other groceries and then went back to our condo to watch some movies.

Day 7 Post-Op
Well today was our big outing. At 1:00 we went to fashion mall in Scottsdale to get some retail therapy in. Because the compression garment I am wearing flattens my butt, I needed to pick up some skirts and pants that would make me look like I have something there or to not at least, make it look worse. We didn't get back to our resort until about 9:00 and I'm not sure why but my sister was more tired than I was...probably because she would not allow me to carry ANYTHING. Even bags that had freaking cotton balls in them.
Once we got back we started packing our bags and I decided I would wait till the morning to take my first shower since surgery, as a 8 hour shopping trip and packing seemed like I had exerted enough energy!

Day 8-Post-op
Woke up, took a glorious shower, finished packing and ate breakfast, then off to the airport
I got up and walked to the bathroom, every hour on the plane so as not to develop blood clots and made it home.

As said before by many ladies, I'm grateful to everyone who has recorded their journeys so I knew what to expect and possible things that could happen, to prepare for (example:constipation). I took a few pictures and will try to post them within a couple hours, as it doesn't seem to work from my iPad, so have to fire up the home PC to do it!
Looking good. Glad you are doing well. I have just finished setting up my hotel room and am heading to bed. I will be here for five days then home. Hope I do as well as you did. :)
Whoa! U look amazing!!
You look wonderful!

Day 11 Post Op I am feeling really well and...

Day 11 Post Op
I am feeling really well and slowly getting back to regular routines. I still don't lift much and I tried driving my vehicle and felt like my muscles in my chest were sore from turning the steering wheel. hmmm not sure if that is normal. I am really happy I have been taking photos as that is when i can truly see the daily progress...yay!

my weight seems to have settled right now at 126 lbs (my pre surgery was 130 - 133 lbs) I am still eating really clean and whole foods, nothing processed to keep the sodium low.
these latest pictures where taken yesterday!
Wow looking good so far! Look at that flat tummy! Are u doing breast massages yet??
Thank you, no my PS said because of the lift I don't massage as it may do damage to the incisions...just to be patient and they will drop
Wow! Your belly is so flat!! You are looking hot, mama :)

2 weeks post op and all is well. I started to take...

2 weeks post op and all is well. I started to take my multi vitamins again today, my PS wanted me to wait till 2 weeks. I think healing is going well. It seems my boobies are slowly dropping, and they don't freak me out as much! I tried ordering scar fx silicone tape and kelo-cote from make me heal and amazon, and once I got to check out it stopped me! Canada is in postal strike so I may have to wait a bit longer to order :(

I am away from my computer till tomorrow, so I will post my 2 week pics then...as it doesn't allow you to post pics from your iPhone or ipad
Thanks Jesse, I am really happy with my size (left 400cc right 425cc). When I tried them on at the surgeons, for me the 450 seemed vulgar, haha! I love the large boobies on the other gals but the just didn't seem to "fit" me. I obsessed a lot on this site of boobie size. I'm sure when your time comes you will know exactly what you want...good luck!
Did you find that the breast implant was more painful than the tummy tuck? I breast are still causing me discomfort/engorgement and I am 1 week post-op now. I have practically no complaints with my tummy except when I cough and my back hurts if I stand for a little too long at this point.
You already look amazing, you are going to look even more awesome when your swelling goes down and your boobies settle. I think you picked the perfect size for your body, that's what I am having problems with right now (making my mind up on the size).

14 day post op pics

14 day post op pics
well that's no problem for me sounds like a normal day lol Thank you one worry gone now lets see can you help with the other 10,000,000 lol
I was thinking of juicing after surgery?? Everyone days it so hard to eat but very important to promote healing , anybody have input on this?
With all the reading, research and info I have on after surgery nutrition, juicing is great to add some essential vitamins, however you NEED to have calories (energy) to get your body to do what it needs to do. The other very important thing that you need for healing is protein.
My typical day the first week was:
Breakfast-1/2cup kashi go lean and 1/2 cup fibre 1, with a scoop of protein powder mixed with almond milk poured over it (also a scoop of chia seeds in it)

lunch-Greek yogurt plain blended with a banana and fresh strawberries, (also a scoop of vital greens ...it didn't look pretty but was so yummy)

Snack-protein smoothie

Dinner-chicken breast, spinach salad, with nuts and cranberries

Post Op 3 weeks I seem to be feeling better...

Post Op 3 weeks

I seem to be feeling better each day. My breasts are still sitting high and I am still swollen in my abdomen. I spoke with my surgeons office for answers to some questions:
Do I still need to sleep in a sitting "V" position? Yes, but now can start lowering the elevation of it
Can I start any sort of excersise? Absolutely not. wait until 6-8 weeks
Do I have to wear my compression garment still 24/7? yes

Over all I am to remember that I had major surgery only 3 weeks ago and allow myself the time to heal...UGh!

So I will continue to behave myself and just take it easy. I guess I do have a lifetime to get back into shape and after all, whats another 3 weeks in the big picture :)

My breasts could take anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months to settle and I should just remain patient

here are my 3 week pics, I don't really see many changes other than most of my bruising is gone.

Damn I just knew you were going to turn out perfect and you sure are!!! Great Job! I know I get those out of nowhere shooting pains and the info packet my doc gave me says its normal because it's the regeneration of sensory nerves. I know the itching too where the healing is whew...it's ok we will be past all of this soon.
Thank you, you are doing so well yourself...love the camera story! I'm sure he didn't get a real good look at it and now it's probably an illusion in his mind.
Your belly is crazy flat! I'm jealous :) I am so swollen today, it's ridiculous. It was my first day home alone with all three kids, and my belly is rock solid with fluid! So now I'm bound up tight with my compression garment and lying down with a 10lb bag of birdseed on my lower abs to force that fluid back into my vasculature where it belongs.

Have you started going garment-less at all? I slept without anything but my jammies on the other night. It was awesome and really weird at the same time. Also, my incision itches like MAD!

Are you allowed to massage the girls yet? I feel like I'm always feeling myself up...but they're so preeeeeeetttttyyyy :) My husband also enjoys "massaging" them lol.

1 Month Post Op WOW!!! what a roller coaster...

1 Month Post Op

WOW!!! what a roller coaster ride this recovery thing is. Just when you think things are going well...you think things are going so bad.

The last couple of weeks I have been through Swell Hell and back...and then into it again. I have felt larger then I was pre surgery and then thinner then ever.

So here is the story: so I changed my binder for some spanx, as so many others do. Well for some reason my surgeon said that spanx can cause uneven swelling and just to be real careful and watch if I experience that. everything was going fine, when all of a sudden I developed an odd type of swelling above my belly button. I thought I had a seroma. I called my PS office and sent them photos and they have said everything is fine and it is just the normal healing process. But to also go get other (not to tight) compression garment. I did. but things even got more swollen. So over this weekend I put my binder back on and everything is fine again...WTF? am I going to have to wear this binder forever? UGHH!

Well, I am just going to continue wearing it and maybe next week I will put the less tight garment on at night and continue wearing my compression garment through the day.

After a month I remeasured my self and here are my pre and 1 month post measurements. They are all in Centimetres as it was the only flexible measureing tape I have!

Left Thigh 56cm - 54cm
Right Thigh 57cm - 55cm
Abdomen 86cm - 86cm
Waist 75.5cm - 71.5cm
Breasts 89cm - 88.5 (I am still scratching my head over this one)
Left nipple measured down from collar bone 23cm - 20.5
Right nipple measured down from collar bone 23cm - 20.5

My weight pre-op 130lbs is now 124.6lbs

My left breast looks like it is dropping a little bit but my right one still looks "funky". I am not going to get excited about them until 3months post-op. :)

one thing I can say for sure is that immediately after surgery I was taking "greens" supplements, and 3 weeks after I ran out and just continued taking my multi-vitamin. since this ridiculous swelling I started taking the greens again, and I have found it has made a big difference. If anyone wants to try them, I recommend it.

Hope all is well in your recovery

5 weeks PO I still feel more swollen then in...

5 weeks PO

I still feel more swollen then in the beginning, but have decided not to dwell on it. I am just going to relax and let time heal all. ...well that's my take today, tomorrow I could be crying in the fetal position, lol.

I thought it would be nice to see some photos with a cami on. When I was researching size i often wondered what certain cc's looked like under clothes. I hope this helps someone. As well, I don't see a change from 2 weeks ago till now, so I am shaking it up a bit!
I have been hearing this a lot I will definetky pick something up with a zip down front
what do you wake up in when you wake up from the anesthia? a hospital gown ? wierd question I know im just trying to plan it out to the T lol helps pass the time

Yes you will be in a hospital gown and wrapped in warm blankets. 


7 Weeks PO I am feeling like my breasts are...

7 Weeks PO

I am feeling like my breasts are more apart of me then before and even though I have swelling, it doesn't seem as bad as before either. I still go through emotional rollercoaster rides and wonder if everything is healing as it should. I went clothes shopping for the first time...and I really enjoyed myself. OHHHH the things I can wear now :) it seems Nothing doesnt look good and I could probably go broke buying a whole new wardrobe. I tried on a great dress (I am attaching a picture) and it was an extra small...Okay that felt really good to type EXTRA SMALL!!!! it fit me like a glove except that the zipper wouldn't go up at the back where my boobies are (tee hee hee). Well if a world of "adjusting" my clothes is what I have, I say BRING IT!

my boobies! Oh how I love my boobies. They are falling into place nicely and are looking not so strange. They are finally starting to soften up as well, It seems to me other ladies haven't complained how hard their chests where, but mine really were. I still think my chest muscle is tight and I am sure it will soften up in time.

I started doing some light walking and biking on the recumbent, and oh my gosh has that perked up my mood! I am waiting to hear from my PS if I can do some light weights for my back, arms and butt (it is seriously looking sad)

I have about 6 weeks till I go to Mexico with my 5 sisters and some of my neices, and my daughter, I am so hoping that I will feel great because I know I will look great!

To me the 7 week picture still look like the same as my 1 Month pictures, but I am posting them because it is a good reference :)

just noticed your scar on your tummy. LOOKS great.
ok quick question. I think I have read everything. How long were you "bent" while walking? your recovery seems to be pretty smooth!
Your looking good. Im so excited. NOW to read everything!!!

2 months YAYYY!!! 2 months today and I did my...

2 months

2 months today and I did my first leg and back workout. It was difficult but felt great.
I ordered some and it should be here soon (got mine on Amazon) after looking around I'm going to make it a part of my daily diet!
When u say green pills, do mean like sprinella, Etc?
Oh I think what your asking about is my "vital greens"? It is a powder that can be mixed into your juice or protein shake and has tons of nutrients in...sooo good for you! It doesn't have vitamin E so you can take it before and after surgery. I get mine from lef.org because it is sweetened with stevia, and I also get other supplements for myself and my family there, but you can get something similar at alot of places.I'm sure Walmart even carries some

A few days short of 10 wks post-op I have been...

a few days short of 10 wks post-op

I have been back to my weight training for the last 2 weeks, avoiding chest and abs. I found that I have lost alot of strength but it is amazing in 2 weeks how quickly I am regaining it. Im not back to lifting what I was, but Im not far off.

today I ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes, and it felt great. I wore a good sports bra and a compression garment and it didn't feel any different than before surgery...YAYYY!!!!

I went yesterday to get fitted and bought my first bra. They said I was a 32DD or 34D, I found the 34D worked the best. I still have some swelling in my breasts and belly but I do believe it is getting better. Im sure, alot of it has to be that I am far more active with excersise as well.

I am going to Mexico with my sister's and daughter/neices in the beginning of September, so I will find some zinc oxide to cover my scars and I purchased some "cover fx" to put over my BB scar to hide the redness.

I sure am happy with my shiny new body and am so thankful to have had an easy recovery. I would not only do this again, but I would have done it earlier :)
Good luck girl! I am doing great and am feeling 99.5% back to normal. I haven't been on this site as much and sometimes I miss a post notification on my blog, amongst all the other updates. I'm going to PM you my email address so if you have any questions you can email me directly :)
Well its been a bit and I just wanted to check in. My consult is on Tuesday of next week and I am SOOOO Excited! You have made the process so much "Less Stressful".. keep me updated!
I have no idea what fluffing is either... If anyone knows, please tell us, lol! Tirby I'm so glad you like chia, it is sooo good for you and it is so easy to take. I think you will love the greens as well.

Yes the swelling is still there but it is getting better. I can see the days that I work out I'm a bit more swollen by evening, but that should resolve itself soon.

DaleAnn, have you seen any improvement in your breast?

12 wks post op well I am doing my full workouts...

12 wks post op

well I am doing my full workouts and I am doing everything that I did prior to surgery. My breasts seem like they have settled in, and they feel soft finally. I am enjoying my new body and am so pleased with the outcome. Here are a couple of bikini pictures and my breasts. The scars on my breasts are fading wonderfully, the ones on my abdomin are still quite red. I did expect this. My belly button is very small, so I have put a small bead in it in hopes to make it a little bigger, and to prevent it from getting smaller.

I hope everyone is having a great summer!
You look AMAZING. Just curious--how tall are you?
Thank you, I am 5'7"
omg let me just tell you that you look amaizing!!! such awesome results!!!
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I will update later, in this section once I can formulate into words how I feel about Dr. Ward, his staff and all the wonderful nurses and assistances and the surgical center....right now I just feel the greatest amount of gratitude and appreciation!

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