I have made an appointment for the Phoenix Sono...

I have made an appointment for the Phoenix Sono Bello, I have paid and had a telephone interview. I was told I would receive an email that would need to be completed and returned so the appointment Could be finalized. I have received nothing but an email congratulating me on my decision to have my liposuction done with them. I returned the email asking what happened to the paperwork and have heard nothing. I will be making another call so I can get questions answered. I do not want to wait for answers until the appointment the day before surgery. I will be flying to Phoenix the day before and would like to feel comfortable with my decision. Has anyone one had their liposuction done at the Sono Bello in Phoenix? What was your outcome? With airfare, hotel and procedure I will be paying $7,500. To me that is not cheap.
Yikes! I would call them right away and get some answers. That is terrible customer service.

More Information

My doctor is Michael Desvigne and a board certified Plastic Surgeon. I did contact Sono Bello and they did send me the medical forms that I have since completed and returned.
I have made reservation at a hotel within a few miles of the clinic that has a one bedroom suite. My sister will be staying with me; therefore I may opt to sleep in the recliner wrapped in a garbage bag the first night to keep from bothering her and if there is any leakage it can easily be cleaned up. Do I sound a little weird for the garbage bag? I have read where some patients have substantial leakage and I do not want to be faced with replacing furniture for the hotel.
I am glad I am going to be able to have local sedation because the last time I had general I had nausea like forever it seemed. I think recovery is also a lot quicker with the local. We will see. I further understand that they use Smart Lipo and recovery is less troublesome than some of the other types. Wish me Luck. I am 2 1/2 weeks out.
Good luck!
I did and got very good response. I was starting to wonder when they took my money and I did not hear back from them. I did my research and have confidence that Dr. SeSvigne is good and hoping for great results. Really I am just hoping to get rid of my muffin top and love handle but looking better in my jeans would be a real plus. 2 1/2 weeks out. Wish me luck.

Two weeks out

In two week I will be boarding the plane to Phoenix. In fifteen days I will be undergoing my smartlipo. I am both looking forward to it and worried, I have read the story with bad results and even of a death from an overdose of lidocaine. I know that these are the very rare exception but I still worry.
I have bought the largest purse I can find since I am not paying for a check-in or a carry-on. I will take three light weight workout pants, light weight Tee’s, underwear and the girl necessities. I also plan on wearing a turtle neck under a designed Tee and a over-shirt. Anything more that that I will buy at the dollar store or Wal-Mart and leave with my sister or niece to be picked up later.
I started taking my Arnica Montana today and will buy the bromelain when I go shopping. I hope to be able to keep the bruising down to a minimum. I will be emailing SonoBello to get a list of supplies I will need so my sister and I can pick them up before my appointment on the afternoon of the 3rd.
Today while I was taking my shower I was thinking about why I really wanted to do this. Nobody besides my husband and lady doctor sees me without my clothes so why is it important. I do not ever expect to wear a bikini in public again. All I want is to get rid of the tummy and love handles to look better in my clothes, to have a sleek line to say. I am 5’7” and weighed 114 pounds when I was married so I do not want to be that thin again, I really would prefer to be 130 to 135 instead of 155 but due to things beyond my control I doubt that will be possible. I watch what I eat and work out three times a week and it seems that my scale is stuck at 150 – 155. My solution is to remove what I do not like and hold firm on the eating and exercise and be happy with a sleek new look with my clothes on.
I am looking forward to spending a week in Phoenix with my sister, then a few days by myself to do whatever before flying home on the 10th day. I picked that day because from what I read that would be a good healing point to feel comfortable for the airport ordeal of standing in line and sitting on a plane for 2 hours. And as I understand it I will be in a stage two garment that will make traveling a whole lot more comfortable.
It seems like you have everything well planned and are ready to go. Good luck with your procedure!
Thanks, I am going back and forth about being excited to have it done and being apprehensive.

waiting for response

I have sent a email asking about taking supplements. I have read that zinc, arcina Montana, and bromelain are very good pre and post surgery. I hope to have an answer tomorrow since I sent the request yesterday. Surgery in six days. Very nervous.


I have pre-pictures on my cell phone. I will post. I always like to see the pictures myself.

pictures of the problem area

A frontal picture and side picture pre-surgery.
Just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing. I hope that all went well and you are feeling "sexy" already. Be well!
I had the procedure done Saturday morning and I am feeling great. On a pain scale of 1-10 I would say pain was 1-3, no more. Down side was that I am sensitive to meds and slept for 24 hours straight. When I got up I thought it was 7pm but it was 7am. 24 hours later.
Instead of the garbage bag I used the plastic drop cloths that painters/carpenters use to put down on the floor. I bought a pack of 3 for like $3 at Walmart. I would suggest this over the garbage bag because they are larger and thinner. Which means they cover more and they will be more comfortable for you. There will be some leakage for a few days so be prepared to see it whenever you take off your garments. You can also cut those large plastic cloths to put down in the bathroom for when you take your first shower. You will need them. ALSO, you will need to 'bother' your sister. So get over that now. You will need her help. Don't try to do everything on your own…ESPECIALLY the 1st shower. Have someone there with you.

complete report later

Today is day three. A piece of cake. Bruising under breastbone and dime size on right lower abdomin. No real pain, no pain pill of any kind after 24 hr. Pain 1 - 3 on scale. Will later post complete review.
Hope everything went well! You're looking great so far, can't wait to see your update later! Get some rest :)

The Big Day and Following Week

Friday, January 3
Left home this morning to fly to Phoenix, I got to DIA and sailed through security after a quick pat-down and then for a long wait. I watched a girl cut her own hair while she waited. I arrived in Phoenix and met my sister, that is where the real fun started She does not have a GPS in her car and it only took 3 hours to find Sono Bello from the MapQuest directions. Everyone was friendly, I was given additional information in addition to that they had already sent and what I had picked up from Real Self.

When we left they gave us directions to the pharmacy but the turn they insisted was correct would take us into oncoming traffic. We never did find the pharmacy but 2 hours later found the hotel. I called Sono Bello and they said to just come in the next morning and they would give me the meds then. So much for antibiotics before surgery as normally done by Sono Bello.

The hotel told us of a Walgreens just two blocks from the hotel, if they had just given me the script I could have gotten them filled.

Today was not a good day. I was not impressed.

I could not sleep all night, just tossed and turned. I had high BP today at doctor’s office, if they thought it was high today just wait until tomorrow after all the stress from today. I was more worried about the procedure than anything that I had ever done.

Saturday, January 4
We got to the surgical center at 7:30 AM. I was weighed, measured, and doctor marked me up. I was given two pills, a shot of Demerol, and a valium. I did get a little nauseous and was given crackers. I was officially in the twilight zone. But I was semi awake and talking to the doctor and nurse. The doctor explained everything he was doing from the shots, the incisions, the injection of fluid, and finally the suction procedure. I felt no real pain just a little discomfort on the left side up by the breastbone. I did the hips, waist, and upper and lower abdomen. I was put into my Compression Garment with pads for the drainage of incisions. During the day and night I woke up enough to take the medication, sure hope I was taking the correct ones.

My sister drove us back to the hotel and I went straight back to sleep. For supper she got herself a hamburger and both of us a malted shake. And it was good, one of the best I remember having for a long time
Sunday, January 5
I had no trouble sleeping; in fact, I slept from 11Am on Saturday until 11PM Sunday. I had no real pain, on a scale of 1 – 10 I would say a 1-3. Mostly I felt like a good workout. Amazingly enough I did not have any trouble getting up or down. The only thing I did notice was when I burped I had a bad taste in my mouth._

I had drainage that got unto the couch but we were able to clean it.

I changed my dressings and had quite a bit but nothing serious. The bottom front of the binder was soaked and a small amount of drainage still from front bottom incisions with the others already closed

Monday, January 6
I had waited until this morning to take a shower, it was a piece of cake. No pain, no light headedness, nothing. I can see I am much improved and hope the loose skin will tighten up. The only bruising I have is under the breastbone. Getting back into that CG was the challenge.

We went out to Wendy’s and then thrift store shopping to get reading material. Since I was to walk at least 10 mintes every two hous I got my exercise. Still no pain. How did I get so lucky?

I am not aking any of the prescriptions except the antibiotics. I did take two Tylenol for discomfort.

The CG is a little short for me since I am a tall woman and it cuts into the crouch. I might take a pain pill tonight since they put me right to sleep.

OK, I am not a big girl as I thought. I did not take the pain pill and at 4AM I crawled out of bed looking for them because I thought I would do just fine, thank you. Wrong! So, down the hatch and give them a few minutes to work.

Sono Bello called to make sure I was doing well and getting my walking in. I told the nurse that my sister took my pulse four times on Saturday to make sure I was still alive since I was so non-responsive. We both giggled over that, but I was dead serious that I did not think that was such a good thing to happen.

I was reminded to remove the binder the 3rd day and on the 4th to start wearing the CG for 12 hours a day so the incisions can get air to heal properly. The binder is driving me crazy because it keeps working its way up and then rubbing in the areas that have incisions.

It was a long day. But we decided to visit some realatives and spent the rest of day and evening with them. I forgot to take one of my antibiotics so took it when we got back to hotel. Then my sister and I stayed up until 4 AM talking

Tuesday, January 7
We were up at 8:30 am. We picked up a few necessities of life and had breakfast at the Village Inn with my nephew and wife.

We went to the best fabric store in Phoenix and made some fantastics purchases.
Sono Bello called to make sure I was doing well plus to remind me of my Thursday appointment. I told her about demonstrating my high kick and the pull I felt in the lower abdomen area. She said not to do it again. Really!

We walked most6 of the afternoon and other than the high kick there was no pain or discomfort. I have not taken any pain medication since Sunday night. I did find another bruise the size of a dime beside the right bottom incision. Other than the problem with the “Sleep” I have had a real easy journey. I should have been more emphatic about my sensitivity to drugs. The valium, demeral, and two other sentatives, I believe, almost overloaded my system. If someone has to check your pulse four times in 18 hours to see if you are alive because your breathing and responses are so shallow you might be close to overdosed

Tomorrow is a big day, I get to take the CG off for 12 hours a day to let the incisions breath. That little gem was washed before it was put back on.

I can see the waist that I used to have and it is coming back. Thank you Sono Bello.

Wednesday, January 8
Nothing to report other the the first 12 hours without the CG. It felt good. 12 hours without CG I could see the swelling. After dinner I took a shower and put that little CG back but it was a little snug after being washed.

Thursday, January 9

A doctor appointment in the morning. I was healing nicely with some swelling and unevenness. At three months I should start to see about 50% of the final results. I still have very little bruising. I ordered two second stage garments that I should wear at least 12 hours a day for the next 2 – 3 months. The doctor said that Sonno Bello may open a office in Denver and would be able to go there for the 3 and 6 month checkup.

I was given ScarGuard to reduce scarring and to start using after the scabs are gone.

I had lost 2 ½ pounds but was told most people gain that or more that first week so that was a good sign for me. I think they said they removed 2,000 liters of fat. I sure hope that was enough. I had also lost 3 inches in the waist and 2 inches in the hips.

I asked about the local sedatives that I received and was told that was the very least that Sonno Bello allows for a local procedure.

Sunday, January 12
Last full day in phoenix and I have not been watching my diet. The reason to look forward to cold old Colorado so I can do a better job on the diet.

I have some hardness in the abdomen but have been told that is normal. The nurse had shown me a kneading massage that would help.

I poured the pain, nausea, and anxiety pills down the stool. I had only took two or three of the pain meds, one of the nausea pills and none of the anxiety pills.

I can see an improvement at this stage but not as much as would like but I am more than willing to wait. I did not get in the condition I was in a week and I am ready to give it time.
I see the curves!! Very nice, please post more updates
I will try to get some pictures and get them posted. Thanks

A Scare

I was messaging my abdominal as I was told to do and one of the scabs came off. A bloody serum started flowing from that area. It ran down my leg and onto the floor. I had a mini pad there and it was completely soaked in one minute. I have a large towel folded on it now. I called Sono Bello and was told a person's(sp) mist have built up and this does happen and to just watch it for infection. It sure freaks you out.

seranoma not person.

Stupid auto correct.

Drainage update

The drainage has quit but soaked the towel before it did. I have started upping my vitamin C, zinc, and bromelian. Now I am afraid to start messaging again, I think I will wait until the scabs are all gone.


In my posting I see I said they remove 2,000 liters of fat. I meant to say 2,000 CC. Boy, if it was 2,000 liters I would be a oil spot on the carpet. Sorry about that mistake.

Second stage garment

They arrived today, one black and one in nude. I put one on immediately, it feels so good. I was right on the cusp between small and medium, I ordered medium and it fits perfectly. It even everything out so the waist is not as obvious. I may get a waist cincher to help that out.
Looking good! You feeling okay?
Thanks! Feeling great. I am in second stage garment and it is so comfortable I do not know I have it on. I just hope it is tight enough to do what is suppose to.

starting messages

I hope to start the messages this week to help break down some of the lumps and hardness in the abdominal area. I feel 100% back to normal but I know I am not. I see that several people went back to working out by two weeks after liposuction. My doctor told me nothing but walking for six weeks. I also want to start diet to drop about 15 pounds. Wish me luck.

Oh boy!

I had said how comfortable the second stage garment was, well forget that. I had only been wearing garment 12 hours a day as suggested by the doctor as acceptable. I was not seeing the results I would like being 15 days out so yesterday I worked out and wore the garment to bed. This morning I could not wait to get out of that torture machine for a couple of hours. I do not know if it was the exercise or wearing the garment longer than usual but I have more painful spots than I had immediately after lipo. I will be putting the garment back on in a short while and not definitely not look I Nguyen forward to it. Other thought is that it was new second stage garment and even though it says the same size it may actually be a little smaller than the first one. I have to admit that when I have it on I do look amazing. Anyone else had that experience?

Getting that body back

As of two days ago I have started wearing a CG 24/7 again. The first night I wore a second stage garment to sleep in and by morning it felt like torture. Last night I wore spanx. This morning I look and feel a lot better. During the day I wear the regular second stage garment. It could also have been doing the massages so that could help also. Whatever the reason I feel I am now starting to making real progress to a Better look I my bod.

New Pictures

This morning I took these pictures, when I took my shower this afternoon everything look even better.
Just finished reading your story...what a journey, love the results! Keep it up and heal well!
Wowww coming along GREAT!!!

waist cincher

Yesterday I received in the mail my waist cincher from Squeem. I ordered the medium and yesterday I could not get it on, I was sure it was way to small and planned to return it. This morning I thought I would give it another try. It is very snug but not terribly hard to get on. I guess that is what swelling does. They recommend wearing for only one hour the first day, two hours the second day and work up from there. It does give an hourglass figure. The cost was $54 per garment. I ordered two so I would have one to wear while one is washed. I hope it does what my friend claims it did for her.

When to leave

We are getting ready to leave for a visit to friends and relatives in Arizona and Texas. I am again in the waist clincher, once I am up to several hours a day I will start wearing it instead of some of the cg. The time I have been wearing it I find it more comfortable than anything else I have been wearing since surgery. It is the rubbery feeling material on the outside that many workout/ sweat garments have. The inside is a soft cotton material that feels good on the skin. The garment has two rows of hook and eye down the front. I am in the biggest row, I understand that in a couple of weeks I will be able to go to the smallest. If I could get to look like I do with the garment on I would be estatatic (sp)

when do these pesky scabs come off

The two bottom incision still have scabs on them. The one I can understand since that is the one that drained last week, but the other one. When I took the waist clinched off I had a little spot that looked like the drainage incision must have put just a little on the cotton. I have decided to wait on cincher until both scabs completely healed

I am such a goof ball!!

I can not believe it. I bought extra second stage garments, two waist cinchers and we get into the motor home and leave it all at home. What I have done is go to Wal-Mart and buy their small waist cincher with hook and eyes and the panties with the high waist with hook and eyes in small. I hope wearing these will take the place of what I left behind. I will be transferring my three and six month check to the Denver's Sono Bello. I just hope I did not screw up my results by leaving all my purchases at home.

Things are moving in right direction

I found one of my daisy cinchers is my underwear drawer. It is very snug but is has healed move everything in the right direction. I still have some lumps and bumps but look really good in my clothes. The side view is not that good but you get the idea.

auto correct gone mad

It is a waist cinchers.It has moved things in the right direction.

A day off

Yesterday was a bummer. I had the flu and flat on my back, everything made my tummy churn more. I was out of the CG for about 36 hours. I am back to it today but will see how it goes. I still have a pounding headache but every day can not be perfect.

Still not sure

I was asked to update my review but truthfully I can not give a thumbs up yet. I still have swelling and lumps, until those go away I will not be happy. As I said before I do not need to be wearing a bikini again but to just look good in my clothes and not have hard lumps. I feel that is the very minimum I should expect.
You are looking good. A lil tip. Wear a garmen that compress your stomach enough. And put a towel under it to make sure it dossnt make the lumps. Also if the garment is too lose it will cause your skin to look lumpy.

lymphatic messages

This week I have had two lymphatic messages. I hope they work since they r very expensive. I will do two next week and then taper off. I am to still do my own message on the other days of the week. She suggested that I might want to soak in a tub of hot with epsen salt. It does seem as if some of the swelling is down. At six weeks out I guess it is still to be expected.
You looked great in your Super Bowl pictures!!

Exercising Again

Today I started swimming. I am starting at 1/2 hour and want to work up to an hour a day. The doctor had said to stick with walking for the first couple of months, my thought is that swimming is not much different and much more exercise. When I first started I sure could tell my muscles were tight but after a few minutes they relaxed and I enjoyed my time in the pool.
I talked with Sono Bello in Denver and told me that if my concerns continue to please come into their office to be checked. I told her with the messages, compresses, and exercise I was hopeful the hardness would resolve itself.
I think I will email the Denver office with my link here on real self so they can keep abreast on my past experience and future until my appointment with them in April.
Thank you for posting! It is nice to see how well you look in your clothes!! Because at 54 if I can just look really good in my clothes and be able to wear skinny jeans that is all I am looking for! Let us know about the massages:)
Yes with my clothes on I look good, my concern still is the hardness of my abdominal area. Put thanks for the compliment, I appreciate the feedback.
I never thought of a towel. I bet a 3/4" craft foam would work amazing well also. Thanks for the info.

8 Weeks Out

I have my waist back and look much better in my clothes because of that. My jeans still fit the sames as before but with no muffin top. I have hardness and lumps in abdominal area. I continue to swimming daily, message and do Epsom salt compresses plus still wearing CG 24/7. I am getting tried of it all and ready to throw the towel in with all of it except the exercise. Did I mention that the side view looks four months pregnant?

See Day 18

I would post pictures but still looks like day 18, no change six weeks later.
You have serious curves! Nice!!
Be patient. I notice my profile view looks a bit larger than before. I took my CG off for a wedding this weekend (I figured I'd treat myself since I've been religious about keeping it on 24/7 since my OP) and holy moly the first thing to swell was my stomach in the front (where I DIDN'T get lipo). Just be patient is what I keep being told. Best of wishes!
I know but it is so hard since we all go in with high expectations. Bottom line is that I could live with the improvement I have but I had hoped for a flat tummy and so far that has not happened. Thanks for the encouragement.

What is this?

I am 11 weeks out and I still have this spot about two inches from the back on the left side that feel like a burn every time somethings a little snug rubs across it. It will wake me up at night. My abdominal area is still hard. I have my three month check up as soon as I get home from vacation

Should say left side of navel.

Darn autocorrect!
Hi since you and I are the same age I was wondering if you think that I will be able to travel to Ireland for 10 days 8 weeks after the same surgery you had except adding thighs?I know I will have to wear a "body" Spanx but thankfully it gets to only 65 or so. Anyway I would love to get your thoughts and by the way I PRAY I look as great as you April 14th :)
I flew home 10 days after surgery but it was only 2 1/2 hour flight. But I felt great 2 days after the procedure. I understand that the thighs may b harder to recover from. By two months I was swimming and exercising an hour a day 5-7 days aweek with no problem. The only problem I have is the hardness in the abdonminal
Calle, please keep me update on your progress. Have u had surgery yet?

New clinchers, corset, and clothes

I have just received two new waist chinchers in small, they give great support and oh so comfortable. The corset really makes the waist look fantastic and also very comfortable. Last month I had bought a pair of black skinny slacks but could not get them zipped so I threw them in the closet. Yesterday I took them out thinking they were a different pair but low and behold as I was putting them on I realized which pair they were. I could not believe that they zipped and fit perfectly. Was I one happy camper. Things are starting to settle in.
So helpful, encouraging, and informative! Thank you. Following your journey :-)
Glad you're starting to like your progress. I've only done 1 lymphatic massage. I started massaging my own stomach and doing the breathing exercises she taught me. Saves money.
At this point I would say I am about 60% happy. I still have hardness in the abdominal area. I plan on buying a good vibrating messager with heat to see if that helps.

3 Month update

Where do I start? I do look good in my clothes but in the flesh it is a different story. I have lumps and bumps plus a hard abdominal area. I am wearing my CG 24/7, exercise, self message, and lympatic message. Here are the pictures. Decide for yourself.
Hey CaliforniaMaiden, I saw your pictures (you look great) and then read your comment (and you don't sound pleased. Okay... First things first. You do look great :-) I had to repeat that. Secondly, you mentioned in your comment that your still have lumps and bumps and an hard abdominal area. I'm sorry that you're having these :-( Are you still massaging yourself hard? What I mean is when you use the electric massager, do you stay on the lumpy area and push down in very tiny circular motion for a couple of minutes at a time? That's what I had to do. This should hopefully "breakdown" the lumps/hardness that you feel. I'm not going to conclude that it's scar tissue. But this for of massaging should help breakdown/smoothen the area. You will have to do this for up to 10-15 (hope you have the time) 2-3 times a day. If you're working, do it in the morning, when you get back from work and before going to bed. The electric massager really helps. Also, are you wearing something under your CG before wearing your corset? I see that in your pictures, but is the clothing thin? I know that it can be discouraging seeing unevenness, but personally, I think it means that you have to figure out what can you wear under your corset that will give you an "even" appearance when you take it off. For instance, I just went back in your blog and back in January you said that you felt better (and by your pictures) in the squeem than in your CG. That said, see what you look like now if you swap the two. The purpose of the corset I to help with your lower abs like me. So it doesn't have to be tight all through your abs only on the lower part. I hope I'm making sense to you. If not, send me a pvt message and we'll talk. Don't stress my sister :-) See what happens and keep us posted. Others may have a better suggestion, but don't stress. Okay :-) You do look hot though :-))))))
I wear the CG and then cincher or corset. I had been messaging until about a week ago then got discouraged and quit. I have ordered a vibrating messaged with heat and hope that helps. It is less than wonderful when you pay out good money and the abdominal area looks worse than before. I am hoping that when I see the doctor for the three month that he can make some recommendations. Thanks for your input.

new daily routine

I have started following routine three times a day. Hand massage for 15minutes, wash abdominal area and apply electronic pulse leads and do massaging for 30 minutes. I then put on CG, waist chincer pulled down to cover entire abdominal for excellent support. I add a foam strip at the waist to keep from getting ridges. I got the electronic pulse massager on Amazon for less than $50. I got the Cinches on eBay for $5.00. I bought several of cinches so I could change each day. I bought mine in small and since I can sew I can alter as need be. The chinches were very good quality for the price. I hope this routine will help with problems I have encountered.

Electronic Pulse Box

Sorry this did not post
I am looking forward to hearing how this new regimen turns out for you. Nice to know that your feeling good and still looking great :-)
Please let us know how this goes! I am Very interested since we are in the same age group! You really do look good!!!:)
I am sitting here now letting the little unit do its thing. It feels great. I will be ordering some more pads for it since I will be using three times a day. I read that this had worked for others so I thought what the heck give it a try, especially for the money.


The binders were $15, not $5. Sorry about my mistake.

Three month check tomorrow

After tomorrow checkup I will post and put up pictures also. It is an hour and a half drive to south side of Denver. It is to be rain and possible snow tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.

I have been doing the aggressive massage with the electric vibrating massager for a week now. I think I can see softening of the abdomen and also some of the lumps seem to be going away. Furthermore I think I can see the stomach flattening. I will let u know what the doctor says after tomorrow's appointment.
That's great news!
Thank you so very much to keep posting 3 months out it really helps people like me close to your age to know different things that may be ahead! I pray the appt goes well, Stay warm:)
I hope the weather is good and appointment goes well. Thanks.

Three month check

I had my three month check and the issues I have been having have started resolving. It was agreed that we would wait until the six month check before any further decision would b made about corrective measures. I was told I no longer needed to wear CG unless I wanted. I think I will continue wearing binder. I am posting pictures. I think the spots are caused by a window behind me reflecting off mirror. I think you can get the idea. I have loss more than 3"

more photo and correction.

I have lost 4" off waist from pre-op measurement. Not 3". I have lost the same from hips. I like the gentle curves I got from the surgery. I did not want such a extreme that I looked
You look SO GREAT! Gosh I pray I have the same results in 2 to 3 months!! I am just 4 days out and today was my worst just not feeling well. Can I ask a question did you do a breast reduction also. I am interested because as soon as he will permit it I am replacing my Way to big implants with SMALLER ones! Anyway you look Great:)
Hey girl! You look great. It appears as if the uneven surface you had in the April 1st photos have disappeared! Would you attribute this to the use of the ESTIM machine? I agree that you should still stick with your binder (I'm still using mine all day and night). It's so funny that we had our procedures around the same time and I'm always looking forward to your updates. It's been an interesting journey :-) Anyway, you said that the dr suggested you wait till your 6mth appt. before making any corrections. Is he considering extracting more fat to "even-out" the surface of your abs, or add more? Oh, and yes, your curves are awesome. Happy to know that you're doing fine. Stay blessed my friend! :-)))
I think he was thinking the velashape, if that is not invasive. There is still some unevenness and hardness but it has subsided greatly. He did say to continue massaging 10-15 minutes twice a day. I really am not want to do another smartlipo. Have u been updating, I do not remember seeing one.

Yard work killing me

I live in country with about two acres of yard. I have been cleaning flower beds which means a lot of up and down and twisting and pushing the wheelbarrow a dozen times to the compost area. I wore the corset yesterday and it became obvious that I will need one that is not so long for working outside. The good news is I am down one pound this morning. Need to do my massage and then off to the pool for a swim. Thinks are moving along nicely but still has some smoothing to do. Thanks for reading.
yours is probably one of the best detailed reviews i have ever read. i really appreciate that you took the time to be so thorough..i'm having my abs and flanks done in june out in california with aaron rollins..he is formerly the medical director of the sonobello in beverly hills. i have to fly from florida and then back on the 4th day after surgery. i hope i can manage to be ok hustling across that huge houston airport in between...lol you are looking great and have been a real trooper... i esepcially love that you wrote about working in your yard. i do the same thing..i love the yard..mine is only a half acre and i know how much work it can be. just last week i threw over 3000 pounds of mulch after weeding everything and planting all the new things. i was fine til i sat down..hahaha getting back up was like i was 100 years old... let me know how you're doing. i'm getting super nervous..
My advise at the airport is to carry as little as possible. Standing In those lines, hurrying to get to your gate, and general stress can get to you. I do not know how much your doctor tells u 2 lift after surgery but mine said no more than five pounds for six weeks. Yard work can be draining. Last year I bought the larger cobble and placed it in several beds. I placed by hand 2 1/2 ton in a week. I really do not know how I did it. I just kept plugging away. We spend as much time keeping our yard beautiful as we do on ourselves.
In addition to what Coloradomaiden said, you might want to have the doctor or feint desk give you something brief just stating you had surgery recently and assistance be "kindly" provided. Have a pull-on luggage (not so much if a carry-on). Better yet, check-in your stuff on your return back home if no one is coming with you. In the plane, you MAY get one of the flight attendants to assist you with your luggage in the overhead compartment. It's easier to get help while traveling with young kids, but post surgery, is different. Not everyone can SEE that you need the help and not everyone will be willing too. So, check-in your stuff is my advice. Don't pack too much. Silks are light & hope this helps :-)

What all my hard work in yard yields

When I am out doing my yard work this is the end result of all my work. Come June and July I can set back in my new body and enjoy the hard work on both.
Your lawn and pond are beautiful. Wwwwoooww the curve after liposuction- gorgeous!
I'm afraid the lymphatic massages will hurt. My first massage will be Friday or Saturday...

Getting tired of trying to update and it just disappearing

Several times I have attempted to update and written a lengthy post. If I try to add a picture everything disappears and I have to start over. Can anybody tell me why? Are the pictures to big, I check the photo format to make sure it is a jpeg so it should b acceptable, so what the heck is the problem?

How Creative Can I Be

I have been able to sew for years, I can sew but my sister is a seamstress. My sister can work magic with her hands and machine but I can make a project look reasonably good. I have ordered a corset pattern and steel stays, I know the pattern may need altered to fit me but I did not take Home Ec in school for nothing. Once I get the pattern and the stays I will see how it goes and I will post my end results. Wish me luck.
Thank you so much for posting your review and putting so much effort into it. I have had a few giggles with your auto correct. I will be getting my upper and lower abs done in June and using the fat to boost my breasts, so I have been very interested in reading other peoples journey. Oh and I love your garden, very zen xxx
Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the finished products :-)

Four Month update

Today is my four month anniversary for more curves and a long lost waist. I am posting pictures and as you can see the problems I have had, hardness and unevenness, have subsided immensely in the last month. I have been massaging, swimming, doing yard work, and some corset training. I do not care what is working I am just glad it is. Some of u out there have not seen the results u would like, maybe it will help to know that at four months somebody else is still experiencing problems but working with the situation has helped get a much better end result. If I am any example, it may prove that sometimes the results are not immediate and that it may take patients and hard work.
You look absolutely amazing, this is one of the post that I like more with the after and before. One question in this pic http://ei.realself.com/full/fba4b7e0b4505fe8ca544412197b1bcd/0/c/3/userimage-297791.jpg I see on your waist some wrinkle, I am having exactly the same with my garment right now, and I am worried that I will have marks on my skin. Did you notice some problems for that? Congratulations
I did notice a ridge at waist line and what appeared to be loose skin above. I wore yoga pants for the first six weeks so I do not know if it was the CG or what. After I started massaging with the electric massager they seemed to diminish. Under certain light I can still see them but they are definitely going away. I think one mistake I made was start wearing a waist chincer at about three weeks, it would ride up and make a dent at the waistline. I think if I had to do it over again I would wait on that and maybe have even forgotten it and went straight to the corset at one to two months. At four months I do not wear the CG any longer but on exercise days I wear the waist chincher instead of the corset.
Wow u look wonderful!!! I think i may start corsetting or the waist cincher! I'll take your measurements any day!!!

Corset is s-o-o comfortable

Yesterday when I took my corset off I realized that I just did not feel free of it but I missed the support it gives. I honestly believe it has helped to form my final shape. You can get fashion corsets that have steel stays, if they do not u can order steel stays on the internet and replace the plastic stays with steel. A fashion corset would not be waist training standards but some r oh so pretty that for a change adds zest to your wardrobe. Give it a thought.
I'm completely agree with you ColoradoMaiden. I love mine too. In addition to what you said, I'd also like to add that spending a ton of money on corsets during the recovery period could be pretty expensive, if not frustrating cause one's trying to figure what works better and where to purchase one. Based upon my experience, I'd suggest to anyone considering corseting to go to orchardcorsets.com and buy a steel metal corset CS-411 or CS-305 . These two styles not only feel comfortable when worn, but movement isn't restricted. Their prices range from $60- $100 and they've got tons if tutorials for the first-time corsetter. Anyway, I'm happy for you that all's well and you're enjoying the feel and satisfaction the corset provides. Stay blessed :-)
Duly noted! Thank you! Surely I don't want any negative results. Took your advice and ordered a smaller garment and it served its purpose. Thanks again!
Hi! I just wanted to thank you for recommending the hand held massager, it has made a big difference! While I'm still uneven and a little bumpy there is a drastic difference since I've been using it. Thanks again!

Happiness! Flat has set in

This morning I woke up with a 90% flat abdomen. The first time since surgery 4 1/2 months ago. I have done nothing different, just diligent on my massaging, exercise, and eating. For some of us it just takes a while longer.
You can definitely see a difference. You looked good before you had the procedure but you can really see your waist taking shape and your abdomen is flatter. Way to go! Do you have any updated pics for June?
I will try to post later today or tomorrow.
You look fabulous! Love the corsets!!

Five month update

I am almost to the point that I am both happy and satisfied. One flank is slightly larger than the other, the left side. There is also an area on the upper left abdomen that appears to be swollen is soft

completing update

For some reason my phone does not work well for updates. The front picture without clothes looks bad but in person the abdomen has some slight unevenness but the camera seems to enhance that. For some reason this last week I seem to be swollen more than I have been, It most likely is because of the heat. When I get better pictures I will post them. If the flank dies not go down I will consider coolsculpting instead of revision after the one year mark. Has anybody done that? What was ur results?

The corset was made from a pattern. I made it of denim and had ordered steel stays from corsetmaking.com. The next one I make will have canvas interfacing and heavier stays. It is just a hobby thing because by the time I buy stays, material, interfacing, front busk, and etc. I can buy a ready made waist training corset.
Hey CM! I was hoping to pick your brain - it looked like you had some mild loose-ish skin after surgery that took time to resolve - I was wondering when you would say it was "at its worst"? After 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months? When did it start getting noticeable better? From what I hear it keeps getting better for about 9 months... I am afraid that mine will get worse but trying to know what to expect/ not freak out for no reason. If you didn't have loose-ish skin after and it is just the camera playing tricks/ shadows, or the ridges in the garment that left impressions early on in recovery, please please please don't be offended - you look great five months out and I am only referring to the early on recovery photos since ours are similar when you compare the timeline Also I saw that you aren't happy with the difference in flank, but the difference seems so small- is it more noticeable in-person?
Yes I do have some loose skin and it is tightening some but it will never b truly tight. I am told that some other type treatment would help but as long as I look good in my clothes I am not concerned. I do plan on having coolsculpting done on left flank.
I have a little too but it was there before the lipo (yoyo dieting) so I am not surprised :) I feel the same way about how I look in clothes - so much better!!! I don't miss those flanks one bit!! You look especially good but I don't know if I could be as disciplined as you. Losing weight after lipo is hard- I have been wanting only comfort food, but somehow you lost 17#'s!! I told myself that today is the day to get back on the program

New pictures

New pictures of the corset, u can see the steel says need to be heavier. New pictures of me in different light. Maybe u can see my results better. I can post picture of pattern if anybody is interested.
You look fantastic!
You're looking great as always ColoradoMaiden!
Yeah, seriously, ColoradoMaiden!  I can't believe how tiny your waist is either.  The both of you are killing me with those tiny waists, LOL!  And beautiful corset BTW, thank you for the picture.  I'm so impressed!!!!!

Orchard Corset in today's mail

I got my new 22" corset today. The top and waist has about two inches to play with but the hips has quite a bit more. Thank you mother for those ole hip bones. Love the CS-41. I plan on starting to wear the corset more to see it will help smooth out that one last lump and may be help even out the flank that is slightly larger.
My six month checkup was Wednesday. Overall I am ding well and everything has evened it pretty well but am still a little unhappy that left flank is still slightly bigger than the right. The doctor office has a coolsculpting device but to make an appointment there it is a 1 1/2 hour drive each way and there are three Dr offices within 30 minutes. I think this fall I will interview each and make a decision. I will post pictures but when I took my corset off I have I have lines that do not photography well. I am no longer wearing my corset every day but am happy with the results. I believe the corset helped with the waist definition and evening out the final results. I have found panties/briefs that are high-waisted with 10" wide compression band running horizontally on the inside. I had bought metal stays to make corsets and decided to use the on the briefs. I cut gross grain ribbons about 1 1/2" longer than the compression band. On each seam I place one of these pieces of ribbon on each seam. I stitch along each side edge of ribbon and tack the bottom edge, I then inserted a metal stay into this narrow pocket I just created and tacked top of ribbon. This makes a cross between a waist cincher and CG. I will try to post pictures and it will be clear what I am saying.
do you find that the corset is aiding in shaping your waist? i'm wondering if it leaves a temporary effect, and if you stop wearing it does the shape go away in a few days? i don't want to torture myself like that if the effects don't last..lol you look great!
I do believe that corset trading helped immensely. I did wear mine for at least 12 hours a day for about their months. It helped to smooth out some uneven areas and to help form a smaller waist. I have not been wearing my corset consistently for the last couple of weeks. Good luck if u decide to do the corset training and make sure u buy a good one with metal stays the fashion corsets may have easily bent plastic stays and may leave dents in ur waist area. I sent u a private message.

Six Month Review

My six month checkup was Wednesday. Overall I am ding well and everything has evened it pretty well but am still a little unhappy that left flank is still slightly bigger than the right. The doctor office has a coolsculpting device but to make an appointment there it is a 1 1/2 hour drive each way and there are three Dr offices within 30 minutes. I think this fall I will interview each and make a decision.
I will post pictures but when I took my corset off I have I have lines that do not photography well. I am no longer wearing my corset every day but am happy with the results. I believe the corset helped with the waist definition and evening out the final results.
I have found panties/briefs that are high-waisted with 10" wide compression band running horizontally on the inside. I had bought metal stays to make corsets and decided to use the on the briefs. I cut gross grain ribbons about 1 1/2" longer than the compression band. On each seam I place one of these pieces of ribbon on each seam. I stitch along each side edge of ribbon and tack the bottom edge, I then inserted a metal stay into this narrow pocket I just created and tacked top of ribbon. This makes a cross between a waist cincher and CG. I will try to post pictures and it will be clear what I am saying.

Mobile Devices

Sorry about mistakes in post but am using a mobile and it is difficult to edit.
Your review made me feel so much better. I haven't found many just lipo reviews. I am almost a month out and have the hard lumps all over my tummy and still feel the pain when I have been sitting too long or standing for long periods of time. My CG leaves hard lines in my body that seem to be staying....where can I get the foam from pads from? I was wondering what the Epsom salt compresses consist of? You look amazing and thanks again for sharing :)
The foam lipo boards can be gotten from Amazon for about $20. I made hot Epsom salt water and soaked a good sized hand towel in It. I then put the towel on my abdomen and wrapped saran wrap all the way around the towel and my hips to hold it in place and hold the moisture in. I would put my chincer on over that an wear for 30-45 minutes.
Hi did you ever do the cool sculpting yet? I am interested as i will be doing this in Nov.
Sono Bello

Dr. Sevigne will be the doctor performing the procedure. He is board certified.

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