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I Wish I Read Up on the Reviews Before I Had LL Done - Phoenix, AZ

I will start with what I wish I knew beforehand,...

I will start with what I wish I knew beforehand, that is the biggest issue.
I didn't do my homework. I went to the LSL web site and looked up a clinic in AZ because I have a good friend that lives close to the Phoenix office that could stay with me the night of surgery. I found the number and called after looking up on line all the doctors that worked and choose Dr. McNeece because of his experience and time in the field. I booked a date on the 27th of Feb. and flew from Hawaii to AZ.

The clinic experience was not bad and the staff were friendly. I never really knew how long the procedure was going to be and the details of healing were not really explained to me. So I was very nervous but went ahead and had it done. My friend picked me up at 630 and took me to my hotel and stayed the night. I got very sick from the meds they gave me. Had to go in the next day to get drains out and rapping off and my left side of my neck was all full of blood that had to be aspirated over 7 times. So I got home and chose to stay on the antibiotics for one more week.

My neck is still swollen and my face in numb, My ears hurt and I have numbness that goes up the back of my head. The stitches healed good from what I can tell and I am just hoping I get feeling back and nerves come back in my ears. I read so many bad reports from people saying after years not having pain, I am very unhappy I didnt know it could take that long. Again I could have read up and looked into this more. All in all I am healing and didnt have unreal expectations, my eyes look better! will see how week 7 goes.
He has the qualifications I was looking for.

Mc Neesce


4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Check on the Doctors ladies. I went to a plastic surgeon after noticing that the doctors listed for lifestyle lift did not have excellent records. One had his license actually suspended.
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Hi Wainui3, Considering this myself and your feedback has been wonderful. However, my first concern is that you start feeling better soon and the pain and any discomfort subsides. You made a lifechhanging move and I give you so much credit. I hope and pray you are feeling well soon. Please disregard the idiots who spread their negativity. Thinking about you here in NYC.
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hi i and 3 friends had it done in long island and all of us have been left with scars pixie ears itching that never subsides at the ears and we had it done at least 7 years ago these doctors are now working in manhattan and have a similar track record of botched surgeries from breast implants to tummy tucks. so my advice is to find a reputable surgeon. you get what you pay for
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The reason for the procedure-a lift-did you achieve the results? I have had different procedures, and yes, pain is part of it. Our body is not used to being pulled or cut, so things happen. I would be upset if the results were not good after a procedure-just wondering?
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I'm sorry about your experience, but it's up to you to educate yourself prior to a procedure. Also, the "pills they gave you" were standard narcotic painkillers, I'm sure. Nausea is a common side effect of narcotic painkillers, but the alternative would have pretty much been regular old Tylenol. and I'm sure you would have been in 10x the amount of pain. My point is that this wasn't the clinic's fault, it's not like they have their own brand of prescription painkillers that made you nauseous, you know?
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I don'r want to sound cold. I AM sorry you had a bad experience :(
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How are you feeling now? Is the numbness going away yet? I am going into week 6 and still experiencing alot of numbness in front of both ears, under chin ear to ear. Extreme tightness which limits my range of motion. Still waiting for the day when I wake up and start to feel normal again.....they say patience is a virtue.
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yes, still numb but better everyday. I hate the feeling too!
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Hi Wainui3.....Just a note to say I hope you are feeling better and don't let any negative responses from some people get to you. I don't care how much research you do before the procedure, the road to recovery seems to be longer and more involved than what we are lead to believe. I can't wait to be able to start riding my horses again too. After 6 weeks, I still don't feel quite ready yet. Too sore and uncomfortable and would worry about something tearing if I did happen to fall off or who knows what. Good luck to you.....
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If you're referring to me, I specifically said I wasn't trying to be negative or to attack, and if I did come off that way then I want to apologize Wainut (who looks wonderful in her pic, btw) one more time. But, I have to disagree with you, and I hope those considering ANY sort of procedure read our comments. You CANNOT just depend on what your doctor tells you! You MUST, MUST, MUST do independent research, and sites like these are a great place to start. Furthermore, having realistic expectations when it comes to both how long the downtime will be/how long you'll be in pain, and the results you will achieve are absolutely, positively the most important things ANYONE considering ANY procedure can possess. :)
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ellaelise, yes I was referring to your comments, seemed quite cold and unsympathetic to me, just my opinion. Wainui had already stated in her title that she wished she had done more research prior to having her procedure and you reminding her of that wasn't exactly what I think she needs right now. She needs people to understand what she is going through, that's what I thought we were here for, to help each other during our recoveries. And yes, I do understand where you are coming from. This website is an excellent source for researching and reading comments, but for those of us who did not know about this website prior to making our decisions and having our surgeries, shame on us I guess for not finding it first. I did find the Lifestyle Lift website and after researching them, decided against going there for my procedure. But I didn't find this website until afterwards. Too bad we can't depend on what our doctor tells us relative to recovery. Some of us are struggling, and reminding us that it's our own fault just makes it more difficult. I'm not trying to be negative or attacking to you, but I am entitled to my opinion too.
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Again myownhope, I did specifically say that I'm sorry she had a bad experience. My concern was that she seemed to be thinking that the painkillers she was given were specific only to that doctor or blaming him for having a bad reaction, when really those are unfortunately all that are on the market save for much weaker painkillers. Also, nausea is a very common reaction. I'm not sure what she said back to me, but whatever it was was rude enough to be deleted by the community manager. I'm not quite sure where the reactions are coming from being that I myself said I didn't want to come off cold and was sorry she had a bad experience.
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Well said.
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Ellaelise, You keep saying you didn't mean to come off cold but in fact you did.Instead of just saying you were inconsiderate ,you jeep justifying that your comment was justified. When you undergo any type of surgery by any doctor researched or not it doesn't guarantee anything.I pray the lady that had the surgery is feeling better by now.
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Ellaelise..it has been 10 days since I relayed my opinion to your comment to Wainui3 in her defense. Apparently, I am not the only one that thought your comments were somewhat negative. As you can see, Wainui3 has not posted anything at all since her last post that you are referring to that was removed back on April 15th. If her reponse to you was rude or whatever, she probably did feel like she was being treated unkindly so she probably reacted to that. It appears that Waunui3 doesn't even feel like posting anything anymore. This probably hasn't been a very good experience for her and I feel bad about that. I am repeating myself, but..this is supposed to be a place to go for sharing experiences, reassurance and comfort for those of us who are recovering. And I do agree that if anyone is considering a cosmetic procedure and are fortunate enough to find this website prior to their surgery, this is a great place to research most cosmetic procedures. If you feel the need to justify your comments again, I guess that is your right, but why keep this issue going?
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Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us so far on RealSelf! I'm sorry recovery has been rough. I'd say you're looking pretty refreshed and for that I'm happy for you! Please keep us posted as you continue to heal.

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