From Elated to Devastated - to hopeful again!

I wanted to look younger to fit with how I feel...

I wanted to look younger to fit with how I feel and otherwise look, as I still have a nice figure. Thought I would get LSL's info and then go home and think about it. After learning I could save several thousand but only that day, signed on to the lift and a brow lift. $7000.

Appt. was for 11 AM the next day but by the time I got home received a call telling me to be there at 6AM. Not convenient as I lived 2hrs. away. But I showed, and they said no makeup so I complied other than some lipstick to brighten my face a bit. They made me remove it for the ghastly pictures they take of you prior to surgery. Horrible lighting, backround and a high powered expensive camera. I was told to take a 10mg valium prior to arrival and was given another one while there. I could not feel them at all. Asked for whisky after first round of shots-lost count.

Doctor left the room while I laid there shaking and with teeth chattering. Came back and gave more shots and began the cutting. I heard him cut what sounded like thick layer of skin, but only once. Judging by how I look, I don't think anymore was cut off. I have scars for a brow lift, but no evidence one ever happened. Eyes still droop at corners. Looked pretty good the first month- went on a trip I'd planned a week later- added a fall to my already long hair to help hide the stitches.

Got looked at by 30something and youger men! Then as the months passed- it is now month5 it all went away, the small jowls and lines near my mouth returned. The fine lines that had been smoothed away returned. I did not go for the one month pics they I see why they want to see you then...but complained in writing to my Dr. who saw me a few weeks ago. They again took pics, I had on full make up, my hair was done (was not in first pics) and they used soft lighting and a cheap hand held camera instead of the fancy tripod model they used at first.

The doc tried to get me to "see how far I'd come" by comparing these incomparable pictures as I pulled up my brows and cheeks and complained of jowls, lines and brow that sat on my eyelids. At one point I asked Which picture is that? It was a profile taken that day and the only way I could tell was by the earrings I was wearing....this went on for 20 min. He said he did not know what corporate would say but then reluctantly agreed to a revision in one month. As I was leaving, I coughed a little and he said rudely" Oh yeah you don't smoke, don't start. So what,if I smoked the whole mess would get blamed on that ?

So last week I found this jewel of a doctor on real self, Dr. Remus Repta who saw me for free and told me what likely went wrong, looked at the pics they asked me to bring, was kind' caring, I must say I was quite impressed...and he is VERY handsome! His assitant borught me their pricing and offered to answer any more questions , no pressure, no used car atmosphere like LSL. The surgeons' fee was less than LSL only the hospital made it more expensive. Ladies, my advice is stay away from LSL, there are too many stories like mine out there. I've yet to decide whether to go back for the revision and would like to hear from those who have.

I keep remembering other little tidbits so thought...

I keep remembering other little tidbits so thought I'd add them to my review. During the surgery I felt a strong pulling on my left cheek and asked the Doc: " What are using, a winch?" He then asked me what a winch was and I said,"You know like on a tow truck" At the time I thought I was being pulled nice and tight, now I feel my skin was stretched beyond belief adding to the sagging I have now. Also during the post-op interview/complaint I was told "to let it settle" Excuse me? Let it settle? Like grout on saltillo floor?.

Today I received a call from my Dr. who performed...

Today I received a call from my Dr. who performed the surgery. He was concerned about my postings here and wants to meet with me posibly April 30 for a talk and revsion. Perhaps we were not clear about my expectations the first time and he wants to be sure he understands exactly what I expect. We disagreed on the cameras used for the before and after...He was very accomadative as to my living 2hrs away and would schedule the talk and revision for same day. I did not get the impression he was angry but does wish to preserve his rep as a surgeon. I was glad to hear that. The way people talk here I get the impression their doctors don't care, don't know what they are doing or both and I suppose I began to think of my Dr. the same way. H e spent a great deal of time talking to me and was courteous, stressed he wanted me to be happy and I am feeling better about seeing him again.

I wish I had waited until this story was finished...

I wish I had waited until this story was finished to write about it because as it turns out, most of this has been written while in the "anger phase" of my experience. The emotional impact of going from56 to 35 and back again to 56 is profound. It has been a 6month roller coaster of elation, joy, feeling I had a new lease on life to denial; and trying to 'talk up" the situation in my mind, convince myself the lines and sagging weren't there. When I could no longer deny the reality, I became angry, feeling mislead, lied to, played. I felt embarrassed, foolish. I was also angry with myself for not doing my homework. Now it seems I've moved on to a new, quieter phase; gloomy, depressed, in tears, hopeless. The last phone call from my doctor has given me some renewed hope as he genuinely seems anxious to correct the complaints that I have. He has remained upbeat, warm and kind throughout this ordeal and I AM confident in his skills as a surgeon. He has many years experience and has even performed surgeries for free in Haiti after the devastation there. This tells me its not all about money with him, that he really does care for people. I had practically no bruising, and I bruise easily! This, I believe speaks to the gentleness and expertise with which I was handled. The sutures were neat and tiny, the cuts paper thin. I was out 4 days later buying a B-day gift for my granddaughter,and 10 days later on the trip we had planned for the occasion. So I am not left questioning my doctor's skills as so many others have. Hopefully I'll be writing a happy ending to this saga soon and posting a new picture of me at 35. I really could have passed for 35 after the surgery!! My thanks to all who have written to comment, give advice, or share their stories. I have met many lovely people here.

Today I received a call from my doctor's office to...

Today I received a call from my doctor's office to let me know the pre-op meds were being called in and to confirm the date and time for the revision. Other ladies I had noted, complained of being "put off" for these revisions, to the point where they finally gave up on it. So I was fearful of receiving the same treatment. This sounds like it is written in stone now! They are also allowing half an hour for the talk with the doctor before the procedure. Now I will have to psyche myself up again to get through all of the unpleasantries- picturing all of the ugly gone, recalling the exhilarating feeling of losing 20 years, being able to look in the mirror and liking what looks back.I will once again be able to stop pushing up the skin on my forehead and cheeks when I'm sitting relaxing. My husband hates that!! Also, I had purposely gained about 10 pounds so my face would appear fuller, but I don't feel good 10lbs. heavier! So that can go, too. Would be good to hear from anyone who has had their expectations realized after their revision. My appt. is one week from today (April30)

I want to add a couple of bites about some things...

I want to add a couple of bites about some things that happened to me that I never expected or dreamed of that first month while I was still looking great...My husband, grandson (13) and I were at a restaurant and the waitress overheard my grandson call me grandma. She looked utterly amazed and exclaimed "Grandma?! I thought you were Mom and Dad!!" In Jerome, as we were walking down the hill from the Grand Hotel I noticed young men, probably early 30's, looking at me approvingly. I had to laugh to myself as I thought "If only they knew they were eyeing a 56 yr. old grandma!" The ladies at the bank in the small town where I live know me well and actually did not recognize me when I came in and said as much. Luckily I was wearing a long fall to help hide the stitches and was able to say to them, "Yes, it's amazing what a little extra hair can do!" My mail lady would just stare at me when I was in the post office, as if trying to figure what was going on, she had a "knowing" expression on her face but was too polite to say anything. The check-out ladies at the dollar store looked puzzled, like they knew it was me but weren't sure, looking at my purse which they did recognize for a clue (I always carry the same distinctive purse) I walked by people who knew me casually who suddenly acted as though they did not know me!! This is life-changing stuff people!! My husband would sit and stare in amazement at me, saying I looked 18 again! He went from being a bit put out over the money he spent to saying that for the price of a used car he got a new wife. At one point he had tears in his eyes for joy over how happy I was. He began telling perfect strangers at the auto parts store that if they were married to a pretty girl they had better start saving for a facelift, because the girls won't let their looks go without a fight.

Went for the revision yesterday and Dr. Desvigne...

Went for the revision yesterday and Dr. Desvigne was his usual warm, cheerful self. We discussed my expectations and I had the sense he saw the same things that I did that needed correcting. He even re-did the entire procedure as he was not quite happy with my neck. I was not expecting that, only expecting a bare minimum of work. But he is a thorough and a bit of a perfectionist type of doctor it seems and did not attempt to "cut any corners".Told me I was doing well during the procedure when I thought I was not!! Told me some jokes and even tried to find a jazz station on the radio for me. His assistant made me feel very comfortable in her presence. Later that evening he took the time to call and ask how I was doing, that was very nice and re-assuring. Between the pain meds and the ice everything is bearable- the pain seems a bit worse this go-around. He was kind enough to give me percocet which is a more effective pain reliever than the standard vicodin that is prescribed. On the phone he re-assured me he thought the procedure had gone well and that I would be happy with the results. So I am hopeful and hoping to post that pic of me looking 35 again soon!!

Current pics as of 3/24/13

30 days now, still looking good...

Have posted 22 days pics and still holding up, trying to not get my hopes up that I will still look this nice after 2 mos! What a drag...think I'll wear that chin wrap every night forever, maybe that is the key. And use the inversion table everyday, too. Getting old is a drag but looking old is worse! Good luck ladies!

Two months, three weeks along...

Hello ladies, thought it was time to post an update as I am now almost 3 mos. post-op.While I still look better than I did before having any work I must admit I do not look as nice as I did the first month after revision. My jawline is not as clean and sharp and there are two slight bulges under my chin, on either side of the incision, one is more pronounced than the other. And I am still wearing the chin support wrap for hours and hours each night trying to prevent that! So now I am left wondering how far the failings will go....not a pleasant thought. Am wondering why it took longer to show signs of failure than the first surgery. The revision seemed to me to have been different. There was no cauterizing the first time and no bloody mess anywhere on me, either. During the revision I smelled the unmistakeable stench of burning flesh although the doctor told me he had done the same the first time around also....there was blood on the covering they had placed on my chest and the hair at the back of my neck was saturated. I chalked this up to perhaps he had gone deeper, addressing the SMAS layer that I was concerned had not been done the first time. So, this seemed to me a good thing and evidence of more detailed work. At this point I cannot say I am unhappy as I still look better than before anything was done, but I am seeing signs of it "coming undone" which is unsettling to say the least. Will try to get some pics up for you soon-
Peoria Plastic Surgeon

TV-the Phoenix office

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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We'd love an update! How are you doing now?
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You look great and I finally found you! I'm so glad that it all worked out in the end for you. I had such a beautiful job and am always happy to see another person get the results that were expected! You look superb and I'm very happy for you:-)
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you have quite a long story to tell here and if you are satisfied with your procedure, you are one of the "LUCKY" ones. I almost died from mine!
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You look beautiful.
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Thank you LimoBarbie. Your name reminds me people used to call me barbie doll in high school, you too? So you are having LSL in a couple of weeks? All the best to you, and I want to add that I am still pleased enough with the results, though for a while thought it was beginning to "go away" again.
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Have thought about this for quite some time for myself and my husband.... truthfully, after going thru all of these posts... I think we will just AGE GRACEFULLY and avoid any alterations... Does not sound pleasant, nor reliable.
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Thank you Jennifer for the compliment and keeping up w/my story. I went over to your story and you still look stunning after 2months...2 months, right? Yes, when people spend $7000 or so and see the results of the LSL ladies in their brochure they are expecting dramatic results, not just "some nice improvement". I recall my doc telling me he thought there had been "some nice improvement" after the first LSL. People can get that spending a lot less! One woman in their brochure had lots of fat and considerable jowling, looked really old and was turned into a beauty queen- that picture made me think that I needed very little work by comparison and should have fantastic results! I am sure other women thought the same way. Even though they tell you in the small print that they had other procedures done, the inference is that LSL can get you these results if you do as they did. And we trust the doctor to tell us what we need done to achieve these results. I keep hearing that there is a page telling people they may have zero results that must be signed prior to surgery...I wonder if a regular PS has people sign such a thing. It seems outrageous to me to tell people that after spending thousands and going through some serious surgery that their looks may not change at all...unbelievable. All the best to you also, Jennifer
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Hi ladyndesert, I am now at 3 mths, thank you for the compliment. Yes, I agree, people want to see some vavavoom results. I think this is what causes a lot of disappointment. I am still pleased with my result, but I don't think I would have been if I didn't get the chin implant- which, btw was my idea as I have always felt lacking in that area. Of course, you don't need anything like that- but I mention it because it wasn't recommended to me: so I am not totally sure if the doctors will give a full recommendation or not - maybe someone reading this will know.
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Oh dear ladynthedesert, I was a bit distraught reading your last update although you feel you still look better than before: I think after going through this effort you really want to feel better than just "satisfied." I personally think you look great. Please post new photos when you get a chance. All the best.
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Wow. It seems that unless you publish bad PR, this doc would have done nothing! I wonder what the docs have to pay to obtain referrals. That price would be passed on to the patients. The price seems expensive with no guarantees. I will certainly shop around before I choose a doc associated with Lifestyle Lift. Thank you so much!
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Awesome review. I resD the whole thing and i have adhd!!!
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Thank you! I was afraid it was a bit detail heavy and boring. You are very kind to remark on my story.
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You look great! Fingers crossed my friend.
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Thank you and yes, fingers firmly crossed.
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I get the feeling a lot of people feel like it's lifestyle lift or nothing? There are lots of great plastic surgeons! Get a recommendation from your family doctor if you trust him/her. Or your skin care person, or here or some other consumer site. Usually it's better and less expensive! They have to pay for those ads with something.
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I think people use them because they believe the cost savings comes from no hospital to pay for. Also their ads make it sound as though it is not as involved as a "regular FL" With MRSA etc. in hospitals also some, like me would prefer to stay clear of hospitals. This is the 2nd person to recommend asking one's family doctor for a recommendation. While that is good advice, not everyone has a family doctor. I don't and prefer non-western medicine whenever possible. I've gotten pricing from 2 plastic surgeons- 10,000 on one and 13,600 from another. LSL IS less expensive, but only if one gets results!!
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Had a friend who works for a facial plastic surgeon, not LSL, tell me her office has the utmost respect for Dr. Rodriguez, who has a practice and also does procedures for LSL. She herself, highly recommended him. That was most encouraging for me. At this time, I have had stitches removed, have much numbness -am on day 2 AFTER removals. Was told NOT to wear any ear-rings of any kind for some time, to wear lots of sunscreen if outside, and to wear the neck/chin "gear" at night for 3 weeks. I am following instructions .
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On that note, Ladynthedesert, how are you doing now after the second procedure? And I paid over 10k with LSL for everything I had done, lift, eyes and laser.
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The majority of LSL surgeons are accredited surgeons that also do regular FL. I have been reading a lot more about the different procedures and this LSL and other similar procedures have been around well over 30 years with many very happy clients. It seems to be particularly appropriate for younger patients between the age of 45-55 due to the mature of the aging process at that time. LSL also does different grades of the surgery,if I understand correctly, appropriate for patients older than 55. I am still early in my healing process, on day 19 and therefore cannot speak to long term results which it appears are questionable for some. I hope I will be one of the happy once down the road and I will continue to post for the next several months. Pics are coming soon too. It would be nice if we could have feedback from people that have had this done years ago and are still happy.
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I've read so many stories about "lifestyle lift" it would scare me. But my understanding is that a lifestyle lift is a lower face lift? Not a full face lift. And I did some checking, the prices are comparable, especially if the dr uses a surgical center rather than a hospital. If the dr does local anesthesia, like lifestyle lift normally does, it's frequently cheaper. The lady who eventually recommended the dr I used had some work done, but I did ask my family dr as well. I have one so why not? And I checked their records on line before I went to see them. The lifestyle lift does offer quick and easy. I understand the attractiveness of that, but the doctors I checked at the phx office ALL had issues with the medical board, one was even suspended for a time. So, being likely to never afford such a thing again, I went with the plastic surgeon (do they still call them that?), I've had no regrets at this point. I may yet. No guarantees of course, but I don't think so.
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I think I know what you mean about numbness tho I think of it as more of just lack of feeling. I think it is due to the nerves that are cut and it subsides as the nerves repair themselves. All of the "numbness" had vanished for me by the 6 month mark after first LSL. I believe I've heard the name of the doc you mentioned before, is he in Phoenix? No one has told me not to wear earrings and I was also told the same as you about the neck/chin gear-also following instructions. Wishing you well and great success!
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Hello Funnyface, thanks for passing along what you have learned. I couldn't agree more about needing to hear from people who had the work done years ago. My mother had a FL at 72, had deep lines from years of sunbathing I suppose-looked well into her 80's at the time and looked early 60's afterwards. I can't ask her anything about it tho as she will not admit to it. This was about 6 yrs ago and wish she'd send me a recent pic so I could see how well it is holding up. (she lives 2000 miles away) I think you are correct about LSL performing different grades of the surgery. Looking forward to your posts-
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OK so let me understand, you didn't have the LSL you had a regular FL?
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Hi FunnyFace50- I DID have the LSL- have only consulted with regular plastic surgeons. Saw one in person after first LSL, and got pricing info from another over the phone prior to having anything done.
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ladynthedesert, oh the question was actually for edinburgh56....she posted that she went to a plastic I was curious. I knew that you had the LSL and had the revision by the same doc...been following your story for a while. Sorry for the confusion...I'll ask the question more direct to edinburgh56.
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