Horrible-do NOT Do Fraxel! - Phoenix, AZ

I chose fraxel for a few fine lines & I heard...

I chose fraxel for a few fine lines & I heard about it stimulating collagen. I'm 15 months post one fraxel treatment. I have loss fat under both my eyes leaving hollows, my cheeks are sunken, developed significant hyperpigmentation where I had none previously. My face looks like I've aged 10-15 years. I'm depressed, now on medication. I'm looking at appx $16,000.00 is reconstructive facial surgery to replace fat under my eyes, in my cheeks along with dealing with huge pores that I didn't have before & trying to reverse this hyperpigmentation. My skin is orange peel in appearance, dry, more wrinkles than I ever had. My 48th birthday approaching & I look 60, looked 35 a year ago.


Do you have a before and after photo?
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how does eMatrix or sublative rejuvenation compare to fraxel?
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I know....trust me, I know.  My face collasped at 7 weeks and overnight.  The first 12 months were the hardest for me.  During that time, there were so many changes that I didn't know what to expect from day to day.  After 9 months, things settled down and I could see improvement.  I have improved greatly (80%) but not to the extent of being my old self.  I am actually a few years younger than you.  I never thought I would consider a facelift.  I thought I could have laser treatments as a prevention not a cause.  Are you using any products?  It is difficult in the summer but I really love Obagi or Lancer's line.  Both have given good results to others on here.  On a positive note, I think you are at an optimal time to have a facelift.  All of the "top" docs say have it earlier and be done.   That is my plan if I ever get the courage up to do it.

Please update how your consult goes.  Do you have someone near?  I had to fly several thousand miles to visit 2 doctors.  I plan on seeing another in September which is 900 miles from me.  I have done m homework and feel good about my narrowed choices.

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