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Hi ladies been a minuet since I've been in an I...

Hi ladies been a minuet since I've been in an I apologize I hope everyone is doing well.. I am still waiting to have my implants removed I'm seeking another Dr for the purpose May be able to use insurance because he is not a plastic surgeon but instead is a regular breast surgeon deflated implant has folded an is poking inside out an is painful an you can feel it.. :-( You can't see it in pic but it's there...


Congratulations on your decision to have your breast implants removed; many ladies who have thought their decision carefully, are very pleased with the longer-term outcome of the procedure performed. Generally, there is very little discomfort associated with the procedure and patients are back to full activity quite quickly. Best wishes.
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Thank you very much...
Good luck with finding your doc. I'm sure you will find him soon, and you will be free of all this pain. :-( At least you made the right decision for yourself and you already know what the out come will be. Your natural breast looks perfect! What size are you now and how long have you had them? They look similar to mine, And I'm trying to get an idea of what I will look like. I'm scheduled for an explant on 11-11.
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Still here...

It's been a while since I've been on here I hope my post finds everyone well ... I am still not free from my implants insurance turned me down I kinda knew it was going to happen but I was holding onto hope... I am still I'm pain ... I have tried everything I can't get a credit loan and pulling 6,180 out of the air is just not possible if there is a doctor any where here in the Phoenix area that is under that amount and is willing to take payments please help I'm at the end of my rope... :-(

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Well I'm 100% me again .. An struggling :(

Don't get me wrong .. I know I made the right choice , but I keep fighting with my self .. Some days are good an some are not so much .. As many if you know I had my implants for 20 years they really were a part of me ..


Hi there, how is your recovery going?x
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Hi Tracy.. I've had some issues with recovery as I have been one of the not so lucky ones to develop Mandors Cordes .. Hard to explain .. But needless to say very painful an there is nothing that can be done except warm compresses an a wait duration of up to 12 weeks for them to go away I have it on both sides one is about 2-3 inches long on the right side an the other is about 7-8 inches long on the left side you will have to look it up an read about it .. An I'm still not seeing a big change as far a tightning an lifting .. It messes with my head ..
You look great...well done on your surgery and sending love n healing xxx
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Dr Michele DeVito

The staff was Amazing yes Hillary I mean you, you are amazing ..!! An Dr DeVito thank you for all your support .. You are wonderful

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