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Hi ladies!!!! Im 31 yrs old and have saline...

Hi ladies!!!! Im 31 yrs old and have saline implants for 9 yrs. I have 3 children.I nursed 2 children with implants.I want to be natural again. I got them done in first place because i was teased by friends and family for being so small and from all that my self esteem went really low, that i decided to get them done. My doctor did a great job.I was a size 34A then after implants i was 34C but now 34D.Now after time has passed i want to be me again.With implants it has been difficult to run and sleep on my stomach, they feel not part of me, so i am getting them out on Friday morning.

Thank you. I Am still sore.. but Im Happy that i am natural again.
I hope you are well and that you feel happy with your results. All the best! There's nothing like being natural.
Hi there. How did the op go?

Hi!! Finally got Saline implants out its been 11...

Hi!! Finally got Saline implants out its been 11 days since surgery, Got them only removed decided no lift and see how i heal after 6 months to a year.I don't khow how saggy I am going to be. I will be posting some pictures soon.
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Hi! ladies. Sorry for not posting sooner, I've...

Hi! ladies. Sorry for not posting sooner, I've been busy with house remodeling and children my youngest is 15 months old. I feel better every day that goes by. I am little sore still from arm pits and still a little bruised on breast. Its been 19 days since my op. When I first got my implants in it was in 2003 well 9 years ago I was 22 years of age. By that time my daughter was 3ys old. I'd have breast feed her for 6 months. I was a full time worker too. My breast had always been small a size A cup since puberty. My friends at high school had big breast, wearing there nice bras. But I was very in to sports I love to run cross country and track and I enjoyed weight lifting, I did that all the way thru high school. I thought that maybe all my exercise was stopping my breast to grow but I guess it wasn't that. I did continue to run once in a while. I got married when I turned 18 years and I ran with my husband once in a while ,I felt very embarrassed with him all the time for my size of my breast so I kept my water bra on at all times. My family, probably shouldn't call "family" made fun of me for my small breast than my self esteem went really low, I kept on thinking about it too much. When I decided to get them done, I had talked to my husband about it he was supportive He said what ever made me Happy to do it. So I decided to get it done. My husband and I research for a doctor , Found one here in scottsdale Arizona. And went for it got my implants in. I felt great with them on, but they do change after time. It actually help my self esteem. It made me feel good about my self. BUT time passed, and couldn't help it. I FELT FAKE.. After 9 years with them on I talked to husband and wanted to remove them, He was very supportive too. I wanted to feel natural again. I went to same doctor and he listen to everything I had to say. My concern was sagginess because I did nurse 2 children with breast implants. I did get very big. My first feeling in my head was I got to get a lift if I'm removing this implants, but I talked to him and he said that it might not be necessary, so I decided to wait on lift, for about a year to see how my skin tightness. My incisions were done under arm pits that's how I got them in, so that's how I got them out. Soon after op. I felt such a relief less weight on top and my back doesn't ache anymore. My breast feel a lot softer. I feel small but natural. I am looking forward to sleep on my stomach, and buying a new bra.
hello you look great!
Thank you! andi22.
Congrats on getting your implants out! I am having mine taken out on Friday and I am so excited. What size are you now?

Hi!! Ladies Its me again.. I had not luck finding...

Hi!! Ladies Its me again.. I had not luck finding a fit bra. I actually tried several different sizes got very frustrated and I ended up given up..I a little stress out :{.. I have ticket for concert this weekend and looking forward to going, but I couldn't find bra.. Its now been 3 weeks since my op..Don't know were to go to find a bra?
Hi Preciosa,
I think you look great and good for you for decided to be yourself! My story is almost exactly like yours- I got implants at 24 years old after bf my 1st born and being uncomfortable my whole life with my small breasts. So the implants went in fall 2007 and I've had two more children since then and breastfed both of them (my 3rd is only a month old and am actually currently breastfeeding her). I am thinking that when I'm done breastfeeding her I am ready to go back to being my natural self. I'm turning 30 this year- and a mom- and not interesting in attracting attention with large boobs (I wanted a small C and ended up with larger D cups that feel too big for my petite frame). I also don't want my daughter's to grow up feeling "less" if they have small boobs and to see that mommy didn't feel she was good enough and needed to have plastic surgery.
Are you able to share the info of your plastic surgeon - I'm in Phoenix too. I'm also concerned about sagging post surgery since I got so large and I've breastfed twice since my surgery. Thanks for sharing your story! It's such a help to not feel alone!
Hi!! nramab. thank you. Here is my doctors info. Dr John J. Corey he is located in Scottsdale Arizona. He is a great doctor.It feel great to be natural again. thats how I was at first all my concerns was about how saggy i would look. But I am okay at the moment.I actually thought I would be saggier. but surprised in my results!! My doctor suggested to let 6 months past by to see how skin tightness.. wow you do have a similar story as mine.. Your not alone..Good luck.
Hi preciosa, how are you feeling?? Have you fluffed more? You look great! Any luck witg bras? You can always try the braza dolly wedges found on amazon.

Hello! Girls!! I am doing a lot better. My arms...

Hello! Girls!! I am doing a lot better. My arms are not sore, my armpits are healed. I did sleep on my side last night! it felt so good:) Its been a long time that I haven't slept comfortable on my side. I haven't started exercising, but as soon as i have a little time, I will especially, running is what I like best. I did get fitted for bra but had some complications. What happens is that I am not filling in bra cup like a did before with big boobs. I tried various sizes I tried 36A( the cup was too small feel very uncomfortable) 34B (band to tight cup fits fine) 36B (band is good,big gap in cup) 34C (bands fits a bit tight but cup has gap but feels more comfortable so i was thinking that I could fill in with padding or inserts and see how it feels and looks..I did go to a department store and got fitted by a professional she said that I measured 34C in a small cup. I really dont get it because when I had my boobs I did measure a 36D., but my boobs looked very full i remember at that time I tried 34DD and it was much more comfortable. But i think that inserts is my solution I will try that..Its probably just me in my head when i put on bra I want to see fullness, so like i said ill try inserts. Thanks every one for your suggestions. Oh by the way I did go to concert and saw my family as well and they said I looked great! and asked how much weight I had lost?they said I looked a lot younger. I didn't mention this but my family does not know that i got my implants in or that I got them out. I guess they thought my boobs grew in, and now I lost a lot of weight. I will be posting some pictures with new bra as soon as i buy one with inserts.. Thanks ladies.;) :) for support and kindness, suggestions and being there for me!!! Thank you!!!!
Hi ukfiggypudding Its nice to hear youre happier with your decision and to hear your doing well.
Hi, just wanted to add something about my experience. Had posted earlier on this thread & am now 6 weeks (today!!) post op of replacing my 15 year old implants. I had a full c with 250cc moderate profile silicone & am now at 175cc. I would never consider being implant free - I have very little breast tissue & although fairly slim, my figure is leaning on bottom heavy, with slim arms etc.
I feel happy that my implants probably won't need changing - they are Allergan & in fact my previous ones (I think mentor or mcghan) were still in tact, so probably would have lasted longer.
I understand that if you have the capsule removed, you will lose breast tissue, so you many be smaller than you think.
The bottom line is, do you like having breasts or ? I do :-) You need to have the op anyway & replacement is usually straightforward. Not sure about the capsule bit though ..I'm happy to post a photo of me, but don't know how to do it.
Good luck with your decision.

I guess I am the oldest that has posted here and have had my implants longer than anyone else. I am 67 years young (LOL) and have found out that my implants are encapsulated and need to be removed. I would prefer to not have any other implants put back in but my regular doctor (am still waiting for a consultation with a surgeon I have Kaiser Ins and cannot choose my surgeon which scares me...I have to go by my regular doctor's referral) and his nurse who had hers removed and replaced say I will need to have more put back in or I will look bad. I nursed 3 children and at the age of 37 had saggy breasts. I went through a divorce and decided to have implants to get back out into the dating world. I still have not given up on finding a good man and am nervous about what to do. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am nervous about having any surgery at my age and about what to do about replacing implants or not. I wore a size 8 or 10 and weigted 110 pounds. I have silicone implants and went from a 32 sagging B cup to a 34 C cup when I had the implants in and now wear a size 14 so I have gained weight as I have aged. I was 5ft 7 in and now am 5ft 6inches tall. Has any one had their implants removed and had a "lift" instead of implants put back in. I just thought maybe that would be better for me at my age than to get implants again ...would a lift help at least some on the sagging? Mammogram people have told me that I have more fat now than actual breast tissue so I thought maybe I wouldn't be as flat as I was when I was 37 but would probably be pretty sagging at this point once they were out. I feel better knowing that there are others out there who are nervous and worried like me. I am so grateful to find this site!!!! Thanks

Hi! Ladies. It been 2 months and 3 weeks since my...

Hi! Ladies. It been 2 months and 3 weeks since my surgery. I am feeling great. I have been wearing size 34B bra. Its so amazing to feel natural. I guess I had forgotten that feeling. I still have some extra skin, I don't think skin is going to tighten any more, but I am going to give it more time. Here I added some pictures with some favorites bras that I wear.

NewDawn,  lol I love your spirit!  As a fellow 47 year old I get it!  Thanks for the bra recommendation I desperately need a half size!  Continue to be positive your nipples will soon turn up and match your smile!
Hey mine were in for 19 years and I'm 47 years old and let's see I took the ace bandage off just now, my surgery was 6days ago and yes my nipples are facing the wrong direction but as long as we are finding the humor in all of this that's what counts! I do have a bra recommendation if you happen to have a Diilards in your area they have a house brand called, Wacoal that has a wide selection which seems to fit half size breasts. Also, these bras are so comfortable, and they are expensive but they last a very long time even if you wash/dry them. Remember sagging, inverted, flat breasts are the new latest and greatest!!!!

Just checking in on you!  Wanted to know how you are doing!  I pray that you are still in the best of spirits and taking excellent care of your new self!



HI!!!! ladies its been a while!! Summer is a busy...

HI!!!! ladies its been a while!! Summer is a busy time!!! I went on vacation and now its back to school for my children.. I feeling great without implants.. I was able to do lots of running and swimming.. I feel great!!!! Best of Luck to every lady out there that's doing Ex plant. It was worth it!!!!!
You look great too :)
Thank you firehorseoflove2002.

Hi ladies its been 6 months since my OP. I am...

Hi ladies its been 6 months since my OP. I am happy that I got my implants out but still having a depressing time about extra skin. I do not like how I look when bending down have lots of extra skin and when laying down my nipples cave in. I am having hard time being topless for my hubby, I always have some type of shirt on. I do not want him to see me especially when laying down. I am having hard time finding nice shirts, blouses, dresses to fit me good from top. Every time I try something nice, doesn't fit me. So I end up not buying anything even though I like it but don't like how I look in it.:( I guess there is nothing for me to do about it, I did try massaging and wrinkle cream but didn't work well didn't see a difference. I don't want more surgery unless I am going to get a good result with out loosing my nipples sensation, a lot of ladies say that they loose nipple sensation when doing a lift and I don't want that. I regained my right breast sensation completely back since after I took me implants out. But other than the extra skin, I love that I am natural. I added some side pictures.
How are you coming along preciosa? Do you feel better?
I would like to get more info about your doctor
bellaphoenix, Hi! okay I can give you more info. or you can look in the doctor reviews in this site and all his info is there.. But you can ask me anything you would like here or in private what ever you feel more comfortable..thx

Hi! Ladies Its been 1 year and 1 month since my...

Hi! Ladies Its been 1 year and 1 month since my implant removal..I still have have some depressing moments here and there just issues with mom saying to me that i am so flat chested but I try my best not to let it bother me because I physically feel great, I Have gained weight but I am working on loosing that weight and with out those implants, it seems that I can work out a lot longer time. Its summer time here in Phoenix time to wear swim suit.I haven't found a one piece swim suit that fits good from top, but i will keep on looking.Sometimes I get very frustrated but I just need to be patient and positive shopping.
Wow...you look really good! Keep logging on to Real Self to get some positive feedback. I'm so sorry that your mother says negative things to you about your breasts-our job as parents is build our kids up and not tear them down. Have you confronted her as to how it makes you feel? You totally did the right thing for both your health and to be a role model for your children. I can relate to the feeling self conscious with the hubby. Make sure that you are getting exercise as that also helps the self-esteem (and helps tighten things). Hang in there...
Your natural breasts are pretty :-) Thanks for sharing your journey. I just had mine removed and am so happy to be free from the bags lol!
Congratulations. Your post op pics are so cute and petite. :) I have extra skin that does all sorts of creative stuff when I am not wearing a bra too. It's our battle scars from motherhood! You have every reason to feel pride and confidence in your body.
Dr. John J. Corey

Dr. Corey is great doctor. He listened to me, my concerns, my questions. He did a great job putting in implants and removing implants as well.He understood what I wanted and what I was going through..What I really liked about him is that he did not pressured me into other implants or anything else. He respected my wishes. I wanted natural and he made me natural again.

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