I wish I found this site prior to going for my sx...

I wish I found this site prior to going for my sx on March 26, 2013. I thought I was physically, mentally and emotionally ready for this. I was so frustrated with the pain felt like its never going away. Back pain, neck pain and TT pain all rolled into one.For anyone wanting to get TT done, I highly recommend doing your homework and also preparing yourself to experience emotional rollercoaster.

I didn't find this site until a few days post op. I wish I had found it earlier too. I did alot of research and surfing the web and YouTube about it. I was as prepared as one can be. I just didn't realize the recovery would take quite as long as it does. Hope you are doing ok and the pain is lessening. It will be so worth it. You'll see.

Im on my 9 days post op and still not half way to...

im on my 9 days post op and still not half way to what i would consider as im feeling way better. had my drains removed 6th days post op and that was another experience. Goodness, it just goes to show that i didnt do much research on what i was going to subject myself,body, mind and emotions into.
the back pain for me is unbearable, i had back pain before I went for surgery and TT just aggravated or just flared it up for me. I feel tired after walking for 5 minutes and does feel like i need to lay down and take a nap. I guess what's frustrating about this whole thing is the fact that you remember how it felt to be walking straight, running, sitting and just being able to do things without worrying about tearing a muscle or stitches. The feeling that' if only I could tell my body to speed things up" I've bought myself organic/ herbal vitamins to help with my recovery and repair. I know those are not magic pills but i sure hope that they will start taking effect.
On my 9th day I still cant stand straight, I walk baby steps, my lower back is sore from being hunched back and yes, Im tired. I guess that's an understatement, its more like Im exhausted. I do know that my body is working extra hard to repair and recover from surgery hence the reason why i do get tired and exhausted.
Im just hoping that next time I post here, it would be more of " feel good" post rather than my post op pains.
For me, the healing process was slow. It seems that some zip right through it. Just try to take things slow. Remember that this is a process and it takes time heal and lots of patience. You're doing great. Take care.
At 9 days what your feeling is completely normal. It wasn't until I was 2 weeks post op that I began to even attempt to do things like driving, going out etc. I'm 3 weeks now and I'm standing straight up but still more tired, still get muscle tightness and still hurts to sneeze. As long as everyday is a tiny bit better than the day before your going in the right direction. Happy Healing!
i did watch youtube videos they were quite helpful but really appreciate this site since most of the questions I had or still have readily available answers from co-TT's and professional dr's. Imasweetie10, how long ago did you get your TT done?

Im 13 days post op and im feeling a i have more...

Im 13 days post op and im feeling a i have more energy. I tried to give my body a rest from the compression garment but after a few hours, i ended up feeling like a whale. I was swollen, my abdomen was extra firmer or hard and my skin started itching.
I've noticed that during am i do have minimal swelling but around afternoon or PM that' s when i do noticed significant swelling. the area above my incision becomes hard around afternoon and evening. I also noticed that for the past few days Im starting to itch. Luckily im not itching directly at the incision but around it especially around the hip bone area where my incision ends.
mentally, i feel im good with the whole thing
emotionally, i still get frustrated at times when im restricted and limited to doing what I normally do
physically, I feel i can do a little bit more but still not close to my pre-op physical level ( which is expected)
Hang in there! Everything you are feeling is normal. In the long run you will be so happy you did it!
Hang in there Belle! We put our bodies through hell to have the " new " us! It does get better, promise! I am a few days short of 5 weeks, and feel awesome! You'll have your ups and downs, but as time goes along you'll have more ups! Glad you joined RS! Never to late to get positive and encouraging support! Wish you the best of luck from here on out! :)
Hi mommabelle! Welcome to the site! I am glad you discovered it early in your recovery. I am a few days behind you and still cant stand up straight. Am going to venture out in public today armed with the "i pulled a muscle" excuse/lie. Hang in there! If it wasnt for this site i would be discouraged, too but am glad to know this will pass and we will get stronger every day!

16 days post-op 24 hours from a 13 hours flight...

16 days post-op
24 hours from a 13 hours flight from Manila to Vancouver, Canada. It was a smooth flight and so far no edema or anything from the flight.
I did push myself to start cleaning up my home since I was away for 20 days- Not a good idea. By 6pm I was in pain, it wasnt the incision site but more from the inside. Im assuming it might be the muscles paired with the PM swelling. I still did not recover after 8 hours of sleep.
Today would be first day of my completed cocktail of anti-inflammatory supplements and food. Im hoping to feel the difference so I could share with everyone if the cocktail that I made would be effective in minimizing swelling.
thank you for the positive vibes
Thank you
how was your "venture out" . I find that if i start off early in the am and finish my errands etc by 2pm, Im still good and not as exhausted. the swelling in the PM does get to me at times- I feel like if i stand straight and Im all swollen- Im just going to rip out something in my abdominal area.

Today I am 21 days PO, I am slowly feeling better...

Today I am 21 days PO, I am slowly feeling better and I have noticed that my swelling isnt as bad as my first two weeks PO. I am not sure if my minimal swelling is due to the cocktail of supplements or vitamins that I have been taking plus also the arnica gel and icing that I have been doing for the past 3 days.
I have uploaded photo from my 19 days PO.
You look great. You are on the downhill slope now. Time will fly by.
Imasweetie, sorry for the delay in response. I am 21 days PO now and I am starting to feel better. Although I had set back 4 days ago due to 13 hours flight and I did some house cleaning. Honestly took me 4 days to recover. Lost of arnica gel and icing.

23 days PO and feeling positive about my recovery...

23 days PO and feeling positive about my recovery and healing despite a little hiccup with a small portion of my incision site not healing as fast as the rest. I honestly have more than 7 compression garment or binder. I feel the need to change it if and when I start feeling some changes with my abdominal area. Today, I purchased a compression garment that's meant for rib support. I find the size and also the flexibility quite nice. I also have switched to velcro Tensor Bandage- I bought the biggest size and longest so I could just wrap my whole torso/abdomen to my liking and have more flexibility. I do find that it does work compared to those stiff compression garment or binder that I initially used.
Posting photo of my daily cocktail of supplements that I take to help with healing and also minimize swelling.

Today Im using Aquacel Hydrofiber Wound Dressing...

Today Im using Aquacel Hydrofiber Wound Dressing prescribed by my PS to help with my delayed healing of my small portion of my incision. Feeling confident now that I finally got something to help me with the wound healing. In a weeks time I will check it and provide update if my wound finally has healed.
Thank you for sharing... And all the tips to help swelling!
225, I am so obsessed with the swelling or inflammation that I will practically try anything and everything to minimize the swelling.
thank you!

4th Day using the Aquacel Hydrofiber Wound...

4th Day using the Aquacel Hydrofiber Wound Dressing: this product is amazing. My wound isn't wet and the white portion is gone. I have also noticed that the fresh wound has healed. Will still continue to use for another week.
Im 4 weeks post-op now and like you said, i am feeling a lot better.

5 Weeks Post-Op Finally starting to feel more...

5 Weeks Post-Op
Finally starting to feel more normal now. Each day is definitely better than the previous. I still continue to take all my natural supplements and have added curcumin to my concoction. I will try another natural home remedy to minimize swelling. 2 glasses of corriander mixture and 2 glasses of barley mixture. Will see how that works.
I am happy that my swelling isnt that bad and have noticed that the more I use my compression garment or binder the more I swell.
I have resumed my self lympathic massage and have noticed that it has also helped with the swelling.
BTW, curcumin does help with the bloating :)
Finally my delayed wound has healed completely, Thanks to Aquacel Hydrofiber wound dressing. Wonderful product!
I am on my 9th day using the silicone sheet and from photos I took, I think my scars look pretty okay.
Will be posting again 6 weeks Post-Op
Scar is looking great.
thank you :) im starting to feel waaaay better now too.
I'm glad. :)

6 Weeks Post-Op Not much change from 5 weeks...

6 Weeks Post-Op
Not much change from 5 weeks Post-Op. Recovery is on its way. I still continue with my natural meds to minimize swelling and also help with the healing and recovery. My scar is looking okay with the help of the silicone sheet, just noticing that the swelling still continues and that I guess causes me to feel low. The duration of the recovery is taking its toll on me, Im not feeling remotely close to being normal but it is expected I know it mentally but I guess my feelings are just taking over :(
Posting new pics of my 6 weeks Post-Op
Hey momma! Dont feel low! You made the right choice and things will get better with time! Are you wearing compression still? I just got the ok to take it off. Lots more swelling! Shocking even though i KNEW it was going to happen!

NINE- 9 Weeks Post Op

9 weeks post-op and still some swelling especially above the incision line and also mid-section. I do feel a lot better feeling more normal except for times when I feel like my abdomen is cramping.
I do notice that at night or during sleep, that's when I feel like my tummy is tensed- not sure why but every night I go through that feeling.
I love how I look when I get up in the AM, tummy's flat but as soon as the day progresses that's when the swelling kicks-in. Although it isnt as bad as my first 8 weeks, I could wear tight fitting dresses now without getting conscious that i have a swollen belly.
I still continue with my natural supplements but have minimized my arnica and trumeel.
approximately 5 weeks using my silicone sheet and will continue until I am fully satisfied with the result
I will be starting my gym and exercise since I know for a fact that I have gained weight due to minimal activity or should I say inactivity.
Next post and photos 12 weeks Post-Op
Do you have this doctor email or contact info I'm currently in Japan and can travel to Phillppines since it's closer
I'm waiting a Tummy tuck as well
Dr. Jerry Ngu

Found him through a family friend. He did my breast augmentation back in 2006.very friendly and his staff very attentive.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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