It Made Me "Whole!" - Greenhills, Philippines

In a nutshell, it was the most painful procedure I...

In a nutshell, it was the most painful procedure I have had. My butt was swollen, it was sore - I could not sleep on my back and I had to be helped to turn my body in every direction. However, the results gave me a very nice silhouette; I look good in jeans; my buttocks fill my slacks and skirts much better. I was simple in my wish, I told my plastic surgeon: "No JLo butt for me. I want a Nicole Kidman butt. They said, "Oh, Jlo butt is 450-600 ccs versus 100. We can do that!"

I had hydrogel injections under twilight sedation. I did not do this impulsively. I read up on it, discussed it with the doctors and made sure it is safe, it can be removed, etc. The thing that made me decide on it is that it is made up of 97% water. It feels natural, it is not hard, it is MINE.


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