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In a nutshell, it was the most painful procedure I...

In a nutshell, it was the most painful procedure I have had. My butt was swollen, it was sore - I could not sleep on my back and I had to be helped to turn my body in every direction. However, the results gave me a very nice silhouette; I look good in jeans; my buttocks fill my slacks and skirts much better. I was simple in my wish, I told my plastic surgeon: "No JLo butt for me. I want a Nicole Kidman butt. They said, "Oh, Jlo butt is 450-600 ccs versus 100. We can do that!"

I had hydrogel injections under twilight sedation. I did not do this impulsively. I read up on it, discussed it with the doctors and made sure it is safe, it can be removed, etc. The thing that made me decide on it is that it is made up of 97% water. It feels natural, it is not hard, it is MINE.

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Pls help can I have your connect I am willing
2 compensate thanx

Thanks Becca. That would be a good idea if you could accomany women there. I wish I knew about this before. Do you have before and after pictures? My email is ***

On my post, I stated $3000. They touted it as permanent and I have had it since 2007, it is not 2011 and I still have them:) Belomed Clinic is where I went in the Manila area of the Philippines. I checked their website yesterday and they do not offer it anymore, instead they are doing silicone implants, which I would not want. I would ask about hydrogel anyway because sometimes, there are services that may not be as popular so they do not put it on their website. I have been reading doctors saying hydrogel is not "permanent" because they want women to consider fat transfer. My experience is that my hydrogel buttocks augmentation is "permanent." But this is just my advise to the wise, let us not be greedy and ask for a butt that is "worth the money" - this is like breast augmentation, you can overdo it and look fake. After my procedure, I was HUGE behind and I went back to the doctor; I wanted to make sure she understood, I do not want a JLo butt. I want my butt to be part of me, not another entity behind me. She told me not to worry, it would go down 45% and it did. It goes well with my height, (5'5") and my body frame. The best part is that it is "neat and tight" and my jeans and skirts and anything I wear looks full but not bursting. I am trying to work it out so that maybe I can accompany women there because I have friends (I am Filipino) who want to have plastic surgery but cannot afford it here. They are very strict in Manila--you have to have lab work, ekg, respiratory tests before they will do plastic surgery. Money does not buy everything but once you are able to get in, the facility is as modern as any that I have been to in the US.
And did the 3000 include your flight and hotel and all of that?
Hi Becca thx 4 sharing ur experience. Have you had to go back to get a touch up? If not, how often do you plan on going, or do you even need to go at all? I am getting hydrogel in Feb. I've been doing research and now i'm just trying to get a more realistic input before I move forward! Thx
What doctor did you go to? How long does it last? How expensive was it.