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36yr Old Mom of 3 - Tummy Tuck W/ Lipo - April 9th

I am a 36yr old Mom of 3girls, 16yrs, 14yrs &...

I am a 36yr old Mom of 3girls, 16yrs, 14yrs & 8yrs. I was 100lbs when I got pregnant at 19yrs & gainded 70lbs. Unfortunately I never got my pre-pregnancy body back. I am 5'4" & 130lbs & I work out 3-4 days a wk & run 6miles 3-4 times a wk & no matter what I do I can't loose my belly, excess skin & stretch marks.

I am finally at a stage in my life where I have a little extra money & my kids are old enough that they don't need my constant attention. So, after much debate my husband & I finally decided to go for the TT w/ lipo that I have dreamed of for yrs.

I had 5 consultations w/ 5 different PS Drs & picked the one I felt was most knowledgable & who made me feel the most at ease. I am scheduled for April 9th (only 3wks away). I am scared to death. I can't decied if I am more nervous or excited? What if something goes wrong? What if I am not happy w/ results? What if the pain is unbearable?

I enjoyed reading everybody's posts & learned alot about what to expect. I'm sure everything will be just fine, I am just soooo nervous!! I will post pre-op pics soon.


Every thing will be alright keep every one posted!
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Today was my pre-surgery testing & final consultaion. I feel much better after that last consultation. Also, when in the hospital, for pre-testing the nurses & admissions staff raved about my Dr. & how good he is. That gave me a good feeling that I picked the irght Dr. Well with less then 3wks to go, there is no turning back now as the surgery is bough & paid for now. I felt bad putting so much money down for an elective surgery but you know what? I am worthit, damn it!! Now the waiting game. How am I going to get through the next couple weeks when this all I can think about? BTW, still haven't posted my pr-op pics but I will soon, I promise.
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I'm having mine to some time this mouth i had to get my iron level up i was schdl. for March 9,2010 but was canceled. You will be just fine.
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Ok, this is where I am at. The surgery is bought...

Ok, this is where I am at. The surgery is bought & paid for. The pre-testing is done. With less then 2wks untill my TT surgery, it is all I can think about. I've started preparing my house for my recovery. I started the mulit vitamin & the vitamin C. Per my Dr's orders I've started washing w/ an anitbacterial soap & I've cut out certain foods that might prevent clotting.

I am soooo excited, reallllly nervous & everyday is an emotional roller coaster. I hate the waiting that I have to endire now. I just want to get it over with.

But aside from that, here's my problem . . . Aside from my husband, no one wants to talk about my upcoming surgery. My friends & family avoid the topic & change the subject every time I bring it up. I'm a little hurt by this bc it is such a life changing experience for me & something I have waited a long time for (16yrs). Why can't they just be happy for me?

I think part of the problem is that I've hid my stomach so well for years that they are thinking I'm a little crazy to put myself through this. Only my husband really knows what I look like behind my strategiclally placed clothes. I'm actually so embaressed by my gross stomach w/ its stretch marks & loose skin, that I have even postponed posting my pictures on this website. Which is silly bc we are all in the same boat right?

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone is having these same problems & how are they dealing w/ it?


It's funny that your friends and relatives don't want to talk about it. It my case, I'm the one who is not talking. I'm afraid people are going to try talk me out of it. But it's done. The money has been paid, and I'm going for it. I don't need to hear any negative comments. I feel like I have to stay positive, so I'm afraid to tell people about it. It's nice that we have this site to let out our feelings.
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Good for you redapples.I have not took the plunge yet But I too am not telling a soul Sometimes people are really negative and will try and steal your joy and it ain't happening.Stay positive because your joy is coming enjoy the new and improved you:)
Good Luck. My surgery is scheduled for April 8th! We'll have to compare notes. I can completely relate to the roller coaster, ups and downs, nerves, etc. I too feel somewhat guilty and yet I know I deserve it. I also feel guilty because no one realizes what I'm hiding under my clothes. The few people who've seen (besides my hubby), cannot believe I live with it. My pre-op appt isn't till tomorrow. I'm so anxious! Going to be a LONG week. God Bless all of us!
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TODAY IS THE DAY!! I am getting ready to leave for...

TODAY IS THE DAY!! I am getting ready to leave for hopsital soon. It is 6:30AM & my surgery is scheduled for 9AM. I just wanted to post my pics before I leave. I am nervous but I think I am more excited then anything. I am ready to do this!! Next time I post, I will have a brand new tummy!!!

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I did it!! I am 4 days post op. I have to say it...

I did it!! I am 4 days post op. I have to say it was not as bad as i had expected. ON a scale of 1-10 the pain was never more then a 5. Every day gets better and a little easier. I am just so week & tired but not really in pain. I have stopped the pain meds. I took the pain pump out yesterday. ANd I took the binder off yesterday for the 1st time but it made me so dizzy, I had to put it right back on. My hubby took pics while it was off an I was a little concerned of the look of the belly button. It almost looked like a baby's belly button after its born, minus the umbilical cord, lol. I thought it was susposed to be more red & w/ dried up blood??? ANy comments? I can't really get the full affect of what the result are w/ the swelling & all but the scar is pretty low which is omething I was worried about. And he did lipo on my thighs which look great & minimum swelling & bruising.

Anyway I plan on taking shower later today bc I think I am starting to smell since I have not had shower since Fri morn. Will post pics when I am feeling better.


hi! congratulations for doing what makes you happy about yourself. i'm seriously thinking about it too. i workout almost everyday and my tummy looks like your before pics so i am curious to see your after pics. pls post too. can you recommend your surgeon too cause i would like to consult. thank you! and have a speedy recovery. enjoy your "new" body. :)
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Today is 1wk since surgery. And I feel pretty damn...

Today is 1wk since surgery. And I feel pretty damn good. Sleeping in my bed now. Getting stronger everyday. Doing little things like dressing myself & loading the dishwasher feel like big accomplishments. Baby steps, right? I'm almost able to stand up completely straight.

Today I go for my post op app & get drain taken out! Praise the Lord, I hate that thing.

All in all, I have to say, it wasn't that bad. The pain was very minor & the reward was so worth it. I have yet to experience the dpression some people have. My spirits have been high since day one!! A bit bored but not depressed.

I just can't wait for all the bruising & swelling to go down so I can see my new tummy in all its glory!! The scar is a little higher then I would have liked but still I would do it again in a heartbeat. Plus I'm thinking when the swelling goes down, the scar will move down a little bit too. A girl can dream right?


Congratulations. You look great already. I'm glad everything is going well for you. Please keep us posted. I am going in on the 21st. Will let you know.
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10days Post op!! I am going back to work today....

10days Post op!! I am going back to work today. UGGHHH, but seriously I am kind of happy to go back to work bc I have been bored to tears at home all wk.

I had the drain removed 3days ago at my 1wk post op visit & I think that was the worst part of the whole thing. I can't believe that huge long drain was in my stomach for a wk. I was glad to be rid of that thing. Anyway, my Dr. gave me the ok to start walking 30-45mins a day. Which I have been doing & it feels great to be doing some form of exercise.

After the drain came out I started to get some serious swelling but after calling my Dr he said that is normal bc all the fluid that was going into the drain isn't anymore. He sadi to give it some time & the swelling will go away. As long as there are no signs of infection, fever, puss, redness, achy, hot to the touch, I am good w/ a little swelling. I will post my "Swell Hell" pics later. Is anyone else having this swelling after drain coming out problem?

He also told me the scar line that I thought was a little high, will move down as the swelling goes down & everything gets tigher & firmer.

My neighbor is also a nurse & has been checking on my progress, she says I'm doing great. The swelling is normal & the scar line will go down as promised. I lucked out having a nurse neighbor!!

And that yucky yellow thing fell of my bellybutton & it looks good.


Hi, I am 10days post op & aside from the swelling, which is normal I am doing great. Going back to work today. My Dr was {edited} he is w/ Pennsylvania Hospital on Spruce St & I do recommend him. He has been great. My OBGYN who I have been going to for 15yrs & trust told me Dr. B did his wife's facelift. If a Dr's wife is going to him he must be good. So, far I am very happy w/ the results. Before the swelling set in I could see that my stomach was flat as a board. And even though the scar line looks high in the pics, he promised me at my post op visit that as the swelling goes down, the scar will move further down too & everything will get even tighter. And I can honestly say, IT WAS NOT THAT BAD!! My PS said, If you are in shape, your recovery won't be that bad & it hasn't been. On a scale of 1-10 my pain level was never above a 5. Good Luck & keep me posted!!

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Hi JeanBean,I just wanted to check up on you since your surgery was the day before mine. You look great!! I hope your recovery is progressing well. I am 10days post op & going back to work today. I feel great & aside from some normal swelling I look great too!!

Ok, my first day back to work was harder then I...

Ok, my first day back to work was harder then I thought it would be. I had to leave early. Back to work again today, hopefully today it will be a little eaisier. I wasn't in any pain it was just very tiring (and I had some back pain from sitting in a chair most of the day). I was ready for bed by 7PM.

Today I go back to my PS to get the stage 2 garment. The size med he gave me at my post op visit is too small due to swelling.

WHEN DOES THE SWELLING STOP!!!! None of my clothes fit me bc of swelling & bulky binder. I'm actually wearing my "fat" work clothes. Oh well, I just have to hang in there bc in a few weeks I know I will look super great!!!

And I have a terrible rash on my inner thighs where he did some lipo. Not painful just a little itchy. I have to ask him about that today.

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I am exactly 2wks post op today. I have so...

I am exactly 2wks post op today.

I have so much swelling it is so uncomfortable. And there is more swelling on one side then the other. SO I called my Dr this morn & he said to come in & he will look at it. I hope I don't have a seroma. HAs any one had a seroma, can you tell me your experience. I pray to God that is not what it is & hopefully it is just normal swelling & I am being paronoid.

I haven't posted pics in awhile bc I am jus too swollen &it is uncomfortable when I don't have my binder on.

say a prayer for me & I will keep you posted.

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Went to Dr on Fri & he said I had a seroma but...

Went to Dr on Fri & he said I had a seroma but when he went to drain it, no fluid came out???? He said that's ok, it will go away on its own, my body will absorb it. But everything I have read about seromas on this website, there is no real way to get rid of seromas w/out draining them?? So I am a litlle confused. Has anybody had this promblem?

I also realized that I swell a lot when I eat salads, go figure. So, I am staying away from salads for awhile.

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I just posted my 2wks post op pics. Does this seem...

I just posted my 2wks post op pics. Does this seem like a normal amount of sweeling for 2wks? Now keep in mind these are morning pics & I am always more swollen in the evening.


I'm schelduled for a full TT w/ lipo on June 1st. I'm very nervous!!! I have only told my best friend & my family about it because like you i've hid my stomach for the past 15 years so i'm afraid my friends won't understand... do you think it would be best to tell them anyway??? by the way your stomach looks great!!!
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I would love to update my status as I am feeling much better but it seems they have changed the website since the last time I was on here & I cannot figure out how to add new pics or update my status so I am posting a comment. I am 4wks & 4days & I am feeling so much better. The swelling is going down every day, as the good Dr said it would. The difference i swelling between week 3 & week 4 is unbielvable. And also the way I feel from week 3 to week 4 is awsome. I can only imagine that as the weeks go on, everything will just get better & better!!! I am so happy I did this & my only regret is I did not do it sooner.
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From what I've read (my surgery is scheduled for June 15), swelling for quite a few months is normal. But, saying that, you could as the doc if he would consider sending you to a lymphedema therapist. I am a certified lymphedema therapist and have worked with patients who've had lipo and/or tummy tucks with SIGNIFICANT decrease in edema. It's a special massage technique that you have to be taught how to do, but if you keep up with it, it can keep your swelling minimal.
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Dr Scott Brennman

After having 5 consultations, he seemed most knowledgable & put me most at ease.

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