8 months PO-finishing up with more Lipo!!

Wednesday is my day this week. I have waited 4...

Wednesday is my day this week. I have waited 4 months and tonight a nervous wreck!!! I am wondering why am I doing this to myself!!! From what I have read here it seems normal but it is not like me to second guess myself. I am older than most on the site. I am in my 6o's and have always struggled with weight. From gaining and losing i have the dreaded flap hanging. I just want to be able to tuck in a t shirt and stop wearingn"golden girl" tops!!!! Does anyone out there relate? This site has been great and I have gone over the supply list and am ready that way but not mentally!!! I am hoping the morning of my surgery the calm sets in....talk to everyone soon!!!!

Congratulations! You'll be so happy once it's done. Think of the results to help you through your nervousness. I wasnt nervous. I waited 10 years and was 43 when I had my tummy tuck. It was so worth it. Oh, avoid any negative talk. Friends/Family always have their opinion cause they care, But can make u more nervous. Stay positive & keep the outcome I'n front of u.
You'll be great! I was terrified but never really showed it. It was a difficult first week but got better, week by week. You'll rock it and love your new body. I LOVE running up the stairs and not hearing my belly flap against my thighs! You got this! I'll be thinking and praying for you. :)

Here i am. 5 days po!!!! So far I feel pretty...

Here i am. 5 days po!!!! So far I feel pretty good. The worst part for me was the wait at the hospital. Once I was walking to the OR I was fine and then it was over. I had a great overnight experience and was worth it's weight in gold!!!! I am taking about half the meds I can have so it is keeping everything manageable. My hubby has been my rock and has done everything for me, which is hard because I am a "I can do it myself kind of person". I have a burning now and then in my stomach and the back is sore but heating pad helps the back. Shower on day 3 felt great and can't wait for another today. You just have to take it slow but then comes a great nap!!! Ps appt in 2 days can't wait to see how I am doing...

7 days po. Had appt today with ps office. They...

7 days po. Had appt today with ps office. They checked everything and said I am doing great. Received a drainage massage and was up straight when I was done. I have been following orders and have done nothing but rest and move when supposed to. My only set back was last night developed a terrible rash on my back and I mean huge rash. Burn and itching... Called ps he said leave off cg and since I was coming in today they would check. They have no idea as a med reaction would have happened before 6 days same with reaction to binder! So I am taking Benadryl and using cortisone cream and it is better. I will stop pain meds as that could be it in my book! Will take the Valium to sleep and xs Tylenol and see how I do. New cg garment today is super tight!!! Drains will probably be in until Monday but the don't bother me so now I don't go back for 2 weeks. I agree with other. Some days you think I am good others I fell wiped out. Also light diet works good too, still in recliner but I love it. Not an issue for me so far. I can't believe I am on road to recovery!!!! Congrats to everyone out there, I would have bee lost without this site. My fellow TT you are the best!!! Speedy recovery everyone!!! Later
Congratulations. A flat stomach I's worth the temporary pain & discomfort. Be sure to follow doctors orders.

9 days po. Took shower all by myself today. ...

9 days po. Took shower all by myself today. Not a speedy process but I did it!!!! Felt so good. I even dried my hair a little, put on some tinted moisturizer, blush, lipstick....still look a little wiped out but my man said wow so that made it worthwhile. Of course I left him the mess in the bathroom!!!!! Now the hard part....l there is no way one person can get that cg back on alone. My hubby had to come home from work to squeeze me back in it.... Is there no dignity left!!!!!! I feel pretty good, using arnica gel, down to taking Tylenol and Valium to sleep at night. I have never seen such bruising....but all will pass. I have avoided the scale because I feel huge....may give myself a few more days for that.....again, thank you my TT friends!!!!!!
Hi Mouse been thinking of ya, glad you're doing well.
AE. Hanging in... I have been very tired the last few days but I try to do at one thing everyday...went out to dinner over weekend and went to store yesterday. Getting the drains out made a big difference but I have one trouble spot in the front abs that did mot drainwell and on tues I will see what they are going to do about it. Like everyone else we just want to get back to normal....hope you are feeling good
Hey Mouse! How are you feeling?

Today is 4 weeks since my surgery. Once the...

Today is 4 weeks since my surgery. Once the drains came out, mine were in 13 days, you feel like a new person. My bruising was all gone by week 2 but the sensation at incision site gets tight with a burning feeling still. It is worst at end of day. I now have more energy during the day and don't nap quite as much. It is still hard to walk and stand for any length of time but I still make sure I do "something" every day. I am very proud of the moms who still had to attend to their family and also the folks that went back to work in 3 weeks!!!! I could not have done either......my hubby stayed home with me the first 4 days and I needed him!!!! After that I could take care of myself when he went back to work. I still don't feel that I could go back to work (just retired) so glad I didn't have that on my mind. You must believe your ps that 6 to 8 weeks is right on and probably 3 months until the real normal sets in....I am very happy with my result so far even with the swelling. I am going to a big party on sat so that will be my big test with trying on something to wear. I have lost 10 lbs post op and hope I can keep it going once I can exercise again. Good luck to all still coming up and continued healing to my August group...you were my sanity!!!!!
Hey Mouse! Just stopping by to see how you are feeling! Hope things are well! Hugs!

It was a long recovery with the TT but worth every...

It was a long recovery with the TT but worth every minute. I had no issues with my recovery, you just have to be patient. I still have tingling and some numbness but it is the best thing I could have done for myself!!!
I will be getting lipo on my thighs and touch up on my flanks and hips. It will be the finishing touch on my journey. I am 60ish....it is never too late so anyone out there on the fence-just do it!!!!! I am told that the lipo will be a walk in the park after the TT but I am not looking forward to being inactive again- not the discomfort - just not being able to get around again. If anyone had this done after TT let me know you're experiences. To all my TT friends hope you are as happy as I am and best wishes to all those coming up!!!!

Almost 1 Year - feel great!!!!

In just 2 weeks I will be at the one year mark, I hope all my August 2012 TT's are doing great-I would not have had such a great experience without all of you!!!
I feel great, I have not gained any weight, lost 10 after the surgery (I am trying to lose about 10 more) and had some additional lipo a few months ago. I don't notice much difference from the additional lipo but my husband says oh yes from the back view :).....overall I am very happy and have not one single regret other than I should have done it way sooner! No horror story, no complications -I feel very blessed. There is still some numbness and my scare is more noticeable than I expected but none of that bothers me as I am not in bikini range anymore!!!!
I hope to see some updates from my TT friends from August 2012-I miss you all!!! Best to everyone....
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