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I am super nervous mostly about the pain and...

I am super nervous mostly about the pain and recovery. I have been waiting about 8 years for this! I am going from excited to i dont want to get this done! Fortunately, I have a really strong support system but it still ultimately is my decision. I am really comfortable with my doctor my friend had amazing results by him but I'm still nervous! . Can I get some positive experiences to help me out!


by Christmas you should be fine. You will do great and be so happy ...think of this as your special Christmas present
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You are going to do just beautifully!   We are all here to support you and you can count on that!!

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Thank u! I appreciate it! Today I'm only worried about the pain and being loopy on pain meds around Christmas for the kids to see me like that.

Today I'm really nervous mostly about the...

Today I'm really nervous mostly about the anesthesia I'm scared of not waking up and I'm feeling selfish doing this since its not needed and I anything happens my kids will be celebrating Christmas without me, trying to be positive


Thanks for the support!
Thanks for the sipport
Haha I mean support
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