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Hi everyone, I'm new on here. I am scheduled for a...

Hi everyone, I'm new on here. I am scheduled for a consultation with Sono Bello (Philly) this Friday. I am planning on getting Tumescent Liposuction. I am praying that it's for me because I do not wan't to get a Tummy Tuck. Did anyone think that they needed a TT but the Lipo worked well for you? Were you nervous about the results?

I went to my consult today @ Sono bello. It went...

i went to my consult today @ Sono bello. It went well. I am scheduled for my preop 12/12. Then surgery the following week. I am kind of nervous. Can someone share with me how long you were out of work. My cost is 6680.00 for 4 areas. Is that about right
I had liposuction with Sono Bello (the location near King of Prussia) in September, I am actually 10 weeks out exactly, and I finally feel like a million buck. The discomfort was the 2nd and 3rd day, I went through all my pain and sleep meds, found that the wrap, compression gear they gave me helped a lot, and once I started wearing it my swelling began to decrease rapidly. When I left the office after the procedure I could not believe I was looking down at myself, I could see my feet. After the next day was when the swelling started, my advice is to wear it the first week around he clock. I went back to work 3 days shy of a week, and my co workers actually thought I was in a minor accident, so I just rolled with it. After a little swelling, bruising, pressure, bloating, feeling like a stuffed sausage in that wrap, I fessed up to my co-workers and friends that I had a "body sculpting liposuction" and referring those that need help to my friends at Sono Bello. Dr TalIae is fabulous, he was patient, kind, and did exactly what I asked of him. After my last son, who is now 12yrs old, everyone told me "nip tuck tummy tuck" was my only option. I am now wearing my old jeans again with a few days of grumpy, prementral symptoms and a few pencil point scars. I am thinking about asking my hubby to treat me to my arms for my 50th birthday present. Do not hesitate, however, if possible ask for Dr T, my friend had another doctor at the same sono bello facility and though she looks good, she did not receive the extra attention, phone calls, and follow up like I did with my surgeon. I do know they are all plastics, but like any other profession, some enjoy what they do more than others.
Thanx so much LalaB.. I tried to respond yesterday. Im still trying to learn how to use this site... Im excited, but nervous. Whn u said that u put ya garment on to help the swellen, did u not have it on at first? They told me that I would need to wear it immediately. I hear that the stomach will never b bikini flat, but do u know if youself or your friends would be able to wear the bathingsuit with the sides out.. Oh if u dont mind sharing what areas did u get done...

Hi. I got my lipo on the 18th @ Sono Bello. I know...

Hi. I got my lipo on the 18th @ Sono Bello. I know it hasn't been a week yet but as I look @ myself. I wish I would have gotten a tummy tuck. Do anyone else feel this way? I am so depressed. Did anyone who received this have a muffin top. Please help me. Only one person responded to my last post. I had abs and flanks done
Hi there lili....I have been where u are...I am 14 wks post op from upper/lower abs and flanks. You can read my blog and I think it will help. Took about 10wks till I really started noticing. My stomach was more muffin top thou...I am still wearing my Stage 2 compression garment 24/7. My suggestion is too wear it all the time...when u get to stage 2 its way more comfy and u will actually miss wearing it while its only used Marena garments. I also am now wearing a waist cincher on top of that...the kind is in my blog also. It is totally normal how u are feeling at this point...I cant STRESS enuf how much PATIENCE plays a huge roll in this procedure and they DONT tell u am still not totally happy with my stomach the way it protrudes a bit and a lump on my lower ab. I see my dr next Monday and have already made him aware of this. I went to a plastic surgeon of Vaser Lipo. I am DEF glad I did it...lost alot of that belly I was carrying around. If i can help at all just ask...u can msg me or write on here...also to load up pics...go to "My Profile" on top of page and click "update" on ur blog...from there u will see where to add pic's...really easy. Happy Healing Hun :) Best of luck!! Sharon
Thank you so much muffinLess! I am exactly two weeks post op. U look great. I just ordered my stage two. It's marena. I have to get my pre op pics out my phone so I can load them up. What are you doing for exercise? I'm glad I found this web site. People on here are so helpful.

Hi, i do for a tummy tuck consult on monday. I had...

Hi, i do for a tummy tuck consult on monday. I had lipo in december but i dont like it too much. Did any of u have lipo then considered a tummy tuck, Do yall think im crazy do to the babk to back surgery.
Hi so who did you decide to go with for your tummy tuck?

tummy tuck

I have a TT consult in 2 weeks. I had lips dec 2012, but Im not satisfied. Has any1 heard of dr Ian Longerman from willmington delaware?
How did the 23595countyroad go? I hope that took care of your concern s and hopes for your body. I know that even though I post my recovery often I get very few responses. I have no idea why one person gets dozen responses and the next get none or very few. Is it style of writing? Is it the overall results? Is it the heading we put our journey? Not a clue.
I have no idea where that county road stuff came from. It was to ask about your tt. Auto correct runs amuck.
Yes, I would have gotten the tummy tuck...its scary but for me, hasn't been bad. Its no walk in the park but manageable...and if u have had kids, u can get thru anything,lol. That's what hurts
Sono Bello

The service and my dr was great. Im just hoping the results are great.

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