Anyone knows of a website I can apply for a loan.....And pictures of my Dr's work.

Since the age 18 I wanted a bbl. Last year at 22 I...

Since the age 18 I wanted a bbl. Last year at 22 I decided I was going to get it done, but unfortunatly due to low Hemaglobin I was unable to do it. Finally my blood levels are up!!! and hopefully i will be getting it done!!. Ive selected a dr in philadelphia but i am loving dr Salama's work in FL. I wish I could go down and get it done but it will be too much of a hassle. For that I go to DR and get it done. Atleast I have Family down there! I will be uploading pictures of last year when I first went for my consultation I weighed 190lbs I am 5'4. Now I weigh 165.

Inbox me your number do we can talk I was trying to inbox you my number but it wouldn't go through by the way he is up towards northeast Philly
It looks a good size!! Where in Philly is he located? So I can do a consult the same day as the other dr that way i only drive once to Philly :) gas is expensive!!! Lol
I believe I got 750-80O Nd yes I do recommend my doctor he is triple board certify I'm in my mid fortys n I love the work he did he is vey reasonable as well

Quick update... So I was finally cleared by my Dr...

Quick update... So I was finally cleared by my Dr yay!! And My deposit is down!!! I can't wait. Just a lil scared that I won't get the results I Want :-( but when doing a surgery like this we all need to be realistic. Not everyone is shaped the same so we all won't end up looking the same. Wish me luck. Hopefully I get good results because I'm ready for the weeks of pain after my procedure. Also, my aunt had it done last year and they put a wooden board on her stomach. Has anyone had this done? Or even heard o it?

My BF and I broke up today. He was going to cover...

My BF and I broke up today. He was going to cover the surgery even tho he was against it. My due to this now I have no way of saying for it. I applied for a personal loan but that didnt go to well so now i am looking for a loan. Any information will help. I have saved up $3500 so all I need is $#500 or $4000. Thanks in advance!! :-) TRYING TO STAY POSITIVE.

So i added pictures form my dr's before and after....

So i added pictures form my dr's before and after...and this is the main reason why im selecting this dr....I know this lady and he did and awesome job!!!
Thanks hun. Even though I have no idea how imma get the money I can't wait for the remaining 6weeks.... I will definitely post pictures. I'm not camera shy :-) and I feel you. Salama is awesome BUT it's far and I don't feel like flying out and sitting on my new butt for 3 hrs. I have faith in Dr Dimario. I've seen his work on my own family and trust me I wouldn't put my life at risk if I didn't know him and his care.
I am having a BBL with Dr DiMario. Would like to see your results or read about your experience with him and your recovery. Thanks in advance!
I can wait to see you ,,, you know what have the same situation I want have my bbl with DR salama I live in new jersey and is to far for me to go there I have family in Tampa FL but still far for me to go with Dr salama but if everything goes right with you i might do it with your dr. in PA wish you the best good luck....
Dr Dimario

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