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Yup, Painful but It's over Quick - Philadelphia, PA

I'm 49 and am very unhappy with the...

I'm 49 and am very unhappy with the "turkey wattle" starting under my neck but didn't want a mini-facelift. Had the procedure this morning and was VERY nervous because of all the reviews on here about pain. I had one percocet and a shot in the arm, plus took my own Xanax for nerves. The procedure felt like pinpricks and it wasn't pleasant, but not unbearable either. The intensity only lasts a few seconds in each area, then stops til the next 'pass'. Dr. Pontell injected lidocaine in my forehead so that didn't hurt at all. I'm looking forward to seeing results - if I do I'd definitely do it again. I'd probably request a numbing cream next time, which my friend from CA had and her experience was easier.

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Hi Sue, You are one year out. Would you do it again? Did you get good results that have lasted? Thanks!
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That's really good to know.  I have heard Ultherapy is painful and I think it is important for your doctor to recognize this and really make sure you are nice and numb.  Sue's review seems to explain well how Dr. Pontell did that.  I don't think Advil is enough to make you feel comfortable during the procedure.  a1959 that's great that you really can see the difference at a month out!

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One month later - skin looks great and cheeks and mid face definately feels kinda thicker and looks firmer - skin tone looks great - have gotten compliments on how great my skin is and it looks like I ahve makeup on even after I wash it off - however....so far this has not helped at all the area below the nasolabial lines/marionette area - likely because the treatment doesn't cover that area - seeing the doc next week and see what he thinks - even if i need filler the improvement I have seen so far with the general tone of the rest of my face is very satisfying and I would still do it again knowing what I know now.
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Hi Sue,
You are one month out now. Are you still seeing improvement? Are you still experiencing facial tenderness? Were you able to drive yourself home after the procedure? Thanks in advance for letting me know.
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Thanks so much for the review Sue, it's great to hear that the procedure is tolerable.  This is something one of my family members is looking into.



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Hey Sue. Thanks so much for letting me know. Will be calling to make an appointment soon.
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Hi mollygirl! Dr. Pontell is awesome...I'm only 5 days post-procedure and my husband says he sees a difference already. i was at the mall yesterday and usually when I catch a glance in a store mirror I feel like i look older and more tired than i expect, but I didn't! I looked refreshed. My face still feels tender to the touch, but not swollen or anything. I think there's already a turkey neck improvement but maybe that's swelling.. time will tell but I'm happy so far.
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Anything now in the way of results would be purely be to premature to judge and perhaps the result of the procedure and perhaps a bit of swelling. However, there was no bruising after the procedure, a couple of little reddish spots on one side but that could be anything. Figure I will post after a six week check-up.
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excuse goofy typos.
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Any results yet? Thinking about having this procedure done by Dr. Pontell. Thanks!
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I do not think that numbing creme reaches the depth needed to make a difference. It certainly does help for shallower injectibles like Restylane or even for tattoos but I think that Ulthera is performed at a deeper level.
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I would also love to see that answer, it would make a HUGE difference if numbing cream was an option. I just looked at some Q & A on your site
"What is the Best Prescription Pain Med for a Ulthera Treatment for Full Face and Neck? "
none of the drs mention numbing cream-would love the answer!

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My Dr told me that numbing creams make the procedure less effective! You do not get the connection necessary for the laser to work!
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Hmm, that is interesting. I haven't heard that before. I'm going to post it as a question in our Q&A because that would certainly be important information for someone considering the procedure to know. It will take a day or two to get some opinions back from the board certified doctors that volunteer on here, but you can click here to check for answers.

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Glad you were able to make it through the procedure ok. Turkey necks run in my family too, no fun. I'll be very interested to hear what results you see!

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